It feels like I emit so much heat.. anyone else?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sk8enscars, Jun 23, 2010.

  1. sk8enscars

    sk8enscars New Member

    This may be weird and totally unrelated... but is there anyone else with fibro who seems to have really weird body temperatures? I can take my temperature and it usually says 97.7 but I always feel overheated. My husband can't sleep too close to me at night even though we keep the air on really cold. He says I feel like a furnace. Other people freak out when I get too close to them because I feel really hot to them. I don't sweat easily during things that should make me sweat, like working out, but I sweat profusely if I get too warm at night. Anybody else like this? Any clue to what it is?
  2. kat211

    kat211 New Member

    It used to be that I was always cold, even when it was in the 90s! Now I am all over the place. Sometimes I will just start sweating while I am sitting still not doing anything and other times I get a chill while working in the yard. There is no rhyme or reason to my temperature.

    My young son is a little furnace and likes to snuggle. I'll be honest, it drives me nuts if I am having a hot episode (Not a flash as I'm too young for menopause). My nerves get all crazy and I can't handle when someone touches me and they are really hot or cold. It just sends me over the edge.
  3. clamhr

    clamhr New Member

    wow, i'm glad to hear this everyone. i really thought it was just me having these flashes.
    and they are not hot flashes related to menopause, i'm way past that. i have cfs and fibro. the cfs however is starting to lessen after 13yrs of dealing with it. i still have it, make no bones about it, it's that the intensity and frequency of events has lessened and i attribute that to taking Magnesium w/Malic Acid, Chromium Picolinate, CoQ10, Cod Liver Oil and Milk Thistle, all found at any health food store. I recently started taking these after my new doc recommended them. Magnesium w/malic acid works with the muscles, chromium works to stabilize blood sugars, CoQ10 gives energy to muscles by helping cells release oxygen in the blood, cod liver oil has the omega 3s, and milk thistle helps to release toxin buildup in the liver. if that was really the thing that lessened the intensity and frequency, i will not ever stop taking them.
    good luck all.
  4. sk8enscars

    sk8enscars New Member

    Oh good! I've actually also had hot "flashes" since 16.... nobody ever believed me. I fluctuate back and forth between extremes, though lately (for the past few months) it's been on the hot side. I also can't stand to be touched by cold people... Sends a shock through me that makes me want to smack somebody. I didn't realize it was a part of CFS.. I'll have to check that out! Thanks!
  5. Juloo

    Juloo Member

    My husband is always telling me that I'm like a furnace. When he leaves for work, I'm still in bed. I like when he kisses me goodbye in the morning, but he like to also stick his (cold!)hands under my pjs and warm his hands on my tummy. Eek!

    In addition, I've never been what I'd consider an 'efficient sweat-er'. Before I was an an SSRI (I'm on a SNRI now), I would just get very, very red and feel like I was going to burst into flames, or that I was cooking from the inside. Now I sweat like crazy at any old time. Then I get freezing cold.
  6. AuntTammie

    AuntTammie New Member

    my waking body temp is almost always 94.7 (should be hypothermic) but I feel like I am burning up most of the time and if you hold your hand about a foot above where I was laying, you can feel a ton of heat

    however, when I actually get a fever, I feel like I am freezing

    kinda crazy, huh?
  7. msbsgblue

    msbsgblue Member

    Literally. I can be doing something or just sitting still and break out in a sweat and water drips off me or I wake up at night and am drenched. I hate this.
  8. ilovepink4

    ilovepink4 Member

    I have FM. My temp is 97.7 most of the time. I have had people refuse to share a bed with me cuz I give off so much heat! Well, one of them was pregnant and she was roasting next to me! So the next night, my other friend and I shared the bed and I drove her out too!

    The sweating is the most debilitating symptom. If I move around the house, carrying a laundry basket or making a bed, I will break a sweat. If I vacuum for a few minutes, the sweat is dripping off my chin! If I pull weeds in the garden, I have to wear a headband to stop the sweat from running into my eyes!

    I grew my pixie short hair out to past my shoulders-long because my short hair was always soaked. The long hair hides the fact that my scalp hair is soaked.

    my hormones test "normal" so no menopause yet....i believe it is the fentanyl patch and the percocet that make me sweat like this. If I take anti deppressants, I will sweat even if I am sitting still.

    In the summer, I have to have the AC on and a fan on me. If I go anywhere I need kleenex in case I start dripping.

