It is with heavy heart that I tell you my beloved BillCamo passed

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  1. msbsgblue

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    My beloved husband BillCamo, as known to you, has passed away. Sorry I have not been here to tell you sooner. I am not dealing will with this at all.

    Bill passed away Dec. 4th, 2011.

    I have never loved anyone as much as I loved Bill (his real first name) and I will never love anyone else.

    Bill will be in my heart forever.

    Please pray for Bill as well as me. I really need this now. By now it should be getting a tad bit better but it is not. My FM and arthritis are out of control.

    Worse yet, is that Bill and I had never gotten our wills changed and his sister took every thing from me. House, cars all are gone, I have moved back to MO. and have no one. This is just my home state.
  2. Doznclan3

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    No one can tell us when our grieving is over. It hasn't been long at all.
    My heart goes out to you. I can't imagine losing my husband now, after a couple of bad marriages, and finally having found him, 20 yrs. ago next month. I just can't imagine your pain. I am so sorry.
    I was born in Kansas City MO. A looong time ago.. lol... went back to visit my dad since, it is very pretty. I am hoping and praying that you find a good place there. Stay strong through our Lord's love and strength, we can draw from that love.
  3. Elisa

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    I am so sad for you...

    My thoughts are with you...

    I believe Bill is looking over you - right now and forever. Keep that in mind, it will help, I hope.

    God Bless you and if you are able, pray as much as you need and He will listen and help too.