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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by NewEnglander, Mar 26, 2003.

  1. NewEnglander

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    okay I still like the vicoden but if I take it too late in the afternoon it will effect me at bed time by making my skin itch all over and make my legs feel twitchy.. anyone else have that affect with these meds
  2. schnoodle

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    You are having a reaction and it will most likely get worse. You might want to talk to your doc and get a different medication. Good Luck!
  3. dolsgirl

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    at least take benedryl when/if you continue to take it. dolsgirl
  4. kredca4

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    to the Vicodin, you might want to ask your Doctor if you could try Vistril at night with the Vicodin. It helps me to sleep, well as much as anything does, and it takes care of the Itching I have. Usually on my Fingers, they even turn Red at times. I have FMS/MPS, and I like most folks with FMS, have a Histmine Inbalance, according to Dr. Starlanyl, in her book, a Survivors Manual.

    When I fist saw my Rhumotologist, 3 years ago, she started me on the VIstril, she's one of the Top Doc'.s here in Ca.
    I now take them 2 times soemtimes 3 a day, they don't make me sleepy, the first week I think they did, but they do mellow me out, they also use Vistril for anxiety, so I got a bonus when I started on them.
    Plus the Vistril enhances, the Vicodin, I can't take other Meds, so I'm Blessed to have found these along with Soma.
    Otherwise I would still be One big Itchy Welt.

    I use to use, Hydocotrosone 1% creme, that helps really fast, I still use that on bites, till my other med kicks in.

  5. IndigoSC

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    Hey, another pill that is usually for itching due to medications that make you itch is called Atarax (not sure if spelled right). It's prescription, but it might make some people a little drowsy.
  6. kadywill

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    are both Hydroxyzine. I have taken them daily for thirty years for my angioedema and urticaria. Thry will also help me sleep and relax when anxious. This is a very good med. to take for many conditions!
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