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    You won't believe this but Jole had the energy to post. As well as Mikie and
    Leah and, me on the last thread.

    Lots of info there so plz read.

    Hoping Mikie is more energetic and that everyone has at least one good day
    this week.

    Barry. Jole writes about how Lipitor affects her.

    Rock, hoping Zippy is zippy this week along with you.

    And, PAM!! Hope you are recuperating onboard the ship :)

    I got a lot of good sleep this weekend. It felt better than the really dragged
    out tiredness. Nice for a change.

    Ok, we are off and running on #101,

  2. Mikie

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    I could find no post from Jole.

    Linda, glad you got rested up. I'm still draggin tail but hope to start feeling better soon. Do you have a lot of pollen inland? Seems half my battles with fatigue are related to allergies. I had thought the shots were improving my allergies but now they are bad. I saw an ad for LegoLand and it didn't look like much compared to the other attractions here. We have a plethora of amusement parks. The balcony group is making a pail list (too small to be a bucket list :) Next year, we want to take some field trips to things in our own area. One of the women in our bldg. doesn't get out much and when we took her to lunch downtown, she was soooo thrilled.

    I just made my lab appt. online. It's down the road from my doc so will get the labwork done before I get my injection on the 25th. I have to fast for both so will kill two birds with one stone. Oops! Guess I may not want to use that metaphor around here. Yes, I'm so proud of Tweety that she understood that I did not want her to walk on the palm tree fronds which never would have supported her weight. It was two stories up in the air. She was so cute when she "got" what I was saying and just turned around and backed down the tree. Yesterday, she came in, drank some milk, played with her mousie and was still not satisfied. I finally lay down on the floor next to her and she curled up next to my belly. She purred and pushed on me with her front paws until she went to sleep. She stayed there for several hours. She was exhausted. I think she thinks I'm her mama cat.

    Pam, hope you are enjoying your cruise and just resting up and getting pampered. You deserve it.

    Leah, hope you are doing well and feeling more energetic.

    Rock, what's Zippy up to?

    Barry, hope all is well with you.

    Love, hugs and prayers to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
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    At least so far! Jole's post is 2nd from the end on Lounge 100.

    Sweet Tweety! Put some sardines out for "our" cat but it didn't some around
    this weekend. Maybe there is something "at home" that it doesn't like during
    the week.

    My feet are so dry and I had my Sig.ClubA Double hyaluronic acid cream
    right beside me. So I put some on my feet :) Seems pretty amazing.
    Though not miraculous for feet that have been in sandals for 40 years.
    I love it though. Thanks for the recommendation, Mikie!

    Thrilled you can get the lab work done close by. Things like that help so

    Mobic isn't doing a good job today. I think when I go the weekend with
    no stretching, things tighter up. So I need to make a little list of some
    moves and "make" myself do them! Ice on the lower spine and heat on
    the upper shoulder does help.

    Not much else has happened since last nite at 11pm ish.

    So, will check back later.

    Ditto for Mikie's last 5 sentences!!!!!

  4. Mikie

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    I cannot see any post from Jole at the end of the last thread. I've never been able to see her posts. This is nuts!

    Sorry your Mobic isn't working. Stretching always helps me too. I'm just lying around as I've got no get up 'n go.

    I have to constantly use an emery board for feet and put cream on them, especially my heels. I use the Gold Bond cream and it's pretty good but I think any kind of oil works better.

    Have been catching up on TV shows I've missed On Demand. Some nights, there is nothing on I like and other nights, like on Sundays, there are too many shows on to watch. I've also been trying to finish reading "The Lion." It's not as good as the first one.

    Again, my best to everyone.

    Love, Mikie

    Just sent an e-mail to tech support. This is the weirdest thing. Even when I look up her posts in her profile, I cannot see them. Yikes!
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    Okay, now I feel Sorry your puter doesn't like me, but at least I know it's not that you're ignoring me....haha.

    Lounger friends, when you're in a lot of pain, do you handle it gracefully? I know Leah does, but unfortunately I do not (I'm ashamed to admit). At least not all the time. Like today, we needed groceries so bad so we went, even though I knew it was a mistake...but I also wanted to get a B-day gift for my little GD who is too young to appreciate money, and hoped to get a couple new bras and a pair of flip flops.

