It is going to be a L O N G weekend

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Oct 8, 2005.

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    My mom called earlier in the evening and my Aunt in Magrath Alberta Canada passed away. She was 91 years old and was ready to leave this life and has wanted to go home as she would say.I am a bit saddened by her death as I only remember her from to her home in Magrath CAnada when I was a child and teenager. The last time I was in the town where my MOM was born in was in 2000. And I have not been back since.

    My Mom comes from a family that started out with 9 kids and now there are I think there are 5 left. And my oldest uncle and his wife are in very poor health. I loved to go and visit my cousins there , riding in the hay wagon, fiding on the the horse's and there were plenty of family to play with . I remember that one remunion there were over 150 family members there , my grandparents had alot of kids and so did their kids, so family get togethers were big and so many people that all were related to my grandparents.

    IT was so much fun, There is so many more now. I don't know how long my mom will keep going to se her brothers adn sisters as she is 78 and my cousins come here to get her to take her to Canada and to see her family. but it is getting harder on her so I am not sure how long it will be before she doesn't want to go anymore.

    My oldest daughter called and told me that she has to have a MRI on her neck on monday as the vertabrae are spaced right about 1/2 inch till you get to where her neckmeets the shoulders and then the last one is a 1/4 in space and it worries the doctor but he said that he would not even try to guess what it could be till he had a better pitcure. The X-Ray was not clear enough for him to say what the problem was. And she will have to wait till the 18th to find out the results of the MRI, she is very worried about it and there is nothing I can do to help her , I asked her if he gave her some muscle relaxants and she said yes but I" am not like you who will just POP a pill just because I have it" And they don't work either. I think she said the she was given robaxin and she does not like to take any kind pf pain pills because of me,.

    she feels like I shoud suck it up and deal with the pain I have instead of just caving in and taking pain pills. I could exercise, lose wieght, any thing but take pain pills and she feel like my doctor over prescribes me as I get so sleepy in the afternoon around 3pm and then again about 7:30 I am sleepy that if I lay on the couch watching TV I will doze off. It is so hard to have familay who thinks that your faking the pain you have and that your taking to many pills I just want them to belive in me adn to understand that I wouldnever fake haveing fibro or CMP, or bulging disc's. and the rest of the chronic pain I have.

    And the weather has changed and it has rained all day long and now it is just cold and wet and my body does not like it at all. IT is just not a very good day I guess. I feel like i he missed out on so much of my kids lives because of haveing fibro even though I din't know what it was back then, But I missed programs because I couldn't sit for a three hour concert that would start out with the band and then go to the choir and my girls were in the choir so they were last.
    Oh well no sence in thinking about things I can"t change.

    So I am going to go to bed now and hope that it will be better tomorrow. Thanks for letting me vent a bit.

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    and more sorry that your daughter feels the way she dose about you and meds. It is so sad when people we love don't/won't understand what we go through everyday just to function. My heart goes out to you...prayers too. I hope that your daughter dosn't have anything major wrong with her and I pray she will come to understand you and your dd, and know that you regret things you missed out on...cant change the past but the
    future could get better!!

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