It is christmas time now, isn't that how it works now.

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    Yes I am discusted with society. I when I was up town there were already christmast decrocations on the shelves.
    I used to think that it was early when the christmas decrotations went up right after thanksgiving. But here it is just abot the middle of October that the stores are putting out the christmas decrotations.

    That is too early for me. And as last night was Halloween I hope you all had a good night with out any tricks. I don't put out any pumpkins any more as they get smashed and it upset

    my kids but the grils are grown up and don[t live at home..And my Halloween decrotations that I have are kept in the house and the few that I do hang out side are taken inside every night as they are really cute and if I were to have to replace them it would cost me a great deal of money .

    I was the one who hand painted them and I still have the patterens but not the pe-cut wood and wood it spendy. So last night as soon as it got dark I took my DAnglin Franklin in side as I don't want him to go missing.

    I put up my thanksgiving out fit for my welcome bear who lives inside my house and stays in doors.

    But it really bugs me that christmas comes to early for me. You don't even to get to finish thanksgiving before the Christmas decroations are in the stores. So by the time I get to go shopping iwth my husband when he gets his "yearly bonus " {Chritstmas bonus} the things that I want are gone and I have to hunt to find the things that I really want to get for my grandson and my family.

    And as now the weather is changing too fast and it is geting colder by the day my body is telling me that I need to move to some where much warmer so I won't hurt so much.
    But that will not happen for me now oor ever the rate things are going.

    IT was a some what stressfull night for me to night as my hubby and I had a disagreement adn every time that happends the subject that I hide the bills from my husband and didn't pay the bills.

    { When I was paying bills I was given a certian amount of money to pay all the bills and most times there was not enough money to pay all the bills.
    So I would make a lower payment on them and when my husband asked if I paid the bill I said I had but what I should have said was I paid on them so that I could pay on more billss and not get late notices.}

    But my hubby is more guilty of not paying bills than I am as he has a problem about paying medical bills. WE have a huge dental bill and the last time I saw the dentist was in July and there has been no payment sicne then and I am the one who is at fault for not paying bills.

    Just once I owuld like to have the past left there in the past and not brought up that I made mistakes with the girls as did he but that is not in the converatation. I am not the only one who made mistakes when it came to money and paying bills. But I am the one that is always singled out as the one who didn't show my girls the way to pay bills.

    And we got in a arguement about it as I said that I was not alone in that last matter of bill paying. But for some odd resason he has conveientment memory loss. And I hate to aruge so I went down stairs in tears and waited till I was calm enough to discuss this with him. But it did n't do much good... So why try?

    I am just upset about this bill payijng thing as every time his blood sugar gets too high or too low there is some thing for him to argue with me about as he gets really cranky and onery and yells alot and I admit that I asked him why he was so angry for the past few days was he not feeling so well? And that set him off.
    so I guess that I will not talk about things that upset him or irrate him as It only makes me tense up and then I really hurt more.
    Sorry for the ranting at the end I just needed to get it out of my system now. And I still am having a tough time sleeping.

    But enough is enough I am sorry about all the complaing about my hubby. HE is a good man that works far too hard and gives to everyone but at home.

    HE is always building things for other s than cleaning out his rooms so that I can get the comptuer out of my living room.

    HE provides me with the things I need but not much of the luxury items and I don't like to ask for moeny.

    So I Hope that my disablitly will soon give me an answer. EItehr way but this waiting for so long is getting on my last nerve.

    OK I am done griping now.
    Sorry this is so long.
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    ... the commercialism of it, ugh! And in Canada Thanksgiving is in October, so now that Halloween is over there will be no holding back the feeding frenzy in the malls.

    I am not a Christian, but for those that are, I respect that this is a major festival of their faith. What I really hate is the cynical, greedy, commercial "ka-ching ka-ching" that takes over from here on in.

    But at least the lights on people's houses are pretty :)

    Think I'll go bury my head in the sand until mid-January...

    PS Rosemarie, hope you get an answer re disability VERY SOON!