    So, I went into the Mall, which I hadn't been in in years. I was struggling to walk, but was determined. Saw these gals about my age all dressed up so nice in capris, matching tops (thought of you, Mikie), hair perfect, make-up on, and it was really depressing. I had on my jeans, t-shirt and hair totally undone...felt like I came straight from the farm :) I remember looking good once upon a time, and with all the pain it was just too much. Hobbled to the car and had a good cry. No gift, no bra, no shoes. Got my eyes lubricated though. Hubby had to get the groceries. Should have followed my gut feeling and stayed home. Sigh.

    Anyway, that's my news. And Mikie, if you can't see it, you haven't missed a

    Leah, in case you don't know, I've been here for years. Just took a break. You are a great addition to the group!

    Linda, you are great at starting new chapters in our book! Appreciate it...... Hugs to all.

  6. spacee

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    Overscrolling. It's a word in my vocal now for sure!

    ((((Hugs)))) Jole. It would be very hard to go to the mall and see ppl your
    age dresses nicely and makeup on. And not be able to do it. Def. worth
    a good cry!! You sweet thing!!

    Here we wear shmatah's (rags) and it's just about unheard of to wear makeup
    or do your hair. So at least if I get out, I don't look out of place :).

    I have decided that my old yoga clothes make me look like a "gym" person.
    A fake gym person. (grin)

    I looked up Facet Disease. I learned on the other board that is what my
    lower back pain is called. Stretching is what they recommend, with Ice
    and Heat and ibuprofen. I think there are 3 simple stretches that if done
    everyday, might help with the pain.

    You sit on the floor and move your torso in circles, starting with the right side,
    while breathing. Then reverse. That is one.

    Then while still seated. You let your legs be bent, then fold over to the right.
    Put your hand on the knee and turn your spine (or in my case, my head)
    and look behind you. Repeat to the other side.

    The next one is the important one for me. You can sit with the right leg
    folded with knee to the right. Keep your back straight but lean to the right.
    Stretch your left arm over your head to the right. Straighten out the left
    leg and make it stretch to the left. You will have one continuous stretch from
    the left hand to the left foot. Keeping your hip down. Repeat on other side.

    My teacher practices stretches in bed. But she must have a firm mattress to
    do that, I think.

    I'm sure all of you understood my directions! :)

    Huz came close to quitting his job today. Let's just leave it at that. Luckily
    the managing partner was on the phone. Same thing happened last year
    at the end of tax season, except it was a woman and she did quit.

    I can't believe it took me to almost 100 chapters to figure out to be the
    last poster on the old thread and just "start' the new one. Though I
    may be very slow, at last I did learn! There is hope!

    Jole, do you have any symptoms of sjogren's? Just asking cause the rest
    of us do and I can't remember about you.

    Love to all,

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    Jole, I can see your posts. I'm so excited. Tech Support came to help this poor old member who has been here 12 years now and didn't know one can ignore posts from any member(s). There were three names on my "ignore list." I never put them there and haven't a clue as to how they got there but now, they are off the list, including you, Jole. I'm so happy. First, because I'm no longer missing your posts and second, I don't feel as though I'm losing my mind completely.

    Your story about going to the mall broke my heart. Listen, Sweetie, the norm down here is to just go to the grocery, mall, etc. however we happen to be dressed, makeup or no makeup. No one thinks a thing about it. I also notice when I see people well dressed and coifed but that isn't how most of us look. I buy Capri pants and try to find tops to go with them but most of the time, I wear khaki Capris and black tees because I can get away with wearing no bra with a black top. If I have someplace to go, I will sometimes wear one of my colored pairs of Capri pants. The tough thing is to find tops to look good with them. Too much work. When I'm as tired as I've been, I'm lying around in PJ's or Capris and don't much care what I look like. The best thing I've ever done is buy Adrienne Arpel's skincare creams. I can get by with just a little mascara and no makeup at all. My skin looks great.

