Itching from low dose morphine, will this stop, I just started it

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by msbsgblue, Jun 18, 2008.

  1. msbsgblue

    msbsgblue Member

    I started taking Morphine extended release 15 mg twice a day yesterday.

    Tonight I am itching quit a bit, will the itching stop as I get use to it?

    Is there something I can take for itching, what about benadryl?

    I have never had any allergies to pain meds. I do understand that Morphone releases histamines in ones system, is this just temporary itching?

    Will I adjust to it?
  2. msbsgblue

    msbsgblue Member

    I have an unusual high tolerance for meds. The constipation I can control since I have had that with my Percocet.

    My main issue is if the itching will stop as I get use to it since I just started.

    I did just now take 2 benadryl and it is letting up some.

    I do know the itching is likely do to the fact it causes you to release histamines in your body. That is why I am wondering if the itch will stop as I get acclimated?

    I will call my doctor tomorrow too.

    Thank goodnes I have never had a problem getting off any meds so far.
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  3. msbsgblue

    msbsgblue Member

    With as immediate a reaction as I had, I phoned my doctor this mornings. They said that I was surely having an allergic reaction. So, I am off the morphine and doubling my Percocet dose since I have no bad reaction to it at all. I have no problem with percocet so going from 5/325 to 10/325.

    Glad that is done, the rash and itching was horrible.
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  4. ironspine

    ironspine New Member

    Almost all itching when on meds is due to allergic reaction. When I had surgery I developed a rash to morphine, so they just switched me to something else. Can your doctor switch you?
  5. msbsgblue

    msbsgblue Member

    Instead we are upping my Percocet from 5/325 to 10. I like it and it works for me at that amount.

    I won't take that amount each time or even every day, just when I really hurt.

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