is your thinking (memory)getting worse?

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  1. homesheba

    homesheba New Member

    i am having soo much more trouble remembering
    and thinking lately that i am starting to wonder
    if i should be tested for a stroke.

    i am loosing more words in talking with others,
    amd feel absolutly stupid with them.

    i am surprised when i
    actually finish a whole sentence!!!


    when i am reading a book ,
    i all of a sudden fall asleep and wake up-
    sitting up!!!
    is this wierd or what??
  2. hi all,

    ive noticed these past two weeks that im having mild fibro fog,but nothing intense like it was in the past.

    im stuttering a bit with my speech and have slight stiffness in my jaw on the right side of the face.

    it froze up while i was eating yesterday, and i bit my tongue,but thankfully didnt bleed this time round,from the bite.

    a thing i noticed before this mild fibro fog is,,

    id started being electrically charged in my body,and was getting shocks when i touched things in the shops,like the checkout casing.

    id also been seeing bright flashes of light in my sight,but havent had a full migraine event at all.and not felt sick during low pressure weather events.

    the only new things id started were purple grape juice 200ml glassfull, once a day (about 2.30 pm),before i go to my part time job.

    and i grate a 2 inch piece of raw ginger root,over my food that i eat at 6.30 pm, when i get home from work.

    im also putting marmite on my morning toast.

    something from the above list is doing me good,for sure.but i cant say which one it is.

    i wonder if the purple grape juice is doing my heart and blood vessels good.

    ginger is fixing stomach issues.

    marmite is giving me salt,vitamins and folic acid.and is said to ease arthritic problems by a vet.

    i did feel like the fibro swelling was in my chest area,then it moved to my lower left ribcage.

    i always feel like something moves around the body,and when its in the head/face,the fibro fog comes.

    i know it will go away eventually,and am grateful that it isnt as intense like it used to be in the past.

    take care,love fran
  3. texasrose204

    texasrose204 New Member

    Some days are worse than others, some days i feel down right stupid! i used to work with special education children and i have had days where i reminded myself of them. i have trouble getting right words to come out. trouble spelling!
    Bad memory repeat myself. embarass myself. went to grocery store without list one time and thought i was going to have a meltdown just as my special children did. could't remember why or what i was doing there! Then there are days i don't feel like that. it's weird i can usually tell in the a.m. how my head feels if it is going to be a bad day.
    Some days if i do alot of thinking like filling out ssdi forms just makes my head hurt.
    I have told Dr this and they don't say much - just look at me!
    have trouble writing these posts - spelling etc. days i don't because it is to hard.
    I make alot of notes. i hear alot of people on hear say they are like this i guess it's the fibro fog as i hear it referred to.
    How long have you been dx with fibro homesheba?
  4. Adl123

    Adl123 New Member

    Yes, I've had all kinds of memory problems. When I had my

    crisis in 1993, I couldn't even read a map. I would lose

    words in the middle of a sentence, and I couldn't concentrate

    enough to read a book.However, since I started going to my

    acupuncturist, who is also a Doctor of Chinese Medicine and

    an herbalist, my brain fog is much less. I can concentrate

    to read, I can easily balance my checkbook, I can

    memorize. I'm even memorizing thngs in Tibetan! I also

    eat lots of berries, eat Omega Three eggs (two a day) ,

    take his herbs, and eat almonds and walnuts.Things aren't

    perfect, but, then, I'm 71, and they are a lot better!

    Good luck to you.
  5. texasrose204

    texasrose204 New Member

    I also find i have trouble thinking of what to cook, of course i have those days where i can't. But on the other days it's like i have never cooked, i don't have a clue what to make and i get frustrate thinking about it. I know this sounds stupid! This is not me and it really makes me mad being like this.
    I also drove bus when i worked at the school. Now i even have trouble driving. My dr is 1 hour away and if i drive myself i am worn out it just drains me. And i have trouble with decision making while i am driving. Another make me feel stupid thing. Trouble with when to pull out, staying focused, changing lights,passing someone etc. I am not the same person this has changed me, my life in so many ways!
    I just hope and pray that this doesn't get worse!
    Thanks for the post homeseba another good one!
  6. cookie1960

    cookie1960 New Member

    I forgot the question. That about sums it up.

