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  1. patsull

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    I know that in the scheme of things this might seem minor, but my scalp itches quite a bit on a regular basis. I have had my liver looked at and it seems OK (just very slightly enlarged and liver enzymes are normal). Since I have gone on the Atkins Diet, I have developed an itchy scalp. It doesn't seem like this would be the reason. I am, of coure, diabetic, but I would think that the low carb Atkins diet would help. Additionally, I walk 3 or 4 miles a day and the itching sometimes bothers me after the walk. I don't know if these symptoms are allergy related or are symptoms of diabetes. It is very annoying. Does anyone out there suffer from this malady?
  2. Susan07

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    here too. Bugs me. Probably sweating with the walking starts the itching again. If you do a search you'll see many others have this same problem.
  3. mamacilla

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    i have itchy scalp too, more often than not. my dermatologist told me to use nizoral shampoo, and it
    does help, though it is expensive, so i don't use it every time. at least it's over the counter!
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    Itchy scalp, also not the biggest worry I have, but it seems to have surfaced very suddenly and won't go away. I've been coloring my hair with the same product for 9 years and suddenly, during last hair coloring, my scalp started burning something awful. Since then...constant itching. I don't know if any of the supplements I am taking could have caused this. The only thing that has changed with me is the addition of natural treatments. I will ask my naturopath next visit.
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  5. Susan07

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    HopeFloats, I hope you come back to this thread. Even though you've used the same coloring product for years they can change the formula. Call the maker of the product and find out.
  6. itscarrie

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    My scalp itches all day..It drives me nuts...
    It seems that I am allergic to my own hair and or oils from my pores ...if this is at all possible.

    When I colour my hair the itches stops for a while which is why I say I'm allergic to my own natural hair. It sounds ridiculous but I can think what else it can be.

    Also my eyebrows and eyelashes can become irritated.....often I rub so much that they come out...again it seems that I'm allergic to my own hair...

    Anyone have any ideas ?
  7. kredca4

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    You might want to check out the problems that people with FMS/CMPD have with Histamine.
    I used to itch like crazy, all over, but at times, the scalp itching, and the itching I would get on my right ringer finger, would drive me right up the wall.

    When I saw a Rhumotologist, who dx me with FMS along with the CMPD that we already knew I had, She put me on Vistril right away, and I seldom have itching now.

    I still get the Scalp pain, but that is being caused by my CMPD trigger point's.

    I can still dye my hair with no problems, and so far I don't have Chemical reactions to Hair Spray, but I don't use it much, just for special times, and then I spray outside. I use the Pump kind.

    Anyway, look up Dr. Starlanyl's website and you should find some very good information on how the Neurotransmitter, Histamine works, and how our Brains are misreading signals.

    I'm so glad that the Vistril works for me, I had some real bad times before I started on them. I tried a lot of the Cremes, and I bathed in water with Baking Soda, but after awhile, nothing helped.

    Hope you find something to help you, I know how miserable it can make you feel.

  8. elaine_p

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    For itch relief you can try Scalpicin, but that gets awfully expensive. (I'm still on a quest to find a shampoo I can use continually.)

    - If you can, try to find a fragrance-free shampoo. You might have to go to a health-food store.
    - You can try shampooing every other day.
    - Brushing your hair at night might help--brush for long enough and firmly enough to "hurt". Not really hurt, but mild pain or tingling or something.
    - You can try apple cider vinegar (you can do an internet search on "scalp itch" and find someone's personal page as opposed to the obvious business ones).
    - There are also alternative hair care products (do a search on "alternative hair care" and use the quotes). I think these are all enzymes. I haven't tried them yet, but probably will within a year....

    I recently found a shampoo I thought was IT! But after a month my scalp scarted itching again. Then I rotated it with two other shampoos (one of them Nizoral) and I seem to be able to use it again.
  9. starstella

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    was driving me crazy. i started thinking about my diet and realized that i was eating a lot of strawberries--putting them in my daily breakfast smoothie combination and also in my yogurt. stopped the strawberries........... good bye itchy scalp. i thought this was interesting because i did not have any skin reaction elsewhere on my body.
    tea tree oil shampoo and conditioner is wonderful for scalp problems. i try to stock up when i find it on sale.
    good luck finding the cause for your itchies.
  10. Ahorsesoul

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    I also had this problem. Then I found out the wheat in shampoos was the cause. Now I use a wheat free Sauve shampoo and the problem dissapeared (it is also one of the lest expensive products). It sounds really strange. One day I said something to a hairstylist and they said they had several customers with this problem. Don't know it it will help you but it wouldn't hurt to check you hair product ingredients.