It hurts when I smile

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Wingingit, Aug 9, 2003.

  1. Wingingit

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    I am doing my best to keep smiling while struggling with many health problems, but in the past 6 months, I have had a new one...this one makes it hurt to smile!
    I have had sores and cracks at the corners of my mouth that will not heal no matter what I try! Sometimes they begin to crust over and appear to be healing but that is when it really hurts to open my mouth, so I end up putting a salve on them and the process starts all over again.
    I have tried salves, cold cream, vaseline, aloe, vit E ointment, cortisone (OTC 5%) name it...but this refuses to go away!
    I read that this could be a B2 deficiency and now take B complex and a luck.
    I also read that it could be due to too much vit A, so tried not taking my multivitamins for 2 weeks...still nothing changed.
    I have been taking Oxycontin for 6 months and wondered if the drug could be factor (although I think I have the mouth troubles prior to taking Oxy).
    This is driving me up the wall!
    Has anyone had a chronic problem such as this? Did you determine the cause? Did you find a cure that works?
    I would be grateful for any ideas anyone might have to offer.
  2. Hinemoa

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    But I think the cortisone only adds to the problem. At least it is nasty with me.

    I use A&D ointment but I don't have the amount of problems you have....ouch!

    On reading your post again it sounds as if an antibiotic cream might help. I would think about seeing a dermatologist. Often they catch those problems better than an Internist,.

    Best of luck,

  3. Wingingit

    Wingingit New Member

    I will try to get an appointment with a dermatologist and see what they say...
    Bek, you said it's not a good sign when sores don't heal. Do you know what specifically this is a sign of?
    Good luck with your biopsy...keep in touch.
  4. Hippen

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    I used to get outbreaks of the Herpes virus on my mouth also. It is in the same family as the genital type but a different strain. I no longer get the cold sores since I started taking Olive leaf extract. Sores that do not heal well could be cancerous or a sign of Diabetes. I really doubt that this is what your sores are!!! The cold sores can be hard to heal since it is a virus and they are hard to fight. L-Lysine has also been helpful for some in keeping the cold sores away. We need to keep our immune systems as strong as we can to help fight off these critters. Good Luck !!! Love, Hippen
    P.S) I have also read that if you put a wet tea bag on the sores it may really helps at the very beginning...before the cold sore starts to get big.
  5. drtech

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    can cause the cracks as well. You didnt say if you have your own teeth or not, but it is a possibility if you are a denture wearer. Just my 2cents.
  6. Wingingit

    Wingingit New Member

    Just wanted to thank all who answered my post and to let you know that this has almost entirely cleared up!
    I know these cracks were not cold sores, I don't wear dentures, and I have been taking flax seed regularly for months...but...when I read Sandra's post about A&D cream which as I recall (my kids are now in their teens)is a cream for babies...I tried Desitin cream which is zinc oxide (since I didn't have any A&D).
    Within a few days...problem has almost completely cleared up and I have a pain-free smile again!
    I wanted to post this in case anyone else with this problem wanted to try the zinc oxide.
    Thanks to all...and keep smiling.