It was bound to happenI finally crashed

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ckball, Sep 14, 2006.

  1. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I knew the last 2 weeks were too good. I got so much done.

    Some days were harder than others but I was able to get threw them and accomplish my project.

    I thought yesterday was Thur and planned everything about my trip around it being Thur.

    Today has been very hard. Everytime I get up to do something I get lighthead and just feel like something sucked my life energy from me.

    I am so glad I didn't put everything off to the last minute, I have to work on Fri, bath the dogs and load the car tomorrow night. Then drive about 500 miles on Sat

    I hope this is a one day thing and if I rest and take a long hot bath, (yes Jacuzzi guy came today) I will feel better tomorrow.

    The drive is about 7 hours but with the dogs it is a little longer.

    I don't want to cause my body stress like having all your teeth pulled during a flare. So please pray I feel better tomorrow and better on Sat.

  2. Fredericka

    Fredericka New Member

    That is, feel better tomorrow!

    Bon Voyage, and I hope all goes well for you. DO take good care of yourself and take lots of breaks. It's good for you too, as well as the dogs! Be safe!
  3. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Carla, I'm hoping that this fatigue etc. will be short
    lived! I was very happy that you were feeling much better
    lately. Don't think it was bec. the Matt Guy wore ya out?

    Want you to get your energy back real soon!

  4. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Thank you Fredericka- I hope so too.

    Mrdad- OMG< ROOTFLOL- I only wish Matthew had a chance at me. He should be so lucky,lol

    Now that might perk me up some-Carla
  5. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    Try to rest as much as possible before you leave. I hope you have a safe trip.

    Please leave Matt's (excuse me, mrdad's picture on your bio for awhile)!
  6. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Well it's Friday and I still don't feel good. I went for a walk yesterday eve with the girls then we played fetch and jump. I pulled a muscle in my neck.

    I have several ropes and we play tug of war, usually one on each arm - I feel really torn up,hehe

    I play jump by holding the rope up and they jump to get them. I am only 5'3 and Twila can now jump up to see me eye! I need longer arms! Missy is bigger and doesn't get quite as high.

    I think Twila has springs in her legs, it is just so cool she can jump that high.

    Well I must get ready for work, I sure hope the muscle relaxers work and release this knot in my neck.

    I hope everyone has a great Fri-Carla

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