    Leah, thanks so much for pasting Jole's post for me. That was really sweet and thoughtful. I am sorry you are still feeling so exhausted and with the brain issues too. I've been like that for about a week now but I think it's because I quit taking my Synthroid and my hormones. I also have the cognitive and memory problems persisting. I read that menopause causes all kinds of cognitive and memory problems in women. Soooo, I'm thinking I'm tired due to the Synthroid and losing my mind do to the hormones. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it. I do hope and pray you start to feel well. Day after day of being exhausted is so disheartening. You handle it with such grace.

    Linda, I hope your stretching exercises help your back. I have trouble with stretches which cause me to twist. I get spasms. As long as I can tolerate them, though, they really help. Stretching was, and is, part of my physical therapy. Sorry Huz's job isn't going well. I just watched "Horribe Bosses" yesterday while I was lying around trying to find a way to keep from losing my mind. Lots of dirty language but it was really, really funny. I hope things improve for him.

    Went to condo mtg. this morning. Afterward, Frank and I cut some branches off the pine trees behind our bldg. Some were dead and all were spoiling the view of the pond. It was exhausting. I don't know how I did it. We went to Burger King for their new chicken wraps. The honey mustard one was good; the ranch one, not so much. I came home and flopped on the sofa and went to sleep. I took some cuttings from our spider plants and have the little spiders in water to root before I plant them. They make great ground cover. Who knew? Tweety was sprawled out on the sidewalk in the shade. Her brother, Sylvester, came over and started to bathe her. They are soooo sweet. He tries to take good care of her.

    This is the most active I've been in ages and I'm paying the price now. I'll be signing off to sleep some more. As always, sending my best to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
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    Two ways. Leah and the tech. Boy, I never would have guessed Jole
    was accidentally on the ignore list!

    If this were school, the 'cool' kids would know how to 'cut and paste"and
    I would be in the 'uncool' group. :) I've tried a few times but can't learn.

    When I am in my worst pain, I stay in bed a lot taking tramadol every
    3 hours. There is no one around so no one to notice if I am graceful or
    not. Pain is terrible though when it is relentless. My brother has it and
    he is addicted to I think he is going to have every spouse''s
    tree figured out soon. I get notifications daily that 'new material has been
    added". I'm not at the point that I can understand it though.

    Huz made a turn around and is happy today. That was darn quick. I guess
    he counted his blessing of playing golf every Sunday morn with three very
    funny men, coming home and watching golf or something on tv all afternoon
    and evening and then grilling out salmon.

    I'm trying to count my blessings about Sundays too. Almost nothing has
    come to my mind :)

    I didn't cry this Tuesday! Maybe I am adjusting to the meds. Will see.

    Yes, we are going to Jacksonville on Friday. Son/fam are moving to their
    first home and they want us there to kinda keep an eye on the gkids.
    Huz is changing the diapers. He doesn't know it yet.

    Dil's (the one in Jacksonville), stepmon is gravely ill. With all the other
    stuff going on, she suffered a massive stroke. Such a sweet, sweet person.
    Thanks for asking.

    Jole, does a wheel chair help at all in store? I don't know if you have
    thought of this for gkids, but they seem to love gift cards. Mine shriek
    I have a CREDIT CARD!! It seems to mean much more than money to them. :)

    I guess the difference between sheath and shift would be a tighter fit on
    the sheath. They are particularly pretty in silk, though I have not had one
    or seen one in person. They would def fit the Shmatah saying when complimented on..."This old wash rag". haha

    Both kitty's showed up today. I am going to have to name them. I had put
    out some sardines. Huz said they looked like they were thinking "where is
    it? We are here!"

    Till tomorrow, kids,

  9. spacee

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    Hope you are sleeping Leah.

    I love the way you notice the things like "glad Mikie learned that about the
    board after being here 12 years." (And a moderator most of the time too!)

    I do know what normal is OR would have been for me. Twin tells me about
    her day whenever we talk. I would never had believed that she (or me well)
    could do so much. A lot of it has to do with helping with the 5 gkids that
    live 5 miles away. She is very strong despite some health problems and
    back issues.

    Hope the biscuits turn out well. My grandmother and mil were excellent
    biscuit makers. Yet very different types. MIL's were big and quite tasty.
    Grandmother's were small, delicate and quite tasty :) Of course, they
    didn't measure ingredients and 'stirred' with their hands as to handle the
    dough as little as possible so the biscuits would be tender.

