It has been a while since I posted here. Things have continued

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    to get worse for me.

    I had the disc removed in January and I am continuing to have problems. I now have been diagnoised with severe cervical facet joint arthritis. I am in constant pain, my neurosurgeon got activated with the war, no other neurosurgeon in the area will even look at me because I am his pt and he is not due back until the middle of July. I am seeing the pain management specialist but he is not doing much for the pain. I am on non-narcotic meds, he won't prescribe anything stronger than Celebrex and Ultracet for me. I saw pain management guy last week and he told me at that time that I also have a pinched nerve in my left shoulder. Duh.... Makes sense to me, left shoulder and arm hurts all the time. Last Monday when I saw him he did 4 cervical facet blocks on me and it hurt like crazy. No sedation before hand like Versed or a local anesthesia, they just lay ya down and do it. I had one above and below the bone graft on the left and the right. I got maybe 5% relief from it. I called his office 2 days after the blocks were done and told them I am still hurting like crazy. The nurse talked to the doc and he seemed just plum put out with me because I was still hurting, according to him I should have gotten relief. And he said no as far as calling me in anything stronger than what I am on. I am suppose to have 4 more facet blocks done today and I am really dreading it. They laid me down on my side, told me to focus on something, use my breathing to control the pain and do not move for any reason. He was injecting the nerve right where it came off my spine. Then I was turned over and the same thing done again.

    I am really struggling with trying to work. I have numbness in both hands and left arm is weak and it makes it very hard for me to type. I am getting the Dragon Naturally voice recog. software in the next couple of weeks. Presently I am lucky if I get in 500 lines a day doing transcription, that is how bad things are for me. Nothing wrong with my mouth, I can talk all day... Except when I am having a lot of sinus problems, then I sound like George Burns; my voice gets gravely and raspy. I wonder how the software will react to that.

    John and I were talking yesterday about all of this, well I guess it was more like me talking and him listening to me. I told him, I am scared, my future doesn't look too bright, all this stands to get worse as time goes on and from what I have been able to research on the web about it, there really isn't much they can do with the facet joint arthritis. The cartilage is slowly being destroyed and the end result will be bone grinding on bone and that is gonna be a whole lot of pain. I try really hard to not get down about it all, I try to stay positive.

    Man I don't want to go through that procedure again with the 4 blocks. John and I were talking last night about it and he said well if you didn't get any relief from the first 4, then why does the doc think the next 4 will give you any relief. I would say for one thing, the money. What I had done last Monday and having it done again today, that amounts to a good chunk of change for the doctor and I know my insurance won't pay near all of it so I will be stuck with the rest.

    In the past 2 years I have had a fourth knee surgery, ulnar nerve release in my left elbow, broke my left ankle and shredded the ligaments, had a disc removed in my neck, the fibromyalgia, and now all this facet arthritis so I am no stranger to pain. I would be stisified if I could get 50% relief from the blocks. That is how bad the pain is, if I could just get 50% relief, I would be happy and would feel like I had some quality back in my life.

    I saw my PCP doc and I told him I didn't much care for this pain management specialist guy, in fact I told him he is pretty much an A-hole. Unfortunately, this guy is considered very good in pain management. HUH?? Good at pain management when he doesn't give anything stronger than Celebrex or Ultracet??

    Someone suggested a pain pump implant, trust me, I would take one in a heartbeat if I could find someone who would do it for me. I go to bed hurting, it wakes me up in the middle of the night, and I get up hurting. I have noticed in the past couple of days I am walking with my head tilted to the right a bit and I don't know why unless it is the pain causing me to do that.

    Before going for my appointment today, I am going to take a couple of Excedrin P.M. and some Benadryl. The doctor's office is about 90 minutes from us so the Excedrin and the Benadryl will be working by the time I get there. Not much in the way of a sedative but maybe it will help a little. John took another vacation day in order to take me. He has been so great about that, he takes me for my appointments.

    I have facet hypertrophy with neural foraminal on the left at C2-3, on the right C4-5, and bilaterally C5-6. Also markedly stenotic C5-6 and C6-7. Now, you decide for yourself if you think I am not in a lot of pain or not. I keep telling this guy how bad I am hurting but it is like he either doesn't care or is not listening to me. If he doesn't do something in the very near future to help me I am going to find another doctor. I can't take much more of this. I don't want to go to the streets or a back alley to find what I need but that is just about the point I am getting to. Why in the world is he doing this to me?? It is not like I don't have x-rays and CT scans showing what is going on in my spine. If I were to just show up at his office claiming to be in a lot of pain and no x-rays or scans to back up my claims, I could understand him not wanting to prescribe something stronger for me but he has a copy of all my x-rays, CT scans and myelogram. I don't know what to think. And it is not easy getting into another doctor, most of the time you need a referral so I may be back to square one having to get my PCP to find me another doctor and in the meantime I am going to still be in a lot of pain waiting to get in to see someone. This really sux.

    Thank God the fibro is not flaring at this time, I am hurting bad enough without adding that to it. Sorry for being so long and rambling, I am just hurting a lot and dreading the appointment later today.

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    You need to do some venting. This is just darn right inhumane. We give more empathy to animals. This needs to be reported. I know this takes added energy. So maybe just threaten. This is improper treatment just as illegal as giving drugs to those who abuse. I fought for yrs. not to take meds. After watching a program showing how the brain wires itself for pain when we do not get help. The oldest man ever found, frozen to death, showed opiods in system for arthritis,his bones tested showed. Why are these plants or now synthetic meds there for. Seems like abusers have no problem getting it. Yet people that truly need help are treated. Someone at a meeting found a letter on net that it is malpractice to let 1 suffer. Please keep the spirit, I pray you get the help you deserve... HUGssss
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    sO sorry to hear things are still going badly for you, but glad for your venting as I have been wondering what has been going on with you. I am truly you have so much untreated pain, it seems to be the going thing lately. Unless we have a doc that has these illnesses or has seen someone they love with them, they really seem to struggle with the whole comprehension of what it is to deal with chronic pain. I will pray that you get some relief soon and some much needed peace, too. love, Rebel
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    So sad to hear you have gone through all this.
    Try doing a search on for the pain pump and also type in the nearest large city by you.
    I think this sounds like something you might want to pursue.
    Also, if there is teaching hospital near you. They can often be sources of information even if they don't do that surgery.
    My best to you.
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    it sounds like a nightmare!

    I feel like you need to make a lot more noise about this, cos you're obviously not being heard at the moment!

    The Pain Management guy just isn't doing his job - you have severe pain and he isn't managing it!

    Can't they give you a combination of fast acting and slow acting painkillers? I believe that's what pain specialists in the uk do...they try lots of different 'cocktails' until they hit on the combination that's doing the job.

    If you're anything like me, you hate making a fuss - but you must be exhausted with all of this - and I should imagine that the pain is increasing because your back muscles must be going into knots trying to help with lumbar support etc.

    Pick up the phone and shout at everyone you can think of until they DO something!!!!!

    Good luck
    Mary x