itch is the pits..

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  1. sami

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    i go thru major times of itchiness and the poof it is gone..i try aveeno baths...cetaphil lotion and cream which seems to tame it..and benedrl gel..there is also rx for atarax which does help...really go back and see is there anyhting new in your diet???even a new spice?? new saops to launder?? hard water like i have sometimes adds to the itch as does very hot h20..any new meds added????
    it drives me nuts when i get like that...i take my sleeping meds and sometimes a little extra and pray when i wake up it will be gone!!!does not always work.....
    on a different moment here...what is tht icon the 3rd from the end..the red dot????
    i must be lame, but i can not figure it out???looks either like a not flashing cops light, or a non-functioning snowing ball!!!!!! what is it???
  2. MerrimackRiver

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    I've only had the itch happen once - the calf on my left leg. It was awful then it just went away. Don't think I did anything special. But that has got to drive you crazy!!!!

    Can't help with the "red dot."

    Not much help but wanted you to know that I'm saying "Hello" to you.

    Hugs, Merri
  3. mom-mom

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    sometimes I get the itch on my feet, hands and arm. Went to my dermatologist--she said just plain ole dermatitis. Gave me meds but nothing really helps----just needs to run its course. I did find hot water did bring it on and irritate it--and walking in the grass barefooted.
  4. Gagirl2

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    I have had the same thing forever. Even when I was lil. My mama used to put a purplr liquid on my legs. Now it is worse. But mine comes and goes. The docs never have a reason for it. So, if you find out , let me know . I do have Aveeno and some rx lotion, but really it doesn`t help. Mine will get worse if air or water hits my legs. Weird and I wished it would just go away.

    Let me know if you find out how to get rid of it.