  7. lsaxton65

    lsaxton65 New Member

    i will say things and won't remember saying them

    i blank out in the middle of a conversation, al the while studdering while trying to remeber what i was talking about.

    someone will ask me a question and i won't respond either because I can't "think" to respond, i knew they were talking but didn'tcomprehend what they were saying, or i have a delayed reaction and might answer their question 5-10 min later

    too often i can't think to put together a meal

    paying the bills are often confusing and require for focus than i can give

    i could be watching tv and no more tell you what i was watching

    i have trouble with vocabulary and word definition

    my writing is sometimes backwards or mixed up

    my daughter had a wreck last month and i had no emotional response at all. i wasn't worried whether she was hurt, what condition the car was in...what happened. emotionally, sometimes i am plain dead. i can't give love, affection, be happy about something, be mad. I'm either blank or irritated

    i feel off balanced most of the time and buzzed...and i don't take med's

    This isn't right at all...i know it's not normal. All i can do is complain to my doctor

  8. Pansygirl

    Pansygirl New Member

    Yes, I'm having those memory issues to and it's so frustrating to be like this. I was always a list maker but I have to put sticky notes reminders everywhere if there is something important to remember.

    When I am typing I leave words out of sentences.

    When I'm talking I forget in the middle of a sentence what I was going to say.

    And sometimes at the grocery store even with a list I'll forget something on it like I did yesterday.

    THe other thing is when I'm driving somewhere and I can't remember how to get there.......just blank out on directions. I get scared when that happens.

    Gentle hugs, Susan
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  9. ljm405

    ljm405 New Member

    Has anyone encountered any treatments to compensate for fibro fog? According to the Natl Fibro Assn newsletter, cognitive abilities are affected, especially memory. I have been looking for some kind of "brain" exercises to recover some of what I've lost. Are there any specialists/neurologists that treat this kind of condition? I'm not looking for more drugs (I take enough of those) -- I'm more interested in cognitive therapies.

    In any case, Homesheba, unfortunately this memory loss is not unusual. I have fibro fog and it has increased over the years. Like others, I find myself stopping in mid-sentence and having no idea what I was talking about, or what others around me were talking about. Now I just say that I've gone blank, that this is part of a medical condition called fibromyalgia, and ask the person to tell me what I was on about! Once I'm told, it comes back. Some days are worse than others.

    The worst part of this is the way it affects my work. I am an academic -- every year I teach a lecture class of about 700 students and I have gone blank in the middle of an explanation, a thought, etc. I take a second or two to realize I'm blank, scan for the topic, come up empty, and then I just start in in the hopes that it's at least related to what I've been talking about. I've no idea what students make of that. But the worst scenario for me is trying to complete a book I've been working on for years. I can't remember what I did the day before, I have all kinds of notes and charts in an effort to remember things I've read or thought about. I see the piles of paper building up, which means there is more to sift through to "remember" but I still can't get a handle on it. Each day it's like a new manuscript to me. It makes it difficult to believe I'll ever finish the thing.

    If anyone who has encountered research or treatments to counter this, I'd love to hear about it.

    In the meantime, go easy on yourself. I've just decided to say a few words and move on, rather than have everyone wonder whether I've just had a stroke! It's also an opportunity for people to realize that this condition really does affect me, in spite of appearances to the contrary. So it's a way of educating people, at least in a minimal way.

    Hang in there!
  10. mjbean

    mjbean New Member

    I think maybe someday I will get a phone call and I will say hello and somebody on the other end will say hello,... this is the lost and found and we have you memory.
    The only way I can get through this is finding something to laugh at. It is just as everyone keeps posting when you are in the middle of a conversation you forget words and what you are talking about, or you forget where you put the list that you made for the grocery store.
    I am glad no one judges anyone here on the topics we post or they way I spell, you guys are great!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks everybody mj
  11. margo60

    margo60 New Member

    I always had a sharp quick thinking mind ... I want it back !!

    ... The other day I was watching TV and heard an interesting report on a product, walked into the den to tell my DH about it with the whole report sharply in my mind.
    Got the first sentence out, then the rest just fell out of my head like it was full of holes. My DH was waiting for the rest of the story and I stared at him like the deer into the headlights.
    I got flustered, deeply embarrassed, and just stared into the air ... felt I was loosing my mind.

    Yesterday my brain had a nice clear afternoon .. I was reading one of the posts here and wanted so much to reply ... wrote about as much as now then hit the wrong key and the whole message disappeared ...

    For the life of me I could not write it down again that it would make any sense.

    In the past I only seemed to have brain fog when I was in a lot of pain but not anymore.
    The bad part is that I feel these episodes are getting worse and I'm to embarrassed to admit them.

