Itchy feet at night

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by luigi21, Jun 22, 2013.

  1. luigi21

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    Does anyone else suffer this, its not athletes foit or anything like that my feet look fine, but they itch like mad some nights. I feel like im going to scratch the skin off.


  2. aessig

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    Yes, I have that. But it is only the tops of my feet and around my ankles. Don't know what it is from.
  3. luigi21

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    yes, tops of feet and ankles only, drives me mad.
  4. ClaireM77

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    Hi, I was getting really annoying itchy feet at night, but for me, it was my heels. One GP sent me for a nerve conduction test and that was fine, then I read about Small Fiber Peripheral Neuropathy on Wikipedia. This fitted what I experienced really well, it was a prickly/itchy feeling and didn't show up on the nerve conduction tests because it was in the small nerves. This could be the same for you too, particularly if you have Fibromyalgia. When I started taking Gabapentin for my FM, it helped my feet a lot. I hope that may be of some help. Claire
  5. luigi21

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    thank you for your replies glad to know im not alone in this. I did take Gabapentin at one point for a number of years. Was very good for pain but like all meds i had to increase dosage which came with its own side effects.
    I may consider it again now since you mention it and im at a loss. I have read that I should get my LFT as itchy feet especially at night can be related to the liver.

    Thank you both

  6. plec

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    Hello all,from down under.New to this, stumbled upon you today and after reading a bit couldn't not tell my story. 21 years ago i felt much like so many of you.Always crook, chronic muscle pain,bloating,diarrea,hayfever,blood noses,fatigue etc.and surprise surprise not being able to find a doctor who could give a rats.After almost hitting rock bottom i found a great doctor who ordered me on to a gluten and yeast free diet.Anything that might contain moulds, mushrooms and msg.Like everyone at first I thought I could stray off the diet, but soon found even small amounts of gluten brought back symptoms that would often last weeks.These days I never purposely stray and can honestly say my health has never been better.I'm 53 years young, work physically hard as abuilder,love surfing and kicking the footy with my boy. So, to anyone out there who's stressed,ill and struggling like so many of you sound, I strongly recommend you have a real crack at a strict gluten and yeast free diet.
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  7. Mikie

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    This can also be a symptom of diabetes but if one had diabetes, there would likely be other symptoms. Itchy, painful, tingling feet and legs are common in a lot of conditions. My clonazepam helps with this.

    Love, Mikie
  8. Malaya's Jima

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    Wow! I knew I wasn't going crazy however I thought maybe there were little mites under my desk because most of the time when I take my shoes off the tops of my feet around my ankles would itch like crazy. The same as the noticeable bug bites. Thank you for helping me find my new family that have itchy feet!:D
  9. Alyssa-Admin

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    Hi can be a variety of things...including the medications you are taking. Are you taking any opiates by chance? Tramdol, co-codemol, morphine etc? They can cause really nasty and weird itching...(I always take an anti allergy pill with my tramadol...). Itching in general, is yet another lovely symptom of this illness, however as mentioned above, it can be anything from diet to Small Fiber Neuropathy. Always see a doctor is my suggestion!!!!! I have actually also had this happen occasionally when out of a bath...itchy hands and feet to the point that I am scratching them til red...I still don't know what this is caused by, but I suspect that it has something to do with the water treatment...