it is my birthday today! editing...i shouldn't post this here! sorry!

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  1. ilovepink4

    ilovepink4 Member

    I am 43....My sister brought me lunch-a veggie bagel sandwich, with a creme soda in a bottle and a cheesecake that is made of different varieties of cheesecake slices...mmmm so bad....mmmmm

    My dad brought over a framed copy of the pattern of the trellis he is going to build me for my flower the photo there is a woman kneeling down gardening and my mom cut out a photo of my face a pasted it over the woman's face! I hope I am out there, in the garden next summer since this summer was a bust....but I had a pretty good summer two years mom also sent over the Andrea Bocelli CD Incanto

    My big brother called to say Happy Birthday....

    There are a pile of gifts under the Christmas tree from my kids and my hubby....but, everyone is off doing practice, yoga, class, and a high school hockey game this evening...

    frankly, the best present is an empty, quiet house....well, almost daughter is here with her PCA(personal care attendant) and the PCA is off duty at 8 pm and then I am in charge of whatever my daughter, as soon as hubby and one son go, it will quiet down for 2 hours....ahhhh....

    I am kind of disappointed that I haven't bounced back from Xmas yet....I was doing a teeny tiny bit better this December, before Xmas but now, I wonder if it was because we hadn't been hit hard with much snow....we got hit by the Christmas blizzard and the day before it started, I crashed....I was wondering why until my sister told me about the blizzard blowing all over the west side of the midwest....and was heading our way....she pointed out the barametric pressure was dropping....dropping, right? for bad weather? It really means something to me to have my family members understanding this illness (FM and myfascial pain syndrome) and remembering the triggers for! She GETS it!!! thank you! I think she gets it AND is terrified she could be next.....

    anyways, i have had a nice day, even with the migraine that didn't want to let go finally backed off....and the emotional outbursts from youngest son...age 10 and acting like a teenage girl....quick temper and is so annoyed with everyone...he is our fourth child and you would think we would have this parenting figured out by now but each kid is so different....and the stress of when he and his brother fight and the dogs start barking , really make me want to curl up in in the fetal position and suck my thumb....or sit in the corner and rock back and forth in my straight jacket...but soon, soon it will quiet down...hubby and son still haven't left yet.....what is the hold up????

    oh, sometimes I sit with my big headphones on to muffle all the noise....and everyone thinks I am watching a movie on my computer but I am just trying to deal with the noise in the house!!!

    ***Editing this...i just remembered that this should be posted in sorry if I annoyed anyone!!! Another fibro moment....they are coming more and more! I especially cannot remember the name of family is not as shocked anymore when I describe something like "it cools the house in the summer....what is that again? OH, thanks, the air conditioner...." or "you know!...when you get a grade in the middle of the grading period....what is that called...ah, ah, ah.....oh, thank you...Mid-quarters..."[This Message was Edited on 12/30/2009]
  2. FibroFay

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    Happy, Happy Birthday to you! And many happy returns! I hope, too, you'll be able to enjoy your garden next summer. Keep thinking positively!

    Birthday Hugs,
  3. AuntTammie

    AuntTammie New Member

    Happy Birthday!! I am glad that it sounds like you are having a good day, but sorry that you are still struggling with post-Christmas exhaustion.
  4. JLH

    JLH New Member

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. jole

    jole Member

    (I like that song!)

    Hope your day was a good one. I love the gifts from your parents! How sweet!! And yes, isn't it wonderful to have family that understands and actually "thinks" of us? The birthday gift that keeps on giving.......Bless you! .................Jole
  6. cerise

    cerise New Member

    Today is my birthday too! I've always hated my birthday because it's 5 days after Xmas & the day before New Years Eve. It was hell in college because all my friends had gone home for the holidays. Now everybody is busy with the holidays. A lot of my friends are heading south to the Rose Bowl so they won't be around. I turned 53 today which in itself is a big shock! Sure got here fast!!!

    By the way, Tiger Woods' birthday is also Dec. 30th.

    Oops just noticed you posted on the 29th. Happy Belated B-day greetings![This Message was Edited on 12/30/2009]
  7. skeptik2

    skeptik2 Member

    I love it when others let us's so much fun to tell you
    I want you to have whatever you want....

    that sounds like peace and quiet, LOL!

    Hope you get it...lots of it, so you can rest and recover.