    Another thing my Gmother would 'make' along with the biscuits was 'red
    eye gravy'. Or at least that was what we called it. I think it was just the
    drippings from cooking bacon. Sounds very unhealthy but she lived to
    be 93. In the Great Depression, they only had meat on Sunday's (fried
    chicken), so perhaps that helped to balance the fat in the diet.

    The reason the kitty's got sardines was there were a few left over from
    lunch. I knew they would not be eaten so they got the benefit of that. :)

    I did the 3 yoga moves I wrote about, yesterday. Then my back hurt!
    But ice helped a lot and then, back felt 'back in position'. No pain, no
    gain?? Hoping "no worse!"

    We will leave for Jax at noon Fri and come back Sunday after breakfast.
    After all, Huz still has a job to go too :)! And he has a really busy week
    right after Tax season with one client's 'year end' deadline.

    Love you all and I will miss you. Will keep posting until I leave.

    Hugs to all!

  10. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    I wonder if I have any people on the ignore list. Certainly never desired
    such. Who said overscroll? Freida? I wrote a silly verse re: same, but
    it has disappeared. Tomorrow is trash pick up. The " probably went
    w/ the trash I took out.

    Gordon took a day off work, and was fine in a day or two. Zippy's vision
    is getting worse. Gordon put a milk crate near the back door to hold
    orchids. I'm going to move it tomorrow. It confused Zippy. He thought
    it was the back step.

    Still no energy and have given up hope of getting any. Am reading a
    book about running a convenience store in Brooklyn. The author has the
    goofiest picture I've ever seen. The top half of his face is menacing, and
    the bottom half looks like a fun guy who is probably a geek (i.e., intelligent but not necessarily gifted with social skills). The sort who'd make a good

    Hugs to all
  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    At least, for now. I'm still in PJ's but got up early feeling rested. Maybe I'll take a cup of coffee out to the balcony to test the testy waters. It's like "...the best of times and the worst of times," depending on the mood. Soon, I will be here almost by myself in this bldg. I have buddies in other bldgs. who are year 'rounders too. I want to put a fresh coat of white paint on the little metal containers for our fire extinguishers. They are the kind with a glass front and a little hammer to break the glass in case of fire. There are four total. They are starting to look a bit grungy and with everything else on the front of our bldg. newly painted, I think they need a new lease on life too. Spray paint has given new life to many things around here.

    Linda, hope the trip to JAX goes well. Are you going to the beach there? I've never been to that beach. Ha, ha! After Huz changes some dirty diapers, his job will look like Heaven :) I'm glad your kitties have returned. With sardine snacks, they will likely continue to return. Lucky little kitties. Reminds me that I have some Meow Mix to take down to Jeff to feed them. He puts out dry food and water and his next-door neighbor puts out wet canned food. With the wonderful jungle landscaping for them to play in and the other critters to play with (unless they eat those critters) this place is their wonderland.

    Leah, I continue to hope and pray for better days for you. Biscuits sound yummy. Back in the day, everyone made their own. I think I even have an antique bisquit cutter in with my cookie cutters. I also think I have a donut cutter. My Mom used to make donuts from time to time. OMG! They were sooooo good. My daughter in CO always wanted to try biscuits and gravy. I warned her that it would sit like a lead ball in her gut but she went ahead and tried it anyway. She called to tell me it was like a lead ball in her gut :) I think one has to be used to that kind of eating. I can remember when everyone kept bacon grease in a container on the stove. They used it for everything. I still love eggs cooked in bacon grease after the bacon is removed from the frying pan.

    Well, kids, think I'm meander out to the balcony with my second cup of coffee. It's a beautiful morning. It's supposed to rain for days starting tomorrow. Sending hugs love and prayers to everyone. Pam, Barry, Jole and Rock, hope all is well with y'all.

    Love, Mikie
  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Advice to copyists found on a wall in the scriptorium of a German monastry.

    A terrible thing to overscroll.
    Tis likewise bad to underscroll.
    Either one will try your soul.
    Let perfect scrolling be your goal.

    Nice to hear from you again, Jole. Drop in when you can. Gordon and I
    watched a program on tornadoes a couple nights ago. I was amazed to
    hear about multiple ones; sometimes a hundred or more. With regard to
    falls, what goeth before a fall? According to the Bible, it's not pride.

