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    My neighbor Steve just walked his dog Bud, hugged and kissed his wife, daughter and grandchildren, patted my cat Oreo on the head and waved at me. Then he got in that big green truck with the other men and drove away. In 4 hours he will be on a plane to Iraq. Funny how the simple things seem so significant right now. He won't be doing any of those things again for the next 15 months. Last night his voice cracked as he asked me to help look out for his family. He said he wasn't worried about himself, he was more worried about them. This is his second time going and he seemed much more concerned this time, than the last.

    Please pray for him and all the people serving our country on foreign soil.

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    For the reminder that I should be praying for our troops in Afghanistan. May God keep him and your troops safe and bless them and their families for their sacrfices for us.
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    You are so right. We have noticed all this time with the troops going to Afghanistan and Iraq they never seem that concerned for themselves, but always want assurances that their families will be taken care of in their absence.

    Later that morning they showed the unit my neighbor was leaving with on the news. People lined the streets and highway and the buses were escorted by police as everyone cheered, clapped and waved to send them off. I think that has to be so uplifting to the troops to see that we support them.

    No matter how anyone feels about the war in Iraq or anywhere else in the world we must always support the men and women serving. I remember crying my eyes out over the stories my husband and his buddies use to tell about how they came home from Vietnam. They had to change to commercial flights in other countries and change from their uniforms to civilian clothes so that they wouldn't be harrassed by the protestors at the airports. There was no honor, or care for them.

    Thanks for all the responses to this post. His wife is having a hard time right now. This is his second time going and she feels like he is not coming back. She's having a hard time adjusting to him being gone this time.

    Thanks for your posts
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    Our service people receive my prayers daily. I wish they were all home, and no more going.
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    My son and I were watching the news last night and they were talking about how were killed in Iraq. We started talking and something surfaced that scared me.

    We are not Americans so we don't understand what you are going through everyday hearing these awful stats of men and women dying for their country. Once in a while it happens to us and we are devestated but you hear it every day. We just sit there and watch the news and go ho hum. It doesn't seem to affect us I am scared that some how I am hardening myself to the realities of war and the fact that most of the casualities are just young men and women starting their lives, leaving people young families, having children they won't see for a long time or may never see. It makes me so sad. My brother in law was in our forces for 20 years but never saw active duty but I know what my sister went through raising 3 girls by herself while he was gone for 6 months at a time. A finally thought, you are so patriotic. Something we are not and we certainly need to learn from you. God Bless you and your service men and women.
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    and his family and all your troops in Iraq. So many lives lost, and so many more ruined by this war.

    Love, Pepper