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    I really hope these books get a lot of attention, sounds like they cover the subject overall very well and comprehensively... I am waiting on Amazon for my order:

    *RELEASE - January 24, 2008, Allegory Press, Hustisford, Wisconsin *

    "It's All In Your Head," the first 2 books in a NEW, groundbreaking
    3-book series on Lyme Disease by author, activist, and Lyme patient PJ Langhoff are now available at and soon at!

    These books are about the horrendous difficulty chronic lyme pts face getting dx'd and treated. Very similar to what happens to most of us, whether we DO have lyme or NOT... but goes much further. Even if you don't "think" you have lyme, you should look into it ... most doctors do not know enough beyond what the IDSA etc feed them... I have them on order.

    A year in the making, these important, informative books reveal the TRUTH about Lyme disease in a never before released collection.*

    PJ Langhoff, the author of "The Singing Forest, a Journey Through Lyme Disease," contracted Lyme disease in 1992 and so did her family...but it took more than a dozen years to obtain an accurate diagnosis! Growing up in the midwest, Langhoff had no idea Lyme disease even existed until it touched her family personally, and she reeled at the staggering amount of physician denial of Lyme over the years.

    She heard repeatedly that there "is no Lyme disease in Wisconsin." And yet, Langhoff watched helplessly as her family and her own bulls-eye rashes, fatigue, joint pains, Bell's palsy, neurological issues, cognitive decline, depression, and even partial paralysis, and other symptoms went astoundingly untreated.

    She fought to find physicians willing to treat once she was finally accurately diagnosed and was amazed that current treatment recommendations of short-term oral antibiotics did nothing to erradicate a very complex illness.

    In the meantime Langhoff's family life fell apart before the author was treated with long-term combinations of oral and intravenous medications which saved her life and recaptured her health. During the process, her family suffered through 10 years in the legal system and Langhoff LOST CUSTODY of her own children and was accused of being "mentally ill" and "delusional" for BELIEVING THAT SHE AND HER CHILDREN HAD LYME DISEASE DESPITE MEDICAL HISTORY AND LABORATORY EVIDENCE!

    Langhoff fought back continually and worked hard to establish support groups and web sites for Lyme patients, offering information, support and a counseling ministry. Langhoff has since written a number of medical books and peer-reviewed medical articles along with Lyme-literate physicians to help raise awareness about this complex and poorly understood illness which is reaching epidemic proportions globally.

    "It's All In Your Head," Patient Stories From the Front Lines: Intimate Aspects of Chronic and Neuropsychiatric Lyme Disease
    Foreword by renowned Lyme physician Dr. Joseph Jemsek :) Cover art by young Connecticut Lyme artist, Stephen Mills.

    In this first book, the author covers the history of Lyme disease, the testing inaccuracies, co-infections, the herxheimer effect, Munchausen's, plus a half dozen patient stories including Langhoff's personal story of how she and her two children suffer from Lyme and what it put them through during 10 years in the legal system.

    Read how Langhoff had to turn in her own daughter to legal authorities in a heart-wrenching decision in order to try to get her child help for severe neuropsychiatric depression. In this book, Langhoff and a dozen other patients fully and accurately describe life with chronic and neuropsychiatric Lyme.

    A must-read for patients, physicians and support persons of those who have been personally touched by chronic illness.

    "It's All In Your Head," Around the World in 80 Lyme Patient Stories: Valid Reasons to Debate Current Treatment Guidelines*
    Foreword by renowned Lyme-literate physician and researcher, Dr. Joseph Burrascano, Jr. Cover art by Canadian Lyme artist Valerie White.

    This amazing second book contains collections of short stories from 80 Lyme patients from 23 US states, 5 Canadian provinces/territories and 11 countries abroad. This sampling of the global presence of Lyme disease tells it like it is, by the patients themselves. An honest, revealing collection of information which touches on every aspect of Lyme disease, and reveals also that transmission may occur in methods not previously acknowledged.

    Absolutely a must-read for everyone who wishes to learn why an epidemic is being ignored and the patients are being refused a diagnosis and treatment! A true look at life with Lyme disease, from the patients' perspective.

    The third book in the series (coming soon):

    The Baker's Dozen and the Lunatic Fringe: How "Junk Science" Shifted the Lyme Disease Paradigm

    --is a thorough scientific analysis from the patient's perspective and presents an exhaustive review of the science, research, politics, connections, bioagent history and the TRUTH about the Lyme disease paradigm, the "silent" epidemic.

    Written in a well-communicated format that is hard to put down. Learn the who's, how's, what's, and why's of Lyme disease...
    --WHO is profiting on the backs of ill Lyme patients,
    --HOW biowarfare impacts the Lyme arena,
    --WHY physicians are refusing to diagnose and treat patients, and
    --WHAT must be done to change the current paradigm.
    The book includes a baffling chapter on physician "diagnoses" which leave the reader perplexed.

    *Standard, Large-Print and E-book editions available. A portion of book proceeds are donated to partnering charities.

    "PJ Langhoff's books help us to better understand the utter magnitude of the suffering and dismissal endured by millions of people across the globe...and most importantly speaks of the political controversy and the bizarre manner in which the medical community is reacting to and at the same time, ignoring the extent of the seriousness of this disease"...I highly recommend to those who want to better understand the magnitude and reality of this extremely controversial, chronic, relapsing infection." -/-Marjorie Tietjen, Reviewer Book

    *Now Available at and soon on
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    I'm going to order these too. I've already read everything the library can get for me.

    But first I'm going to click on the Lymenet Amazon button because according to the Lymenet bar on the left side of the page....

    "The Lyme Disease Network receives a commission from for each purchase originating from this site."

    I'd like them to get a commission from my purchase.

    I can't wait until the "Under Our Skin" documentary comes out. I hope 2008 is the year for Lyme.

    More and more patients are figuring this out but amoung doctors it's got a fad rep as the disease de jour.
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    help keep this bumped on the other board? Also, there's a recall on HEPARIN I posted, you might want to read it... you're still taking it, aren't you?

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    Hi Victoria,
    This forum and your name was provided by another member on the lymenet board. They mentioned you have a teenager who has struggled with lyme disease. I'm the mother of an 18 yr old son and we suspect he may have been infected years ago. I really respect the training and education our Dr's have achieved, but bottom line is that they are human too. I'm realizing more and more you really have to become your own advocate for getting answers..especially with something like these where there is so much controversy. After two plus years of Dr appts...numerous tests and tons of prescriptions.... the final word from the specialists my son has seen is " we know something is going on...we don't know what it is... but come back in six months and maybe it will present itself more clearly ". My thought is .. how much more presentation do you need ??
    Here is an 18 yr old who in approx two years has gone from being strong, active and athletic to having days where he can barely get across the room he's in so much pain, can barely sleep most nights, his entire left side is numb/weak/painful and not it's starting on his right side. I see now that we'll have to be our own advocate in getting a diagnosis and treatment.....hence the reason I'm contacting you. Any suggestions or guidance will be appreciated. We live in the Raleigh, NC area.

    Many Thanks

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