Isolation...does your house of worship reach out to you?

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    This is my first worship post, so I hope it's appropriate for this board.

    I am a longtime member of my house of worship (trying to keep it non-denominational here). Since ill, it has been very difficult to participate in worship there, or in the many educational, community, and volunteer opportunities that I would so like to be a part of.

    Also, there have been many times that I would have appreciated some assistance, or just a phone call from some folks to say HI, I'm refering to people who have known that I'm ill, and who have known me for over 20 yrs.

    When I had a recent surgery I contacted my religious leader, and he made sure that some meals were brought over. He contacted me during my recover, to see how I was doing. People were certainly very kind and generous, and helpful. But, and I'm trying to not be ungrateful, and to understand that folks have lives and other responsibilities, but, no further phone calls (from the meal-bringers). I did send each person a thank you note for helping me out.

    I tried, during a good period, to become involved in some classes. I thought it would be uplifting, and it was. I enjoyed the new folks I met, the subject matter, and thinking about positive, spiritual issues. However, I haven't been able to go in many months. But, really, no one checked in on me.

    Isolation, separation from being able to participate, lack of ability to contribute to my faith community, or to my community at all...these are very, very difficult issues. They really do depress me, and make me feel "less than".

    Then, I ran into a couple of "old-timers", our kids grew up together, we ate at each other's homes. They were going to have tea, and invited me to join them. I did. It was awkward. They meant well, there was no ill intent of any kind. But, they were busy talking about things in their lives, and I could see that they have continued to be in touch with each other, and others from the "old-timers" group...but somehow, I got dropped off the edge of planet earth.

    So, I know this is a challenge, maybe even a spiritual challenge for me. I know I have to "let go/let God"; "change the things I can"'s an ongoing issue, which at times gets to me harder than other times. Where is the balance?

    Thanks, friends, for being there for me.
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    Thanks for your reply. I'm sorry to hear about your experiences. How do you stay strong and positive...or how do you just get through the day!

    On "good" days, my mood changes, and I feel optimistic and worthwhile. On more difficult days...well, it's just a lot more difficult! It's a roller-coaster ride. I know that others aren't responsible for me, but it helps to have friends.

    Thanks for being that friend.
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