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    My sister sent this essay to me. I thought people here might enjoy it too, and give it some thought.


    Choose the direction


    There is energy available to you in every situation, every

    Encounter and every moment. And you can direct that energy

    In whatever way you choose.

    That's how it is possible, and can even be quite likely, for

    A tragic situation to give rise to a beneficial opportunity.

    Once the energy is flowing, it can be directed toward any


    Though it certainly takes effort and commitment, illness,

    For example, can provide the springboard to improved health.

    Injustice can similarly be transformed into caring and


    A highly adversarial relationship can be changed into one

    Filled with love and respect. The most bitter of enemies can

    Become the greatest of friends.

    The energy is always there. What you do with it and the way

    You direct that energy can make all the difference in the


    No negative outcome is a foregone conclusion as long as you

    Have the will to redirect the energy of life toward positive

    Purpose. What energy can you redirect on this very day?

    Ralph Marston

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    just in case anyone wants to read and ponder...

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