itching is driving me crazy

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lilah, Jul 26, 2003.

  1. lilah

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    For the past four or five months I've had a itching problem
    thats making me nuts. At first I thought it was dry skin so I started using a good lotion. Its mostly in, my scalp,behind my arms[where I can't reach] under my breasts, my abdoman and the pubic area. I use benedryl cream and oral benedryl. My used to be to be "too oily skin" has become very dry over the past few years. Baby powder with corn meal helps some under my breasts and pubic area. I have to take anti-biotics often followed by a double dose of diflican. My skin is very sensitive to tough, and sometimes takes many outfits to get dressed and I can't bear the tough of blankets. I sleep with only a sheet even in the winter time and often have to get up and change nightgowns several times. Anyone else have a problem like this? Would appreciate your input..ty lilah
  2. elaine_p

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    and personal care products? That helps some people. You can try glycerine soap (I can even use the dyed ones, but some people have probs with the dye). And I changed lotion, too.

    They have lots of "free" laundry products now, that are free of dyes and perfumes. Buying one of your current brand may be enough, otherwise you might need to change brands.

    Maybe more people will have other suggestions!
  3. sandy10seven

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    I'm allergic to some soaps and shampoos. Don't know what ingredient causes it, but it sure makes me itchy and miserable. Don't know what products are best, I can use a lot of regular stuff, but once in a while use one that causes the allergy. Probably the hypoallergenic ones would be the best to try.

    I don't know if you can stand vinegar on your skin, some people can't. It helps calm the itchies. (BTW, my dog has itchy skin from allergies and it helps him also. :)
  4. babyzee

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    I suspect the antibiotics and diflucan are throwing off your internal balance. I would suggest checking out the Candida Diet.
  5. lilah

    lilah New Member

    Thanks to all for the input. I tried the vasiline things and thought I'd go nots, stuck to everything and ended up taking a shower. I see me Dr next week and will ask him about the candida, I think thats what I have and will check out the diet..Hugs..Lilah
  6. zimmie

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    Have u tried using baby soap to bathe with instead of soaps? And aloe vera for dry skin? These work for me.

  7. slopok8225

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    Hi I am a 34yr old male with same itching all over my body all the time. I tried everything you all suggested except the fem things and none worked. I asked my pain specialist and he put me on "HYDROXYZINE HCL 25MG Tabs"4 times a day and for the most part it works. The nice thing is if it comes back after a pill you can take an extra tab without worry of OD.
    It really works better than any home remedy and you dont get all greasy.
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  8. matildathehunney

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    I had a similar problem, after years of suffering and trying everything, asking drs., etc. I finally found it on the internet. Look up "nummular dermatitis", and "discoid dermatitis" in a search engine (like Google or Dogpile) and see if that describes your condition. Mine is WELL under control now with the use of NO soap at all ever on the affected areas, and ample application of Aveeno moisturizing lotion after bathing, and before going to bed. Aveeno lotion is the only thing that has helped me, it should show some results within 3-4 days if it is going to help you.

    Good Luck!!!
  9. aafree

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    I guess I'm like you, used to oily skin, but have become a dry skin person over the past year. The itching began in January, but has almost disappeared now. Not sure if I'll get another flare-up, but I feel good lately. The only thing I did was switch laundry detergents. My son itched a bit too, so I figured it had to be something we were both doing. Good luck to you!

    P.S. Do you lift weights? My thighs were especially itchy, but that might have had something to do with squats causing me to bulk up a bit. Probably a combo of the two. I hope you get some relief. I know how irritating it is!
  10. Kathryn

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    and run your clothes through an extra rinse cycle. While you are waiting for that to make a difference, the best all-around itch product I know of is "Sea Breeze". It is an astringent liquid that you can get in most drug stores for about $3. Get the original formula, sort of a yucky yellow green color. Put it on generously a couple times, and I'll bet your itch stops itching. It works for mosquito & other bug bites, and will even take the sting out of a minor sunburn, although it will feel like you took a blow torch to yourself for a fraction of a second when you first apply it.
    Kate (the mosquito smorgasbord)
  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    We are prone to having cells break just under our skin which release histamine. Children's Benadryl can be taken in small doses during the day so that it doesn't make us sleepy. Larger doses at night can help with sleep.

    Love, Mikie
  12. IgotYou

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    I get very itchy this time of year, and this year it's the worst it's ever been. My skin raises up in big welts if I scratch it, and the itching just about drives me crazy. I suspect it's an allergic reaction to plants or something outside. So far I haven't found any solution other than topical anesthetic sprays (benadryl works best), but they come with warnings that long-term and broad use of them can cause heart eurythmia (I don't know how that's spelled). What I do is when I feel an itch I immediately spray it, which causes a burning sensation for a few seconds, and then it goes away. If I try to just deal with it or scratch it I'm in trouble. Loose cool clothing and staying indoors may improve things - I have a big garden and am outside in it every day. Can't give up my organic produce!