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    I was taking clonazepam and it wasn't working as well as it used to so my doc changed me to lorazepam. I took 1 mg. and had trouble breathing because it acted like a muscle relaxant. The patient info said one can die because one can stop breathing and the muscles are too relaxed to start breathing again. Yikes! then, I started to hallucinate, seeing monsters and bugs crawling up the wall. I've gone back to my clonazepam. I thought that if one were taking one benzo, one could take another--NOT!

    Be careful with benzos.

    Love, Mikie
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    I have taken xanax for 12 years , as all other meds had to many side effects for me.. I have nothing but good to say about this med.. It helps with my sleep, pain, anxiety ect.. Been on the same dose of 1/4 to 1/2 mg.. I can take up to three a day.. I have CFS/ FM and Chronic Lyme.. The drug has been a life saver for me.

    Guess it helps tolerate the misery of this disease that for now there is no cure..

    Sure can relate you have my sympathy..
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    is taking 1-3 caps of Inositol 500mg thru the day....I take one before bed, but will take some during the day, this B family supp is a de-stressor.
  4. ... thanks so much for your input... Jam, I used to take Inositol as part of my supps... don't remember why I stopped or if it helped or not... can't remember much these days... still struggling with getting the quantity and quality of sleep that I need, unfortunately. Turns out, my thyroid levels are off... I'm hypo right now :-( and along with my cortisol being all messed up, no wonder my sleep is messed up and making me feel awful :-( but thanks for the suggestion, Jam. I just may try the inositol again...

    Greatgran2, thank you for sharing your experience with xanax... it does sound like a lifesaver for you and some others. I went to a diff doc yesterday (2 in less than a week) and neither of them would agree to prescribe the xanax :-( The one yesterday said that it would not help me get the quality and deep sleep that I need. He wants me to try another drug called Nuedexta... but I'm not sure about it. The possible side effects are pretty severe and scary... But I'm glad that you and others at least have found something that works for you and is reliable...

    For me, the saga continues, unfortunately...

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    MANY on these boards are not getting thyroid support, or the proper support. I've been saying this for years.

    I went off 1/4mg Lorazepam a few months ago and thinking maybe I need to go back on this low dose...I have more pain than ever even with all the acupuncture, etc. I do....perhaps this low dose would relax my muscles more....ummmmm... Upping my Inositol for a while and see how that goes. [This Message was Edited on 12/04/2012]