It look to me that only those who get better do....

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by place, May 9, 2006.

  1. place

    place New Member

    Now I am new to the boards and don't have a long history with this dd and I have only a fraction of knowledge you all do, so please jump in with your experiance! I make these observations from the research from past postings.

    It seems that those who get better either get some sleep so their body can get healthy on its own (so it can do reapair, bring up chemical levels, fight infections, etc)


    they become so healthy through diet, supplements, medication and various maintinace treaments, that their body can take care of the dd. But as soon as they stop the healthy behavior their sypmtoms come back.

    Is there anyone who has gotten better that does not fit one of the two molds?
  2. leubie

    leubie New Member

    I am sorry I cant answer this as I have not gotten any better------------( maybe a little mentality)--------But I am bumping for you and everyone else--------------cause yall ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!-------LOVE TO ALL--------------LAURA
  3. mom4three

    mom4three New Member

    Better here either. I get sleep and eat well. But progressively worse.

    Bumping for others too

  4. puddin827

    puddin827 New Member

    No better here, just worse. Wish it was good news
  5. findmind

    findmind New Member

    Well, that's an interesting post!

    I found over the past 17 years that I am much better with good sleep. That is not to say that I am normal to say the least!

    I am also better from eating well, with fresh veggies, little "starch", and high quality protein. I do take a few supplements:

    Omega 3s
    Folic Acid
    Osteo Bi-Flex
    Eye(s) Formula
    Calcium with D. and Magn.

    And I take heavy duty sleep meds:


    I sleep very, very well most nites and take a 1-2 hour nap every day. A total of about 10 hrs daily, or I cannot function.

    By function, I mean I "cope" better now than I did the first 5-7 years of my CFS and FM with IBS and osteoarthr.

    Most of us learn to pace ourselves and not overdo during any 1 or 2 hour period of time, and then rest, sitting of lying or sit with feet up.

    Hope you find ways to cope...
  6. Bet2

    Bet2 New Member

    As someone replied on here we all have different issues; however, I believe proper diet; good nutrition (little or no starch for me as well) the right combination of supplements (whatever is working for your body) and mild excercise (I know sometimes it is hard).

    May not put us in the mend but will improve our quality of life. I have good days and bad days but I try extremely hard to focus on the above things that I mentioned and like Stormy says; it is not easy because it is a constant battle every day.

    Good Post; thank you,

  7. bluemoon1monday

    bluemoon1monday New Member

    I have found that there are no easy solutions. If it sounds too good to be true then it's probably is. I am better than a year ago with this DD and others. I am a cancer survivor. I have no wisdom of how to get "cured" or stay in remission forever.

    I have learned this on the way: I have to get good,deep sleep, get enough relief from pain, eat high protein diet, exercise everyday (almost), take particular supplements and medications as needed and keep that stress level down, down,down. Meditation is as important as all of the above.

    I hope that each and everyone with these terrible DD's will have a complete recovery! Now if we can only find the answers. It will be us you know, the others do not get it.


  8. mollystwin

    mollystwin New Member

    You are on the right track. Eating whole, healthy foods and sleeping well has definatly improved my condition. I'm still not well, but hope to be on the way there! I am going to FFC to see what "bugs" I have so that I can get rid of those.
  9. georgianewyork

    georgianewyork New Member

    Hi place!
    I am new to the board too. Four years following what Infectious Disease had instructed me to do. They tried with no success, so it was time to take action.

    I am into week six of an agressive body detox to address the CFS, endocrine and adrenal failure and blood sugar issues. A friend forced me to a Naturopath. As the good doctor said, it took 49 years to get here and the road back to health was going to be a full time commitment and not easy.

    First off of wheat and sugars, none allowed, but that is my particular protocol. Many, many supplements, digestive enzymes, B12 injections weekly, probiotics... no more antibiotics.

    I was instructed to avoid all types of nuts (which I was eating for protein in between meals) with the exception of Macademia and Brazil Nuts. It seems the others promote the viral issues. Surprising, but I am noticing a difference.

    It is only week six and I have been feeling worse instead of better which I was told would happen. Hey, we have to embrace even the toughest course of action if it brings about good health. Change of life style, eating habits, relaxation therapies and avoiding people who drain you. It is still early in the treatment, but I am optimistic.

    Sharing I see is a wonderful thing. What a terrific group!
    There is empowerment here.
  10. place

    place New Member

    Everyone is different. I myself only have Fibro and some fatigue when sinus's are acting up (allergies).

    The problem with this dd is that so many factors can contribute to us feeling bad (stress, allergies, enviromental aspects, weather, the list goes on).

    It seems that the more you get sick, the more things effect you, and thus takes you down futher. A Downward spiral.

    When your down so low, health wise, it take monumental effort to get you moving back up again.

    I just made an appointment with a sleep doc, I am excited to see what we find in my sleep, as I know if I do not sleep my symptoms are off the charts!

    I wish you all better health and I will keep you all posted!
  11. PVLady

    PVLady New Member

    After being here for a couple of years, it seems it is trial and error for most people.

    For me I had to literally eliminate as much stress as possible, including contact with anyone who upsets me.

    I made drastic changes. I also had to stop being so sedentary. When I first got really sick I hurt so bad every day I just stayed in bed.

    Days turned into weeks, weeks into monthes, months into years. Huge mistake for me.

    I had to find a doctor to help control the pain, then I gradually became more active again.

    I am not kidding when I tell you it took a huge psychological toll on me.

    I am now coping better and have pain under control,but am left with anxiety and fear of ever getting sick like that again.

    I guess the mind is a strange thing...

    Just do the best you can to learn and take care of yourself.

    Find the best doctor who understands fibro and is not afraid to treat your pain.

    If you hurt you need meds for pain so you can have the best quality of life possible.

    Don't let anyone make you feel guilty for needing pain meds.

    Personally just 1/2 a Vicoden used to help me a lot.

    I am now on a special med called Subutex which controls flares well.

    Welcome to this board...

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