    Barry, your mice in the car reminded me of my mother's friends back in
    the 1950s. They had a station wagon. The kind with real wood panels to
    haul their big family around. Somehow it (the station wagon, not the family) got infested with ants, and they never could get rid of them.

    Mikie, I remember home made donuts. They were delicious. Nothing
    from a store has ever come close.

    Linda, my mother made bisquits from Bisquick. Very tasty too. She also
    made popovers. Huge and hollow. Have had popovers in restaurants;
    nothing like the ones mom made. Hope you have a nice trip to Jax.

    Where's Pam? Is she still on her trip?

    Das ist alles
    Auf wiedersehen
  13. spacee

    spacee Member

    I might have confused you about Jacksonville. We were to leave FRIDAY
    but now we are leaving in a hour.

    Have been to the beach there one time but didn't stay long. I think GD was
    about 2yo and didn't like it.

    Poor little Zip and his eyesight! Things will need to be kept where he
    remembers them.

    Mikie...that was so astute about the changing of the diapers and Huz's work!
    Got a good chuckle out of it.

    Will see you Sunday, I think. Remembering to take my meds with my and
    my snacks :) I do have priorities!!

    I hope I don't fall until I find what goes before it. Hmm was that a true
    ditty from a monastery? Funny how scrolling and unscrolling was important
    then too.

    Take care of yourselves!

  14. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    I hope you are all as well as can be. I have the "downs" right now, cfs bad.

    Jole, It is so good to hear from you. I do understand about not feeling up to posting!.

    Gardening friends, it IS sad when you can't do it anymore, or at least to the extent one used to, isn't it? We just have to learn to adapt. It helps to have servants and a sense of humour.

    Richard just called from town, is bringing home a tomato plant (New Girl), a Penstemon, and some other flowering plant. There. A true blue servant, for whom I daily give God thanks for letting be with me.....

    Ah, I'm getting mawkish now, and am tired, and must drink a nice cuppa and await the arrival of new growth!

    Tick season here, and I've been bitten twice. Couldn't get all of the head of the last one, and have a spreading bulls-eye, so have started myself on a course of doxycycline...... country life.

    Linda have a wonderful trip. And I am hoping that Pam is enjoying her cruise. And did I hear someone say they had been in touch with Victoria?

    Tired for Now,

  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Not really but beginning to feel that way. One good day and I go and overdo it. I did get the fire extinguiser boxes painted but got a little overspray on the stucco. So, I hauled out he gray paint to fix my mess and repaint my window sill. I keep a flowerbox on it and it gets grungy. Could I stop there? No! I had to sweep the balcony and stairs and the cobwebs from the eaves over the balcony. I swept all the sidewalks where the stuff from the balcony had landed and I used my Swiffer to clean all the little lantern light fixtures on the bldg. When it's dry like it's been, it doesn't take long for cobwebs to show up. They trap insects and pretty soon, the ants show up for a buffet. Then, the ants come inside to look for more to eat. One neighbor at the other end of the bldg. never cleans the cobwebs around her front door area. She was complaining about ants and I finally told her if she didn't keep the front door area clean, she would continue to have ant infestations. Did it help? No. I don't get it. She's a clean looking young, but not that young, single woman. Her condo is clean inside. She must think her monthly dues cover cleaning outside her front door. The rest of us keep our own clean. I sometimes sweep cobwebs and the balcony and steps but I leave her mess. I refuse to clean it up for her. It's so bad that it's difficult to sweep up. AACK!

    Rock, I don't know what goeth before a fall but in my experience, it was climbing up a step ladder which wasn't level. I kept my head and rode it to the ground and stepped off of it, graceful as a gazelle. Now, though, no one around here will let me work on ladders. That's OK with me ;) Water goeth before a waterfall. Stilettos goeth before a model's fall. Banana peels on stairs goeth before a fall but for the life of me, I don't know what the Bible has to say on this matter.

    Linda, you are probably gone by now. I hope the trip is fun and isn't too hard on you.

    Hope everyone else is doing well.