    Best wishes for good treatments coming this year and in
    the next....

  8. Sceptical

    Sceptical New Member


    You have stolen my screen name ! It is almost indistinguishable from mine !I plan to sue you in torts to recover money for my cfs treatment.


    ps:just kidding but it was really shocking.[This Message was Edited on 12/30/2009]
  9. munch1958

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    Hope you are having a great day! It's my daughter's birthday today too. It's a tough time for a birthday because of it falling right after Christmas and just before New Year's Eve. It's always been hard to find a day to take her out to dinner to celebrate. Then there are those cheapskates that buy one gift for both -- hope you don't have to deal with any of them!

    I know what you mean about the noise factor. We never have our TV on unless we are watching it. I love the peace and quit when I'm home alone. Noise in the background still drives me crazy even after 3.5 years of Lyme treatment. Noise issues were one of my biggest Lyme symptoms. I also kept hearing music that no one else could hear. Now I find out those are called auditory hallucinations in the Lyme world and they are a major symptom.

    It is one of the reasons I went to the Detroit FFC in 2006. My brain was on overload because I could no longer stand to listen to music with a beat or follow the plot in an hour long TV show or read a book. I had even started to listen to a Dish network radio station that plays MUZAK versions of songs with no words for like OLD people (I'm 51).

    I used to think it was old age but now I find that my taste in music had reverted back to where it was before I got bit by a tick. I even shocked my 31 year old daughter by buying a top 40 song with a beat recently.
  10. ilovepink4

    ilovepink4 Member

    Happy Birthday to you, Cerise!!! It is a bummer to have your birthday right after Christmas! Especially when we were kids! No one is around for a birthday party...they are still at their grandmothers in wisconsin or michigan or something!!!

    And here is the kicker for my poor hubby! You know how painful it is for the menfolk to have to shop for us women? Well, he has to come up with a xmas gift, a birthday gift , our anniversary is January 30, and then 2 weeks later is Valentines Day!! By Valentines Day, I am lucky to get a card!!!! hahahaha! he is broke by then! and just can't take the pressure anymore!!! :O)

    We didn't exchange Christmas gifts for the first ? 15 years? we were married....but then I started getting him something from the "kids" cuz i couldn't resist and then it just started...

    I got a breadmaker for was the number one item on my wishlist! I used my first one to death about 6 years ago....i have wanted one ever since but just couldn't bear to spend the money....I am looking forward to fresh bread every few days! I am also looking forward to getting back into my bikini in June.....huh...i hadn't thought about how fattening the bread will be....maybe i will just get a fabulous one piece swim suit with a tummy squeezer built in....

    for my bday gift from hubby, i got a desk thing to go under my laptop because i get soooooo overheated from the bottom of the computer....and the desk thing is supposed to fix is from a catalog called Brookstone....they have the most interesting things in there! There are a couple of positioning pillow things that help you to sit up in bed....there is a pocket for your book or magazine, a massaging back rest, a little lamp the is clamped to the top, oh, and a cup holder....and a head rest...and it adjusts to the angle you want to sit at....

    i think i would like one of those but I am not sure about having to toss it on the floor everynight...and, i wonder if it would be as comfortable as it seems...

    and it is spendy! there is another one in the catalog that is more like pillow and it has a wedge for y our legs for another chunk of change...that on is even more $$$ if i remember right...this store is online, too

    anyways, daughters gave me slippers and a dvd-beverly hills chihuahua...the main character dog looks just like my chihuahua, Chanel!

    My sons gave me a bag of pretzels from the Dollar Store!!! and a bag of chips ahoy for the Dollar Store! Which they borrowed this morning!!! the chips ahoy that is! they wrapped them, too! so cute! they shop thedollar store for Christmas, too!

    so, that was all my loot...what did you score, Cerise? I wonder what ole Tiger got for his birthday? You said it was Tiger Woods bday, too on the 30th, right? shoot...was it someone else? if I click the back button to look, i lose my,i hope i am right....anyways, i bet he didn't get anything from his wife....i can think of a few things for from the left, and one from the right and a good kick in the pants.....what would his mother say about his behaviour?

    Anyways, thanks for all the nice birthday messages! Everyone is so nice here....a day doesn't go by when I don't check the board here....i don't post very much but I definately read what is happenin'!!! Happy New Year!

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