    I have talked with other at least 100, who have the same problem....on another fm support site.....this was a few years ago when I had hope that something could stop the sweating. I am still sweating and still waiting for a cure or treatment.

    it is like my head and chest are the heat source....

    when I went to the ER for a migraine, I was DRENCHED by the time I got there. I had short hair and it was dripping wet. my face was dripping. The nurse said she had never seen anything like it before!!!! the doc kept asking me questions about my pain meds because he obviously thought I was a drug seeker! When i left, they had to give me a dry t shirt since mine was soaked and I was chilled.

  9. Nanie46

    Nanie46 Moderator

    Profuse sweating can be associated with a Babesia infection. Night sweats are common with it.

    Babesia infection is not uncommon, even though you may never have heard of it.

    It is spread via blood and tick bites.

    It is a parasitic infection of the red blood cells.

    Treatment usually consists of Mepron/zithromax/artemisia.

    Babesia infections can be mild to severe. Some people have air hunger/shortness of breath.

    Please take a look at the Babesia symptom info on pages 22, 23, 24, 26, 27 of this paper.....

    Subnormal body temp can be associated with Borrelia burgdorferi infection (lyme).[This Message was Edited on 06/25/2010]
  10. Jayna

    Jayna New Member

    I don't remember the details but this can produce lots of heat too.

    Basically when the mitochondria get dysfunctional, they 'uncouple' from the normal energy-producing process. Instead of making the ATP we need for our muscles, they turn all/most of the nutrients that make it into what should only be 'waste heat' instead.

    Mine has settled a lot since I started taking d-Ribose (1/2 tsp in tea after every meal or snack)
  11. u&iraok

    u&iraok New Member

    I had this problem of being cold sometimes and really hot sometimes but it seems to have gone away when I fixed my thyroid problem. I still am a little cold-natured though which I didn't used to be before I had CFS.
  12. kathyrn

    kathyrn New Member

    I went through menopause 8 years ago. Just got fibro. Having hot flashes all over again. Not enjoying this hot Missouri summer at all.
  13. kathyrn

    kathyrn New Member

    I went through menopause 8 years ago. Just got fibro. Having hot flashes all over again. Not enjoying this hot Missouri summer at all.
  14. momsherry

    momsherry New Member

    My symptoms are like I Love Pink 4, sorry if I got it wrong. I am 68. This is not hormonal to me. I sweat from the top of my head down my neck. My hear is very short. I have read about this so much. My temperature control in my brain is not working. and I believe this comes from your genes. But my face gets beet red. It takes hours to get back to natural. My Mom and Dad did the same thing. I have three girls and our youngest sweats just like me. I have to weat caps to keep the sweat out of my eyes. You should see me at Wal Mart, picking up 18 gallons of distilled water. and this causes my eye to tear where they put new tear ducts in my eyes. Between that and the sweating, when I check out up front people are sometimes staring at me wondering if they should call the parametics. Even in the winter this happens. I am going to my 50th class reunion in Oct and I am stressing already thinking my head will be soaking wet and everyone will be looking at me. I had that problem of shyness in high school and worried all the time and already had the problem of sleeping that comes with fibro. Yep, I know you are still thinking, gee how old is she anyway going to a 50th reunion. Yep, I am 68, and it is hard for me to get that myself. So all I can say is , get use to it, it*s not going to go away and doctors don*t care if we sweat, it is a fibro think, could be thyroid, could be change of life, could be, yep, the family you were born into, and it goes back many generations.

  15. dhamaker

    dhamaker New Member

    I to have this problem, the mornings first thing and in the middle of the night as well. But on the other end of things if my legs or feet get cold then the pain seems worse and I need to get a blanket to warm them up! So many ups and downs with Fibro, sometimes something cold feels good other times the hot tub is my friend. Learning to deal with it is the trick, and trying to get others to understand as well... Hang in there my friends, maybe someday we will all figure it out. When I get to hot and sweaty a cold glass of ice water somewhat helps, and sitting down and taking a break :)
    [This Message was Edited on 08/23/2011]
  16. luigi21

    luigi21 Member

    i can identify. i feel baking hot, kick my covers off, but my body temp is 35.8, actually lower than normal. So i have to get up and move around, get my heat pad on, and drink a warm drink. its is very odd. Have you had your thyroid tested as this body temp thing may be related to hypothyroidism. If that comes back ok, like me, its just another horrible symptom.
  17. luigi21

    luigi21 Member

    i can identify. i feel baking hot, kick my covers off, but my body temp is 35.8, actually lower than normal. So i have to get up and move around, get my heat pad on, and drink a warm drink. its is very odd. Have you had your thyroid tested as this body temp thing may be related to hypothyroidism. If that comes back ok, like me, its just another horrible symptom because of the dysfunction in the limbic system which sends everything else in your body out of whack, hence why fibromyalgia has multiply symptoms.
  18. Muggette

    Muggette New Member

    I have been having these issues since the fibro and CFS started, yet none of the docs seem to be aware of the connection. I am heavy now, so I think they assume it's that. But I have been heavy before without this and my mother is much heavier than I am yet cold most of the time. Have had thyroid checked and docs do not think it is early menopause (just turned 40 but had hormones checked last year and still good there). Given what I am seeing here and on other websites, I do believe it is from the fibro.

