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    Hi everyone, Well, I have wonderful news!!! After seeing 3 podiatrists and 1 nerve specialist and over 2 years putting my feet on ice because they burned so bad and was on Neurontin that period of time, I am cured because it wasn't fibro - it is Gout, which is one of the most painful and miserable kinds of arthritis. I was in the hospital over 2 weeks and once I was finally diagnosed, they gave me a med and the next morning when they woke me up, the burning was gone! I can't begin to thank my family physician for discovering this. But on a bad note, this was discovered while testing for other things. I had an A-Fib (of the heart) and damage to my liver and diabetes. But I'm doing well. I hope you all will ask to be tested for gout if your feet burn. Take care, Nancy
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    Mabel, I wish you well; thanks for writing.
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    I'm so happy for your discovery. It is encouraging for me to continue looking for answers.

    I have a lot of foot and hand pain but it's not burning. It's more like a deep ache or like there is no padding on my feet - just bones. They are also swollen and I have a high sed rate and a high crp.

    What tests did you run that exposed the gout?

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    gout...just bad toe joints and feet problems w/arthriisits

    and fibro...shoot

    well gald the gout is under control

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    I'm glad you found out what you had and are feeling better, but Gout is a permanent condition, currently there is no known cure.
    There are medications you must take everyday to keep it under control but flare ups still happen periodically.

    Gout can also spread to various joints in your body and even to your organs. It is a very dangerous and painful condition.
    My husband has it and has not been very good in the past about taking care of his gout...not following the necessary diet changes or taking the preventive medication.
    As a result his gout has spread to other joints!!! It is a very miserable and painful condition but luckily it isn't an "everyday" pain and the flares ups can be controlled and shortened with the right treatment.
    Please make sure you discuss with your Dr how to handle this illness as it is a VERY serious disease and NOT a one time occurance.

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    Yes, gout is very painful; I've spent over 2 years trying to figure out what I had. And yes, it spreads to other parts of the body. I think that is whats wrong with my knee.This problem can come and go and sometimes it doesn't come back, but you will sure know if that happens; If there is nothing that can be done don't give up. I found a couple things wrong with me by researching it before going to the doctor. I hope you all get some help.
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    My husband was originally diagnosed with an infected toe but after almost a week it hadn't healed and he was miserable. He went back to the Dr and got the "gout" diagnosis.
    Then he received 2 meds from the Dr one is an anti-inflammatory for flare ups and one preventive. He would only take them during a flare but not the rest of the time.
    It took spreading to his knee and then the other foot before he took it seriously. For about 3 months now he has been taking his medication daily but lately he has become fatigued easily and I believe its probably due to the toll gout has taken on his body. He didn't take it seriously enough until it had spread, I think he regrets that decision now!

    I just wanted to tell you about my husbands story because I wasn't sure if your Dr had explained about the spreading if untreated. After seeing my husband suffer I wouldn't want anyone to go through what he has if they can avoid it. Taking the preventive medication has kept it under control the past couple of months and should stopt the spreading. He also is supposed to avoid organ meats, red meat, beer and mushrooms, just to name of few of the foods. Unfortunately those are all my hubbys favorite things Thats like the Dr telling me to give up chocolate LOL LOL

    Anyway hope you are feeling better and you get it under control and not have to go through another one of those terribly painful flares.
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    It can hurt so bad that even putting a sheet on your feet is untolerable. You have to experience it to really truly understand that pain.

    Between two evils, I don't know which one is "better", I don't think any of them are any better or worse than the other.

    I hope you find ways to treat it, and ways to prevent some attacks.

    many hugs!

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    its great you have answers :)
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    Thank you all for writing. I'm going to try to answer a few questions or comments. I especially want to say that "YES"a sheet on the toes is painful. The nurses at the hospital was very careful not to touch them and my 81 year old Mom came in and patted my feet to say hello. OUCH! She has Alzheimers and did it the second time. OUCH, OUCH! They discovered the gout after 2 weeks in the hospital for other illness. They discovered I have "A-Fib", liver disease, diabetes and the gout. For a long time, I was taking "Voltaren" for my arthitis and it can cause liver disease. We are hoping for the best there. True, there is no cure for gout, but just knowing what it was is a big relief; at least there is medication to help. I feel so bad for all of you and husbands. There may still be some fibro but if there is, the gout was 100 times worse.
    Take care, Nancy