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    I sent a post about this earlier,but i either lost it in here somewhere or it didn't post so will try again!!!!!!
    Does anyone-else suffer from these miserable skin sores or skin problems????????? If so, what causes it, and
    what's some good meds and remedies??????? My Dr. gave me Antarex for itching and a topical steriod creme, and he,s sending me to a dermatologist! But until then,...I'm dyin' here!!!!!!!!!!! HEEELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    THANKS&lt; EEYORE57....Cindy
  2. Rosiebud

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    I dont have your problem but when my skin gets itchy I use an antihistamine and that relieves the itching. Ask pharmacist for an antihistamine that wont make you tired too.

    I really dont know if it will work with such a severe symptom but it might be worth a try, might give you some relief til you can get to dermatologist.

  3. rbecca47

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    i replied to your other post. yes i do have itchy,bumpy skin sores, I have it worse in my scalp. my doc says it is a form of ezima i don;'t know what causes it, had it last year, and it cleared up. now it is back. it hurts, i scartch till it bleeds. also use a topical steriod cream. and on scalp i use selsen blue shampoo. helps a little. wish i knew the cause,if i find out, i will inform you.
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