Itchy red bumps that aren't bug bites - Hives??

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by tishielou, Sep 19, 2004.

  1. tishielou

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    HELP! I've read a lot of the stuff in here about hives, but I can't seem to find description of them. What I have is a bunch of scattered, itchy, red bumps that look like
    bug bites, but aren't. I'll have a spot start burning and itching and whether I scratch it or not, within a few hours a bump comes up. They are around my waist a lot, but also along the inner forearm, fronts of my shoulders and middle of my back and abdomen. They are not connected, most stand alone a finger's width or so from its cousin. I'm sorry to ramble on so, but I'm going nuts over here! This has been going on for a month now! Have ruled out all the usual allergy causes. Thanks for whatever insights you can provide.
  2. victoria

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    maybe it's a low level shingles? Don't know if it could go on that long without showing feveris/fluish, but in any case, you might want to have a doctor look at you. We too often have 'non-normal' symptoms. . .

    I thought I had bug bites too for over a week, same as you, before I actually felt 'sick'. . .

    and even tho official literature says shingles doesn't cross midline of body but stays on one side, mine did - had it on first on left side of neck, crossed over to other side of neck.

    Just a thought: It could also be food allergies, or even a sudden allergy to your clothes detergent or softener, whether or not you've just changed brands. Something similar happens to my son if I use anything other than Arm + Hammer clothes detergent brand for sensitive skin.

    hope this helps!

    HAPPYDOGSUZ7777 New Member

    Try going online and looking up celiac and skin disorders
    you may find somthing there Suzanne
  4. ilovecats94

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    I don't mean to be rude, but could you have bed bugs? I know that sounds crazy, but in a motel a friend had these red bites in different parts of his body and it turned out to be bed bugs. You can see them at night if you turn back the covers. The adults are redish and the larva are
    clear colored and hard to see.

    Are you taking any new medicine or eating any new type of food or dressing, etc?

    If this is driving you crazy, you should see a doctor to try to determine what it actually is. If you have pets, I wonder if it could be flea bites?

    A hive is like a bee sting and is a raised bump. Do a search on the Internet about hives and see if you can come up with any photos of them.

    I think I'd still go to the doctor.

    Good luck! Sounds miserable...

  5. tishielou

    tishielou New Member

    I've already checked out the bed bug possibility, that's why I said it's not bug bites. I've also already ruled out the allergies thing. Thanks so much for the shingles suggestion. I did some research and I think that may be it. I've made an appointment to see my doctor tomorrow. Printed out some info I found on shingles to take along.
    Will keep you posted on the outcome.

    Thank you all for your patience and input! I love the people here. You can always be counted on for support!
  6. tishielou

    tishielou New Member

    Hi Portia.. that sounds a lot like mine. If you've ever had chicken pox, you might want to look into the shingles possibility.

    good luck to us both!
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  7. ricebc

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    Hi i'm from kansas and we have been having an outbreak of mysterous bugs, the newspaper calls them "no see-um's". They produce the problems you described. They itch like crazy and when you scratch them they burn. DON'T SCRATCH!!! it makes them worse and can cause a secondary skin infection. Kansas University has been to our town to try to identify them.
  8. risinforce

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    I just went through what you explained. I was trying to quite smoking at the time and had the patch on so I thought it was a reaction from that, but went to the doc anyway and she thought it was chicken pox. I already have had chic pox but she had another doc come and look and they both thought it was in the chicken pox family (which is like herpes virus, hives, other different stuff). I had been going through some stress (especially w/no smoking) and I actually think it was along the line of hives. She put me on some Zorivax and did blood work, but nothing unusual came up.

    They went away w/in like 4 days. They definately were'nt chicken pox. I would get an itch and scratch on my back or shoulder and then it was like a spider bite. Kindof big but not huge. Very strange. I say have a doc take a look at it just for good measure but maybe just apply some calamine lotion. Should I get some more that is what I intend to do. I spent about $50.00 to find out nothing, that I had itchy bumps. I didn't finish my prescription either, the bump/bites went away.

    Hope this helped! Now I'm scratching all over LOL!
  9. tishielou

    tishielou New Member

    I hope mine goes away soon.. Been dealing with it for over a month now off and on. Thanks for the good words. I'll tell my doc about the Kansas thing.
  10. kredca4

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    back in 1984/85, and my Dr. told me it was from my Cat's and Dogs, and I should get rid of them.
    I didn't believe that, because I had never had these before, and I know what a Flea bite looks like, wasn't one of thoes.

    They finally went away, but would come back now and then.

    I found that by not wearing anything around my waist, with elestic or rubber, etc. or binding clothes, that the Welt's on my body would go away.
    They start out Red, then Turn to white looking bumps.
    I can't even wear Nylons or Knee high's with out Welt's appearing. and Itching. gr!

    Also folks with FMS have a Histamine problem, and when I started on Vistril, that took care of the Symptoms.

    Now when I get something like the Raised, Red rash with a White middle, I know it's from an insect bite.
    The Vistril takes care of that too.

    I also have Scar's from bites, that took forever to go away, in fact that was a Big Clue for my Rhuemotoligst on my First visit with her. Back in 2000, I was finally dx, and since then I am doing better in some way's, like the Rash problem is pretty much gone for me, just when I Stress do I get a Rash. Oh well. ;o)

    When I was younger, I had 3 spot's on my body, that would start to itch, and then turn red, and then Welt up. I always thought that it might be from some kind of Dust mite, becuse it usually happended when I was cleaning house.

    Then when I was a single gal, and didn't have to clean house, lol, I would get them during Stressful times, and then I wouldn't get them for year's. It was so Weird.
    Now I know why.

    You should have these checked out more, because they could be caused by something other than FMS, so it's good to rule out other "Might Be's".
  11. tishielou

    tishielou New Member

    I'm so grateful for all your input. I have a dermatology appointment next week. Went to see my GP today and she's baffled. Will let you know what turns up.
  12. kredca4

    kredca4 New Member

    I look forward to a post after your Dr. appoint with the Determitoligst, to see what he/she thinks or Know's what it is. i have never found an answer to what was causing mine, other than stress.

    Melissa, I haven't hear of lichen plantus so I'm going to go research it, I don't know why, but I like looking up stuff these, day's, maybe I'm looking for that Ilusive answer to these dd's.

    Hope you both are having a Painfree Tues.