Is weight loss common with CFS?

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    Hello everybody. This is my first time on the site and it has been very helpful thus far.. I'm still not sure if i have CFS, and therefore have a few queries that some of you might be able to help me with. I have had my symptoms for almost 4 months. I have been to see the docs probably ten thousand times, and all their tests are all fantastic at telling me what i don't have. Anyway, here is some background-

    Right now i live in Taipei Taiwan, working as an English teacher. I have been here for almost a year, and four months ago i left for Thailand for a vacation with my friend. Before the trip i was under quite a bit of stress, both at work and putting toegether a busines plan in the evenings. I was eating relatively well, but i did sneak in one or two heinekens in the evenings. Anyway, after about three days in Thailnad i came down with what i now label my accute symptoms. (Flu like generally, horrible dreams at night, fever, and a funny pain on under my right ribcage that lasted for about a month. I had pretty weird brain fog- i'm used to it now, but i ruined my month long vacation) So i finally went to see the doc at a nice hospital in Bangkok and he found, after many blood tests that my WBC were elevated, yet he couldn't find any indication of a local infection. So he prescribed me some broad spectrum antibioics, which offered some temporary relief from the symptoms. But all of these symptoms returned after a week- the WBC count was normal however. '

    After all this i returned to Taipei and had everything tested. Although i haven't had a test for EBV or herpes now that i think about it. I did have extensive liver tests to look into the ribcage pain- but they all upturned nothing. Since then and over the last few months i have lost almost 20 lbs- and i wasn't that over weight to begin with. I can still work as a teacher although i'm pretty diminished and don't know if i'll have the patience for much longer. I can exercise, but i get big time brain fog after running for about 20 mins afterwards. I have self diagnosed myself with Candida based on what i have seen in the toilet- wont get into details.. And have been almost perect with eliminating sugar from my diet.

    I have been seeing three Chinese docs (traditional Chinese Doctors) and they all say the problem is in my liver. I have been getting accupunture done and i'm also taking chinese herbs. My sleeping is improving, but i have really poor sleeps in the morning (between 5 and 8). I almost always feel tired or slightly off. Somedays are better than others, and when for a few days it seems like i'm improving, i have a really bad day and seem to be back at square one...

    Anyway- i was wondering if any of this sounds like CFS? I'm not stuck in my bed, i can do things in my normal life, i just feel like crap all the time. I tend to have a good sleep after exercise.

    Well, sorry for all the details. Also, I'm 26 and previously a healthy guy. Are their any tests i can get here that will eliminate anything further? That's it- thanks in advance for any help. Thank God i found this site.

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    I don't know if I have any of the right answers...but since I have been diagnosed. ((almost five yrs.)) I have had endless night of refreshing sleep & very vivid nightmares...pain where I never had pain before..along with major brain fog..anxiety. and just feeling like "CRAP".

    My weight...(even though being small framed)has dropped quite abit..@ times people would say I look..too thin. I eat when I'm hungry..sometimes maybe not to healthy @ times..but I think the weight thing can go either way with this DD.

    It sounds like your Dr.s are taking the right measures..I know how frustrating it is to tell Dr.s..especially when "you" know how you feel, and they can't give you an answer. As for further testing, have you had blood work done to check you thyroid...sometimes that can interfer with your weight.. ((just a suggestion))

    I hope this helps a little...and that soon you get the answers you need...believe's a major worry, waiting for the answers. I only wish you the best.

    P.S.I couldn't agree more with you about his's sure has eases alot of my worries..and most of all it's where you can come and feel like you are not alone..

    Take good care of you!!


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    I have a brother-in-law who also lives and teaches in Long Tan County. Interesting, huh!

    From the sound of things, you sound a bit similar to my 18 year old son. He has lost 28 pounds over the last year, when he first came down with CFIDS. His doc determined mercury poisoning, so we had his fillings replaced. We just finished all of it last week, then he has a bit more chelation to do. We're hoping it helps him get his energy back and better concentration so he can start college in Jan.

    You might consider some supplements: a good probiotic, garlic, and grapeseed extract. (Ha, beat you to it, Hangininthere!). She has had good results with these....ask her.

    Keep searching- it sounds like you're doing some good things. Take care, Terri
  4. dantec

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    Hi Dave,

    Im sorry to hear about your plight. But for your illness to be CFS it needs to last at least 6 months. What you need to know is the majiority of poeple recover from these symptoms and only a few unfortunates go on to develop Cfids, CFS at 4 months.

    So the likelihood of improving is definatley on your side. I suffer from a very mild form. Howerver much like you I had that pain (stitch) underneath the right ribcage. After 6 weeks it went away. sopmetimes it comes for seconds and it goes away.

    Good luck and hope you get well soon.

  5. davemason

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    well its glad to hear that it might not be CFS. I am slowly getting better, but i'm so curious as to what it might be. I've never heard of anything like this hapenning to anyone before. Thanks again for all the imput.


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