Its a shame to be criticized for posting incorrectly?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Nellie2, Apr 11, 2003.

  1. Nellie2

    Nellie2 New Member

    I am so crushed that when I finally get the courage to post someone has to criticize my grammar.

    I feel awful that grammar has to be an issue.

    I'm sorry I posted
  2. lilwren

    lilwren New Member

    I think Jbear was just trying to be helpful. My husband has the habit of correcting my grammar and it hurts my feelings sometimes too, but he means well. I think Jbear was just trying to help. She probably can't help it - she's an English teacher! :) One of my friends is an Enlgish teacher and she drives me nuts with constantly correcting everything she sees or hears.

    Don’t be sorry you posted. I get my feelings hurt very easily and I understand about you being upset. If someone did that to me I would be crushed too – we probably both need thicker skins. :) This board has a lot to offer so stay here and hang out with us.

    Sharon L
  3. Nellie2

    Nellie2 New Member

    I'm just having such a hard time dealing with everything. And when I read that reply I just burst out in tears.

    I feel like my whole world is crashing in on me and I just want to feel better. I just can't get the tears to stop.

    I lost my Aunt in December and she was the only Mother I've ever had and I just feel so overwhelmed.

    I don't know if its the fibro, the grief or the living through all this I am just so very sad.

    Thanks for listening.
  4. sofy

    sofy New Member

    I am glad I didnt see the post cuz this is the one site it just dont matter. It says more about the critizer than you. I seldom reread my posts for errors and you dont have to either.
  5. kredca4

    kredca4 New Member

    The trouble is, sometimes when we don't know a person very well, we might not Get their humor, I think that is what happened. Hope so, no one hear is perfet, ya know?

    Read some of my Post's and I will drive you nutty with my misspelling, even tho I have a Dictonary clsoe by.

    Hang around, you sound like a Nice Person, we need them kinds. ;o>

    who has not done a Bio, sorry.
  6. scubadiver

    scubadiver New Member

    Pay no attention to whomever it was that criticized your
    typing. I am sure that someone is FAR from PERFECT and
    looking for ways to tear down a person because of their
    own INSECURITIES. Keep on posting and make as many typos
    as you want!
    There are some very kind and caring people on this message board.
  7. Sandyz

    Sandyz New Member

    I`m sorry that happened to you Nellie. We all misspell words from time to time. This isn`t a spelling contest and people shouldn`t be correcting others. My 12 yr. does that all the time to me, (he thinks he`s smarter then me) and I hate that.

    Many times with the fibrofog being so bad, I have a hard time getting out what I`m thinking and putting it down. I don`t worry about the spelling. If we misspell a few words its no biggy.

    We`re glad to have you here. Please stay, ok?
  8. Kurt

    Kurt New Member

    Maybe I am missing something, but it appears the criticism was constructive in nature and not meant to be rude or disrespectful. Now there are a number of people posting rather mean things about the criticizer for being mean. I find that kind of ironic. I usually don’t get involved in the tiffs on the board, but I do not think the criticism was meant to be ill spirited. Obviously, I don’t know if that was the intention because I have not spoke with that person, but I am willing to bet that nobody else has either. Nellie, I know our mental states can swing up and down like a roller coaster, including mine. I would not take it personal. I am by no means Mr. Grammar either, so I can feel your pain. I hope you are feeling better and please feel free to post of the board. As far as the criticizer, let’s kill him/her!!!!! :p Hopefully, you were not offended by the posts either. You can feel free to correct my grammar at anytime because it probably needs it!!

  9. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Dear Nellie,

    I am sorry this insensitive response has upset you. Even when such criticism is couched in humor, it is inappropriate and is not tolerated here. Many of our members are doing well just to get to their computers to participate on our board. Poor grammar, spelling, and any other assault to the English language are common amongst us. Many of us have very high IQ's, or at least we once did, but our illnesses have taken their toll on our cognitive abilities. I misspell words all the time or just leave letters off the end of them. I find myself dyslexic as well.

    We certainly do not need anyone correcting our use of words, our spelling, or anything else we have problems with when we try to communicate. Most of the time, even when people are in the worst fogs, we can make out what they are trying to say and admire them for even making the effort. I doubt that anyone here would purposely try to make another feel bad, so please try to put it out of your mind. Let's just please remember to try to refrain from criticism, creative or otherwise.

    Love, Mikie
  10. pam_d

    pam_d New Member

    Nellie, it's not the grammar but the thought behind it that counts...please don't be sorry you posted. I'm glad you did, and hope to read & respond to more of your posts in the future. The beauty of this board is not needing to worry about spelling & grammar, but just being able to get our points across (and that's often tough enough given pain, fatigue, stress, etc.) Please stay with us & post again, we are very glad you're here.....

    Warm hugs,
  11. layinglow

    layinglow New Member

    Just wanted to reassure you no one cares about grammar or spelling---many of us have cognitive impairment! I keep my spell check and dictionary handy, but sometimes its of no use, cuz I can't even think of the word that I am looking for, or can't even begin to think how to spell it--to look the darn thing up. I just yell over my shoulder to hubby or kids for help.

    This is a common occurance with these DD's.....keep coming to the site, hon, you are welcome, accepted, and most of all will be supported.

    Hugs, LL
  12. loonie

    loonie New Member

    Welcome, Nellie!!!!

    Don't worry,


    (ok, so I bumped the z a few times-see we all are a little compromised here so just have a good time!!!)
  13. Shirl

    Shirl New Member

    If grammer was a problem around here, then we are all guilty! I missed the offending post as I have been off the board for a week but would have done what Mikie did, DELETED it too!!

    You simply write like you want or can, thats what we all do around here. We are very glad to have you on the board, and do not let anyone make you feel bad or upset.

    You take care, and know that we are one big family here, and you are most welcome, warts and all, like the rest of us!

    Shalom! Shirl