itchings making me go nuts!!

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    My doctor changed my antidepressants after 4 years as they didnt seem be having any effect anymore. They were amitriptiline and im now on Seroxat (paxil i think in the us) and have been taking them for two weeks. The last two days i have been having terrible itching all over, its really awful. Im scratching all the time but its like ants crawling underneath the skin and i cant seem to stop the itch no matter how much i scratch!! It seems to move around my body... any ideas? Does anyone else have this problem?? Help!!!!! Grrrrr


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    Thank you both very much for your advice. I rang the doctor but i cant see him until 2nd June. He told me i am NOT to stop taking them until then!! Great help that is... i will have no skin left at this rate. Im in the uk btw.


    ps, isnt this site just great!! thanks again!! Aghhhh!!!
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    take two benadryl. It will definitely cut down on the itchiness.

    Hope you feel better soon!!

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    Most defintely contact your doctor, and try some non drowsy benadryl to see if that will help. If you develop a rash stop taking the drug and contact your doctor right away.

    I took a medicine for a week Ultram before I broke out in the rash. Silly thing was it really worked,and my body didn't like it.

    Take care,

    Sleep well.

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    Itching drives me crazy too. I've tried taking Benedryl to combat these side effects and it works. If it's okay with your doc, give it a try.

    God Bless,