    I'm sitting inside now. It's about 80 degrees with balmy breezes. I had my lunch out on the balcony--coconut shrimp in orange sauce and a tall Bud Light. I needed that. I waited too long to have lunch after working too hard this morning. It's not like there isn't a ton of work needing to be done inside my own condo but I like to keep our bldg. looking good (well, except for the ant farm at the other end). It's supposed to rain the rest of the week so I'm glad I got the outside work finished. Of course, the weatherman lies, so I can't believe we will actually get rain.

    I'm going to hop in the shower and spend the rest of the day finishing my library book. I had sworn off library books as they are often disgustingly dirty and stained. AACK again! This one is pristine. The large print books seem to be cleaner that the others. Soon, I'll be downloading them from the library to my Kindle at home. I looooove technology--when it works right.

    Love, Mikie

  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Pride goeth before destruction but hautiness (or a haughty spirit, depending on the version of the Bible) goeth before a fall. Had to look it up.

    Love, Mikie
  17. jole

    jole Member

    One gone at a time....unfortunately I don't know if any of us have the energy to take care of the My aunt's biscuits were simple...flour, soda, salt, milk. They were good. But then I loved her so much they would have been good no matter what.

    Rock, pride is definitely right. Think that's part of my problem, honestly. I'm too proud to let people see that I can't be/do what I once could/was on my no-energy days. So it's easier to stay home and pretend the world doesn't exist other than here or tv. Now when people start seeing me on the computer against my wishes, that's it!

    Linda, hope you have a great trip, and remember to pace yourself. It sounds like you pretty much know your limits and stick to it. Good for you! were ignoring me!!!!! Okay, all's forgiven :) Too funny... Sorry your energy level is down, but you're still death on dirt and grime. I vote you as our commercial (ad) person, and you don't have to do them naked like the K's (unless you want to).

    Barry, we have ticks here too already. They scare me with being sick , 'cause I can't imagine what Lyme on top of this would do, although there's times I wonder if that's not what I have already. Be careful, please. I know you'll enjoy those plants, and tomatoes sound so good already. Such a long wait to be able to enjoy them. Nothing makes a sandwich or a meal special like a tomato can! Good ole and sulfa meds are the only antibiotics I can still take.

    They tried Levaquin and Cipro when they did arm surgery on me a few years ago because I'm allergic to all the Penicillin derivitives. Well, my tongue and throat swelled up with one, and I got hives from the other. Luckily they were both given IV and were able to stop them quickly. The docs 'finally' believe me. I should get a bracelet, but worked as a nurse too many years and know they stick you sometimes before they look if you're unconscious. Maybe a tattoo.....

    Leah, I so understand your sleepless nights. Hubby and I now sleep in different rooms, which I said we'd never do. But my sleep is soooo light, and he snores .. and kicks.. and hits.. so I was usually up anyway. Now I wander the house and he never knows where to find me in the mornings. I too snack in the night, darn it! Mine aren't as healthy.....I like chocolate! Not good with high cholesterol, but my weight stays down for some reason. Won't complain on that one.

    Gotta go eat...talking of food made me hungry. Wishing you all well......
  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Wasn't ignoring you on purpose but was beginning to believe my computer was possessed. Yikes! Something like that that doesn't make sense drives me nuts. Gotta love those techies at PH who figured it out and now, it's fixed. I've had nothing but computer problems for so long now that I have to believe that Mercury has been retrograde in the Zodiac.

    While I've been using all my time to deal with my computer, actually Comcast's broadband upgrade and the effect on my modem and router, nothing has gotten cleaned in here. I'm living in my own filth! Yesterday, I worked on the bldg. outside because the weatherman promised rain today. Well, it's been sunny all day long. I never beleve them any more. Fool me once...

    Doc's office called to tell me the glasses I rolled over on in my sleep were repaired so I made myself presentable and rounded up the neighbors and off we went. After we picked them up, we went to Wal-Mart and Home Depot. I got some wild boy shorts underwear at Wal-Mart with neon colored sunglasses in the print. Unfortunately, or fortunately in my case, no one wll see them. I won't do ads, or much of anything else but shower, naked. No one wants to see that :)

    Got a nice surprise at the doc's office. I was able to order contacts even though I haven't been able to wear them for more than a year. With the peptide injections, I can now wear them for 12 hrs. with no dry eye or discomfort.