    Would love to hear any/all helpful hints, especially for whe outside the home. At home I end my showers with a nice cool rinse, otherwise I can NEVER cool down and dry off. Drinking a cold glass of water helps a bit too. My biggest problem though is sweating through my clothes. This is so embarrassing! I tend to have this problem the most in my, er, crotch. When I rise from a chair at the doc's office, hairdresser, etc. there is a bog 'ol sweat stain! Ew! And if I wear anything but white cotton pants, the sweat in my entire "area" (crotch down to top of things, backend, etc.) is completely visible, as if I peed my pants! I have had to leave places to go home and change! Anyone else have this particular issue and found anything that helps?
  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    The father of the Guaifenesin Protocol, also subscribes to the idea that our mitochondria are so ineffective that, instead of energy in the form of ATP, all they can produce is heat. I'm sure there are different reasons why some of us feel hot or produce heat in our bodies.

    Love, Mikie
  20. encourage2mil

    encourage2mil New Member

    I have had Fibro since 1997. My husband always kept the house Freezing especially in winter. I wore silk long johns under my warm-up suits all the time when at home before fibro. When I got fibro, my system changed. It was often I who asked for the temperature to be colder. I just thought my body had changed or adjusted. But I continue to feel hotter (I take a lot of meds for my Fibro but Lyrica has helped the pain the most – I can’t get rid of any of the others but I could exercise out the wazzoo and still need every one of them (and yes, I check once a year by getting off everything for 1 week solid (solid pain – 9 on 10 scale 10 is passing out) and slowly add back pills at 1 per day even though I am prescribed 4) so I get rid of the losers and keep the winners. And Yes, I understand this is dangerous but I often will experiment with the OTC’s ProHealth says helps and some help and some don’t).

    In the 2008, I began to have hot flashes. I really thought I was going through menopause but my doctor’s wouldn’t run the test because they though surely I was already through it. I began to take wild yam because that helps with PMS hot flashes. I felt no difference and didn’t re-buy it after I finished the bottle.

    In 2009, I finally had the pre, mid, and post menopause test (thank God!). It showed that even though I had had a partial hysterectomy in 1967, I was pre-menopause. So that answer was out.

    I prayed for healing for my hot flashes and I refused to notice them so if I’m having them, I don’t know it.

    I still have the temperature problem like when the electricity goes off and the air conditioning and my ceiling and extra fan doesn’t work. And Yes, I sweat usually under my belly role and in-between my legs. I often sit with washrags and hand towels stuffed in these areas.

    You ask if the Temperature problem is related to fibro? I am a diabetic with high blood pressure so everyday I take my blood sugar, my Blood pressure, and I added the Temperature (Ear) Thermometer. I added it because I never know if I am having Fibro or the Flu (unless I’m throwing up I can’t tell). I also record pain levels. If I have a headache (Daily Chronic Headaches and Migraines), my temperature is at or below normal (normal for me). If my fibro is higher than normal - my temperature is above normal. It is not a lot – sometimes in the 97.9 to 99.5 range. The worse my fibro is the higher my temperature range.

    I take another Lyrica (I starve myself on Lyrica just so that on high Fibro Days I can take extra. When you are suppose to be taking 225mg x 3/day, with effective time management and stress management, there are a few “good days” that I can take 2 and I’m not in med-high pain. So I take an extra Lyrica when I am fibro high and that makes my fibro go down and also makes my temperature go down.

    I still am a hot person (this winter, I only used a sheet for cover while my husband had a sheet, a heavy blanket, and a comforter). Sometimes I even turned my extra fan on (my ceiling fan was on slow). (Live in OKLAHOMA)

    Note: My tender points can’t take being in the same position all night and we can’t afford a bed that changes positions so I sleep in a recliner that reclines into a bed but you can raise your back putting the pressure off your tender points. I am a small person but I bought a big man recliner (tough getting use to managing it) but I can lay on my sides also with the arm rest against my back. Check out Bodyrest recliners.

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