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  1. roseylisa

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    anyone else on the fentayl patch feel itchy all over? Is this from the patch or the fibro? The patch has helped so much with the fibro pain that I dont want to stop taking it but this itching is keeping me up all nite. I dont have a rash just itch all over.
  2. HurtsToMove

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    Ithing is a common side effect of opiates, of which fentanyl is one. I've been on some, but I stuck it out and it passed withing a week. If you can stand it, try to wait it out since it's worth it to have less pain. I also took Benadryl which does help with the itching since it's an antihistamine. If you do want to try the Benadryl though please check for drug interactions and call your doctor to get the ok.

    Happy painless holidays!