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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by judywhit, Mar 17, 2003.

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    I seem to be on a roll here with my new med kicking in and the fact that I am now working out. I have found the very best peice of equipment for those of us who have joint pain and intolerance to high impact workouts. On my docs recommendation I purchased the Tony Little's Gazelle. It is a workout machine that works your legs, thighs, butt and arms with little to no impact on your joints. I love it!!! I am 40pds overweight and if I can do it anyone can!! I purchased this at walmart online. If you want to take a peek just go to walmart on the web and put the machines name in search. It is kind of spendy but I felt that if I did not use these muscles I would lose them. Feel that my money was well spent.
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    I have some exercise equipment that IS LOW IMPACT, but I have used it for many years and probably need to exercise other muscles.. I had thought I would get a mini-trampoline since Dr. Cheney was suggesting that, as well as, strength training which I have done for many years..but I may look into what you suggested..

    Have you tried the OLE, yet? I am feeling more and more positive everyday about it..since I can tolerate this new bottle of it..Thanks for the helpful hints!

    BTW, I noticed you can see Mt. Rainier from your home..what a great sight...I love the you have a lot of snow on it now? We are expecting about 1-3 ft in the next few days..hope it happens, as we really need it due to the drought conditions..I guess you don't have drought conditions, there, do you? :) AMELIA
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    I have not tried the olive oil yet. I am chicken! I was taking garlic supplement and I started getting the herx feeling. I am glad you can tolerate this new product. That is good news. Yes, we have a fantastic view of Mt. Rainier from our acreage. I love the sunset on the mountain. We have very little snow on Mt.Rainier this winter. As, you read in my bio my hubby and I ride in the backcountry so we are looking forward to getting in early this season. I am hoping the Gazelle will help in getting me back in shape for the riding season. Keep me posted o n your progress.