Isolated... I need to develop a new support network (psoriatic arthritis)

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    I'm 47, female, and have had Psoriatic Arthritits since I was a teen (I also have a lot of other health problems due to a condition call Turner Syndrome, and so Arthritis is only part of what's on my medical "plate").

    I've been through the ringer (every NSAID, DMARD, Biologic etc known to man as well as multiple joint replacements). Recently, I had a left Total hip replacement, which didn't go well. It looks like it needs to be redone (after less than a year). I'm extremely depressed and frustrated not only at the prospect of another major surgery so soon, but also that I feel like I have almost no support network. During my convalesence from my THR this past Feb, my mom flew up from down south to help, but she's getting older and slowing down, and it was really hard for her to help, and it wore her out. I felt extremely bad when I saw how hard it was for her. After she left "friends" who I had asked for help and support (picking up stuff from the Drug store or supermarket, helping with housework or just visiting) totally abandoned me after my mom left (all except for one neighbor, who also isn't well). I'm very very disappointed in these "friends" and can't bear the thought of going through another surgery without support.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

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    Be sure to let your doctor know that your mom WILL NOT be there when you return home. Your doctor should know this so he can make appropriate plans with your insurance carrier and you may have to go to a physical rehab facility in order to recover enough to go home and be on your own.

    What you can do too is call the main number of your city/town and ask for the Community Services Department. Talk to a social worker and explain you will be having the total hip replacement. If you can afford to hire help, you can do so inexpensively through there. If you do not have the funds, explain that and ask if there are alternatives for help.

    If you are disabled and on Social Security Disability, contact your local Agency on Aging and explain your situation and see if they can help in any way after surgery. They are not just for seniors, and do help those that are disabled. See if they can do or suggest anything.

    Good luck and hugs.