    I wish everyone a clear mind and a body with no pain.
    Hugs to all...
  12. homesheba

    homesheba New Member

    i have had this stuff for like 15 years or so-
    when it wasnt ' known', and everyone thought i wanted drugs and was faking.
    it was a Horrible time for me.
    finally about 5 years ago i saw a ad in the newpaper where a dr treated it and i 'jumped' on him
    and after about 3 years he put me on the fentanal
    and i am somewhat able to live-
    tho not at all like normal or the old days before fibro/cf...
    like many here i still have other pain
    and chronic issues and illnesses to deal with
    that makes this more intense i think.
    doctors do seem to act like they know more
    about what we have ,
    and dont 'really' listen to us,
    esp. about the brain fog..
    .somedays i want to shake them and make them listen.
    if only they could 'feel' this
    for one hour( if that long)
    then they would really really know...
  13. Chilene

    Chilene New Member

    my memory has gone from super-sharp (pre-cfs/fibro)... to being bad when i was in a flare... to being really bad lately, constantly!...

    i've had the health problems for about 14 years now, but my forgetfulness, just the last few months, has been so constant, it really scared me! i am constantly starting one task, going to another room, and forgetting i began the first task at all (this now happens ALL day long, not just here and there). the WORST, as many of you have said, is the part where we are dealing with others.

    i, too, am getting really freaked out that i cannot even follow a sentence when someone else is talking. (let alone a complicated story, or someone speaking quickly!).. i have to then say, "oh, sorry, what did you just say?"...

    and yes, i hate when others respond with, "oh, that's normal, i forget things all the time"!... (and once again, i feel like they've decided i'm just a hypochondriac. even my friends... grrr.)

    i will just pray, i guess!... i purposely just looked up threads on "memory" on here, just to make sure that i was still probably dealing with brain fog. was so glad to find this one. late at responding as i may be!;)

    i am so glad that some of you have described the types of brainfog that i get so well. maybe that will help me explain to others (but probably not. lol.!)...

    fibrohugs to you all!

  14. rigby

    rigby New Member

    I have gotten so bad people call to tell me things if I hear the phone my doctors office calls a hour before so I don't forget time. I don"t talk on phone I scare people they think I had a stroke. My mind can"t function with a lot right now I have to deal with insurance etc about ike for got to show them things will have to have them come back. Need to take truck in from wreak 2 months ago I call them and tll them it needs to be fix just have not been able to do it. My son in law has to help me right now with the grandkids everyone else is working and I just can't do it right now I have cusmody of them. So much to clean from storm but can't even clean house. Sharon
  15. froggypiano

    froggypiano New Member

    I didn't know it was called fibrofog but I have a horrible time trying to drive. I have to pick my daughter and nephew up from school every day and I have gotten afraid to drive because I can't seem to connect my thoughts with my driving functions very well.
    I also, will be trying to form a sentence and I start stuttering and can't finish my thought.
    I have had medical problems for quite awhile but I don't think I've ever been this far down mentally. I am very scared and ashamed.

  16. Chelz

    Chelz New Member

    My memory and thought process is not good anymore either. I can't even sit down and read a book anymore, I lose interest. Chronic pain and fatigue can do that for some people, it does for me.

    I live with my elderly mother and I have to try to remember everyting for her sake as well as mine. I do all her bills, and mind. Make her appointments, fill her gas tank, as well as mine, basically have a lot on my plate and I am not well.

    The memory issue can be embarrassing and fearful. Sometimes when I talk to people at work, I stop mid-sentence because I will forget what I want to say, or just drift off. I wasn't always like this, even though I have had FM for years and years.

    This is a problem that I am even afraid to mention to my integrative doc, I don't think she would take it seriously, just a good hunch about her that she wouldn't help me with this.

    I really do believe this is a FM problem, whoever came up with the term "Brain Fog" is a genius, we hear this term so often in describing one of the symptoms of FM. However, if you are really concerend, hopefully you have a doctor who will listen to your concerns and give you some suggestions. It is frustrating, I know. Hugs, Chelz.

  17. kbak

    kbak Member


    Mine is getting worse and I don't know why. It's very disturbing! What kind of life am I going to have if I keep getting worse?

  18. 3gs

    3gs New Member

    I knew about brainfog a little. Always thought it was the meds til it kept getting worse and I had stopped those meds.

    Went one day to pick up grandson from school and couldnt remember his name! This happens alot when Im talking to people looking right at them and its like duh.

    Ive been asked if I'm drinking because of the slurring!

  19. ladybugmandy

    ladybugmandy Member

    antivirals are helping my brain fog. it was VERY VERY severe.