    We stopped at a little cafe and I had a big grouper sandwich. I ordered matza ball soup to take home for dinner or lunch tomorrow. Then, we were off to Costco where I got some half-way healthy snacks. I also got Kleenex for less than $1 a box. I refuse to spend more than $1 for one of the cube size boxes. I stock up on them when I can. I'm a paper hoarder.

    This sounds like a lot but everything is very close to where we live and we did stop to have lunch. Yesterday and today, my energy has returned but I'm not in what I'd call, glowing health. I also got some Hawthorn Berry supps at Wal-Mart to try. They are supposed to lower BP and heart rate. I need all the help I can get.

    My energy level has been on a roller coaster lately, probably from change of meds. When I have energy, I make the most of it and when I don't, I flop and crash. There is a bigger chance of rain this weekend so if it does rain, I have plenty of work which needs doing inside. If it weren't for the peptide injections, I would have no energy at all.

    Doxycycline has always been a God send for me. Cipro almost killed me with one dose. I hate ABX but sometimes, we just gotta do it. I told one doc at the acute care center that Cipro, or any other fluoroquinalone ABX, would kill me as I'm allergic to it and he went ahead and prescribed Avalox. Idiot didn't know there is no difference between Cipro and Avalox as far as I'm concerned. Any quinolone will cause anafulactic (sp?) shock if I take it. Lord, save us from the doctors. There's that "first, do no harm" thing they keep forgetting.

    OK, I had better stop writing "War & Peace" here. Sending mucho love to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
  19. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Did a post this morning. When I tried to cut and paste it from my mail box
    to the board, the computer blew up. Couldn't get onto either server. Life is
    full of tragedies, and then there are bad days too. I will see what I can

    For fellow gardeners, I have news. The good news is the peas are bearing
    fruit. The bad news is with deficits in the teeth department, I can't chew
    them. I will have to cook them. Too bad. Nothing says fresh like peas
    right off the vine.

    Frieda, I looked up oxalis. Pictures look familiar. Seem to come in all colors.
    I read they are also called wood sorrels. Your biscuits in a muffin pan
    sound good. I guess you could call the biskins or muffets.

    Barry, that bug bite sounds serious. Are you seeing a doc? I don't
    suppose swabbing with Lime Away would help?

    Mikie, a ladder goeth before a fall? Sounds like something to stich on a
    sampler. That's the way Fannie Flagg's "Can't Wait to get to Heaven"
    begins. It's the sequel to "Standing in the Rainbow". Good books for
    lovers of small town doings.

    Regarding your long post, I thought it was too short. You are always
    full of astute observation and helpful advice like where to buy wild boy
    shorts. Anyhoo, it reminded me of a writing class I took years ago. A
    young fellow sitting next to me said his goal was to write an epic novel.
    I asked him his name. He said Warren Peace.

    OK. I don't want to get burned again. Got a lot a stake. Will post this
    and maybe some more later. Rock

    Well, I did get burned again. Above could not be posted using Firefox or
    Internet explorer. Found some place to click on windows and that
    provided at least a temporary fix. Land O Goshen! If it's not one thing
    it's your computer.
  20. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    the rest of the lost post not to be confused with the last post and chorus
    that is mentioned in the song "The Green Fields of France".

    Jole, home made biscuits of any kind always sound good. My great aunt
    Myrtle made great big ones and often filled them with some ground meat
    from the farm. Delicious. I suppose your aunt's would rise because of
    the soda.

    I bought a loaf of soda bread at an Irish Faire about 20 years ago. I
    was just being polite. A gal working at the booth was from our office.
    The price was $8. For a loaf of bread! Faith and Bea Arthur. Was it
    worth it? Don't be a gackawack. SOL

    I guess Pam is still seeing her daughter et. al. And Linda should be back
    from Jack Sunday. Hope they are both having wonderful family visits.

    In my family, a good visit was concluded with thoughts like: Well, it
    wasn't quite as bad as I expected, or, Gee, dad wasn't quite as drunk as
    usual. No wonder one of my brothers didn't go back to MN for 30 years.
    Now he goes more often, but never to our home town.

    If I hadn't exhaustenized all my energy I would tell you about a new
    word I learned last night: Frink. Doesn't that whet your curiosity?