It is so ridiculous I have to laugh

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    In January my naturapathic doc wanted some tests run so I asked my cfs doc to do it, when the results came back my cfs doc highlited some results and told me to go see my gp.

    Go see my gp who thought the results were minor but said he would send me to specialist. Have not been getting along with this doc very well. He pulled out a requisition and started to write on it and then nodded for me to leave, which was odd as he usually fills out paperwork and walks me out. I knew he was not going to make a referrall.

    Waited a few weeks no referall so contacted another gp and went to see her.

    New gp ordered all of the tests re-run and said she would see me when they came back but she said the cfs doc should have made the referall. I took the test a week ago.

    Today I get a call from cfs doc's office telling me to come see her as they have a note and results of the new tests that new gp ordered. According to the secretary the note just said please discuss operation and test results with me. Operation!!!!!!

    The cfs doc can't see me till beginning of april so called the new doc but the clerk said she could not see me till middle of april.

    I told her the situation and she kindly put me in for tomorrow. I know their is no operation and I doubt the test changed very much.

    Believe me if you don't think you are crazy when you go see the doc you sure will be when you have finished dealing with them.

    Just thought everyone needed a good laugh.

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    I had this happen to me quite a few years back, the referrals, tests, multiple tests, multiple referrals, different hospitals/clinics.


    It was a great relief. So, if I need to see say, a rheumatologist, I see them once. They send all of the paperwork to my family doctor. Since they gave me a diagnosis and a good start on meds, my family doc continues from there.

    Not only does it save me huge headaches and massive amounts of TIME going to all these different places - the copay for my family doc is much cheaper than that of a specialist.
  3. Headline:

    "and then Your Honor, THAT is when the patient snapped, and shot them all" (I am SOOO just kidding people... but, UGH!)

    THIS is how frickin LAWSUITS happen!

    In ONE YEAR- heck, just a FEW MONTHS- I am not even CLOSE to joking-

    1.) My aunt was told she had stage III breast cancer, by a place in Las Vegas, only to find out, at another place, 3 weeks later, she did not have cancer at all... (they DID file a suit- I would too- she was told it was invasive/aggressive, etc!)

    2.) My dad's cousin- who, in all *fairness* to the hospital- WAS DYING- of liver failure, due to alcoholism... BUT- he went to one of the largest, 'most experienced' hospitals here- and was given the WRONG BLOOD TYPE- obviously- the family filed a suit- but, they MAY have dropped it, I honestly do not know.... Like I said- he was dying- he'd drank since he was 15 years old, and was in multi-organ failure...

    HOWEVER.... same city, different hospital.. same time frame- gave several babies the ADULT DOSE of HEPARIN- yes, JUST like with *dennis quaid's* twins, but I live nowhere *near* the hospital that did it to his babies- here a couple passed away I believe, others were saved, but spent months hospitalized... also, there was an issue with a woman's epideural taking WEEKS to wear off- they weren't sure if it WOULD...

    And, just in a year or two, my sister's boyfriend has supposedly been told that he had a leukemia- (he was called THE DAY OF his appt with the cancer center- and told... well, *ONE* lab marker, was positive, but, that it alone really did not indicate cancer- it was just something they'd check again 6months or so, etc..... previously, he'd been told the next 'step' would have been a bone marrow biopsy...)

    He was told by an eye doctor that he had (crud!) the degenerative eye disease (diabetics--) I want to say macular degeneration- but, I'm almost 100% that's not it- it's the eye disease diabetics get, causes blindness rather rapidly- well, he has diabetes, but, takes oral medications etc... but does NOT have this eye problem...

    He was called & told to come right in, he had diabetic ketoacidosis.... and yet, he *walked* home from that appointment....

    The list goes on & on...

    I can't vouche for my sister's 'friend'.. but, my family, I can.. and that horrible HEPARIN incident- well... it happened TWICE, once was right about when it had happened to Dennis Quaid's twins- THAT was on the news, of course-..

    And, lastly- my aunt in North Carolina, had her chart in her hand, checking out of her doctors office once, (they were *suspecting* RMSF), and... she looked down, to see some kind of dictation/notes regarding PROSTATE- and sure enough- not only did that doctor NOT have my AUNT'S chart- but, had some MAN'S chart- and... a lot of people's privacy RIGHTS were completely trampled that day- my jaw just drops when I even think back to her telling us that!!!!

