Is VCS test of Shoemaker reliable for neurotoxins?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by isee, Apr 24, 2003.

  1. isee

    isee New Member

    I just took the visual contrast sensitivity (VCS) test for neurotoxins - and, came up positive.

    Has anyone, who tested positive, followed Dr. Shoemaker's protocol for CFS or Lyme disease?

    If yes, what were the results? Did you improve, get worse...?

    Are Shoemaker's theories of neurotoxins causing CFS credible?

    (I have my own Naturopath. He, not Shoemaker, will provide the protocol.)

    Thanks for your responses.

  2. sb439

    sb439 New Member

    however, the test doesn't distinguish between neurotoxins, heavy metal toxicity, pesticides and other causes of brain-dysfunction, whereas the protocol works only for a certain group of neurotoxins. As I know I have a heavy metal and pesticide issue, brainwise, I didn't try the protocoll.
    (Also, I think the test is a bit of a rip off, as you will only be told *how bad* your visual disfunction is if you buy the pack for $ 49.00.)