It got me in the KNEES

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by meowee, Nov 25, 2008.

  1. meowee

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    Hi FM Friends.
    After a nine year run of mostly upper body pain, my FM finally got to my knees last week. I see now why you need a wheelchair. It was impossible to walk. I have a walker and after a day using it, my arms and shoulders hurt so badly, I stayed in bed. I had to cancel my doctors appt. cause I was unable to move to get there.

    I do want to wish you all a beautiful Thanksgiving.

    I will say a prayer for you all.

    God bless you.
  2. I know exactly how you feel, and I mean, *exactly*....

    Have you had a recent arthritis/inflammation panel done?

    I am in the same boat, as far as, arms & shoulders hurting too bad to even use your 'assistive' device(s).

    I have problems with my lower back, hips, knees (right one, especially, it buckles, at random), and even though I've tried to do without assistive devices, ('broad based quad cane- I HATE IT!!!) I had the same problem (due to the terrible pain of disc herniation in L4/L5, I tended to *lean* with the cane, though, even when used properly, it becomes heavy, and I'm now increasingly developing more arthritis/tendonitis, and it makes it too painful to even use the daggone thing!)

    On top of that- it serves no purpose for someone who *FALLS*, i've INJURED my shoulder, during falls, with my cane, as well as landed on the AWFUL metal plate at the bottom of it, on my hip, OUCH!

    I was rx'd a wheelchair a while back- I tried not to use it, either, but, with my back pain becoming so intolerable, as well as the severe weakness in my legs, etc.. I was to where I HAD to use my w/c just to go through any stores...

    I've recently (3 wks ago) had a 'radiofrequency nerve ablation' from L3-L5 in my spine, after everything else (steroid epideural injections, some other procedure (facet injection?? maybe,,,,) and a trial 'numbing' injections at both sides at L3-L5 failed..

    I'm 30, and dead set against surgery yet- and even the pain clinic NP said the disc- even though the 'sac' has torn open more, since my scan in 05' said that a surgeon would probably not do surgery yet (love that crap, you're crippled, miserably depressed from the pain.. but, it's not "bad enough*" yet. !)

    Anyways, with the back pain (nerve* pain in the spine, down my legs, outside, inside, down both sides of my legs, down the buttocks!!) taken care of, but, still having the bone/joint pain (I'll take that still, any day over that horrible nerve pain!!)

    I've done away with all assistive devices, for NOW... I will still need to take my w/c to Christmas shop with hubby, due to weakness in my legs, (bending down, & standing up while shopping, a couple of times of that, and my legs become 'jello' )

    But, I completely understand how you're feeling- when I told hubby years ago "thank god I'm not having nerve pain in my arms, like I am my legs, because, I just could not take it, in all four limbs" and then.... due to the bulging discs/arthritis in my C-spine, I'm assuming, I have had flares in the winter (as well as arthritis BAD in my shoulder(s)... of NERVE pain in my arms as well...

    So far *this* year, it's not gotten bad, but, OMG, the day(s) that the upper body nerve pain flares too, I just get so angry, and tell hubby with each new symptom, of my multiple diseases/illnesses "GOD! Is there ANYTHING these da**ed illnesses could JUST LEAVE ALONE!??"

    (PCOS/Endometriosis, have caused me several depressing, overwhelming, upsetting problems too, in past several years, as well as allllll the hormones I've been thrown on, all over the place, and even steroid rx's, for 2.5 yrs,)

    I feel like I literally have zero dignity, zero self-esteem/confidence left, (acne, scarring, oily skin, excessive hair (extremely emotionally traumatic), as well as having 12 scars from surgeries, JUST from my pelvic area, up to above my left breast (a port-a-cath, (permanent/semi-permanent I.V. line, implanted under the skin, sewn in place, in the muscle)

    So sorry you are going through this, just wanted to let you know, I feel your pain, physically, and emotionally.

    Have a safe, & happy holiday season,

  3. meowee

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    I am so sorry to hear of all your problems. It is just terrible.

    My right knee is the worst of the 2, and also buckles now.

    I had endometriosis, also. It is amazing all the similarities we do have.

    I can sympathize with you. I just keep hoping and praying for some kind of relief, as my life is miserable. I used to say, as a joke, I was thankful I didnt walk on my hands, or I'd never move. Now, I can't walk alot of the time. Meds help for a few hours and that's it. I just keep getting stronger meds, they work for a bit, and then I am immuned to them.

    I wish you a very happy holiday season, too, Laura.
    Thank you for your post.
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    The best thing I have found for me and my fibro is osteopathic treatment. I am traveling 1 and a half hours one way to get to my doctor every week. After being without treatment for more than six months, I was in desperate need. He is working wonders for me. It is slow but it is hopeful knowing there is improvement however small it may be.

    I experienced chiropractic and that caused more injury than help as has PT. I have been on crutches for over two years and use a power chair inside the house. My left knee has really been a problem that he was just able to get to last week. I had relief for about three days, but I've not been waking up because of pain and I'm happy for that. I have more than just fibro - lots of neuro problems and can't tell where one ends and the other starts!

    I have used a product called Blue Emu Oil. Works well when used regularly.

    I write articles about my experiences. I use a pen name because they are testimonies about my life and family is involved. I have one called Fibromyalgia - Nuts! and Painful in Body, Mind, and Spirit? Be an Overcomer. Free!

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