    Now- back to your post...

    I can only ask you this-

    Ever feel like your entire life (sick life) is like you're playing "Monopoly"... roll the dice, land on something exspensive, pay out the A$$, leave knowing nothing more, on to the next $$$ place... back to "jail"... DO NOT PASS GO... etc??

    Ever wonder if doctor's are going through their grocery list, as you're talking, and they do that whole scribble, nod, "mmhmm", scribble, nod, "mmhmm" game with you?

    In all seriousness, you have my COMPLETE understanding, and sympathy... I have been around that block and back so, so, so many times.... I stopped SEEKING help- EVEN in the ER, for my chronic pancreatitis- for almost 4 yrs- when I DID seek help again, Dec. 2007-- it was as if the NEW doctor picked RIGHT Back up with the da** referring!!!!

    GEEZ- we HAVE the diagnosis now, for ****'s sake! STILL- the "specialist" sent me to....... a ??? specialer, specialist? 65miles away- so I could be told to go home, do the 'diet' (basically ONLY allowed boneless, skinless, chicken breast, MSG etc free, brown rice, water, brussell sprouts, & few other items) for two months (like I hadn't frickin DONE THAT, back in ***2003***!!!!)

    and *THEN*..... ***THEN*** IF I still had the attacks (that....I've been having.... since 7-10 days after they took my gall bladder out- in 2000!!!!)

    THEN- come back, and "if it takes all day, we'll keep you here, give you ______ (known 'spasm' triggers) and trigger an attack, and, as well, we'll put a tube down your nose/throat, & try to figure out what's going on with the swallowing"

    I left there so depressed, that, so help me God,, if my *mother* had not been driving, and my mother & sister not been with me... I would've just jerked that steering wheel off the road. SLAP IN THE FACE... 7 yrs later, being told that same sh**.

    I'm so sorry you are going through this.

    I'm telling you, if we all traded phone #'s, and doctor's #'s.... we'd either all be in jail- or NONE of us would be getting treated the way we do (I can reallllllllly tell other people's doctors off, LOL, ask my sister...)

    I always think of what to say, and how to reclaim my dignity....... on the way home from a doctor's appt.

    They always catch me off guard, everytime I think there's nothing else they could POSSIBLY say that would SHOCK me... they do it again...

    I DID go NUTSO on an ER doctor one night- only due to it actually being a SIDE EFFECT of the medication that actually *sent* me to the ER in the first place- THAT of course, bit me in the a$$ with my pain clinic nurse practitioner, who, apparently* got quite an interesting 'letter' from this ER doctor... but, I'm telling you... I still do not care. When I am right, I am right, and to this day, I feel fantastic for standing up for myself- loud, nasty, hateful- just the way that POS doctor had been to me & my sister & husband that whole night. I only regret having never written the medical board, regarding him... they are like the VA office, nearly impossible (for me) to contact- can sure find military *recruiters*... but, when you're sick & need help-- pfffft.

    Take care, let me (us) know how this concludes for you...

    I cannot believe it went from 'nothing' type lab 'values'.... to OPERATION- but, then again- even sadder- I guess... yes I can, believe it.

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    Do you hear that Noise?........ It's me standing & clapping my A@@ just took the words right outta my mouth & said it better too!!lol.
    thank you
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    as Dennis Miller or some comic says, but here's the way I see it.

    To the patient, it is all a matter of great importance. Sometimes life or death.

    But to the doctors and their flunkies, you are just another item on the assembly line.

    The medical team is wondering: do I have a date for Sat. night, do I need
    another white pair of shoes in a different shade, does she really want a divorce,
    how much did I lose in that venture capitalist fund,

    where should I go for my vacation, is my sister really pregnant, what did he
    mean when he said that, oh, oh, here comes that old crab again, isn't it quitting
    time yet...

    Of course they haven't got much energy or attention left for the patients.

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    OK just got back from appointment with new doc, now you are going to have to concentrate real hard LOL

    The tests she sent to cfs doctor were the same tests that were done in January by the cfs doctor which I copied for the new doctor!!!!!!

    She would have explained to me more clearly why she sent them if only they could find my file and the new test results!!!! Oh and the operation - she had no idea.

    You just have to laugh.

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    But thank god for the good ones we do have!

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