It's Almost TGIF

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by pasogirl, Oct 5, 2006.

  1. pasogirl

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    TGI has a whole new meaning to me these days - It means I survived another week and have the weekend to recoup ! Not that I will sleep in late - lay around the house eating bon bons or treat myself to massages and manicures ---But this weekend I am going to hit the weekend straight on to have some fun -- I am taking half the day off tomorrow - picking up my 2yr daughter and hanging out with her for awhile and then picking up the boys and heading to my friend's farm for her bday party - get together covered dish thing -- and I am going to have a good time !!!
    My husband is out of town on business and won't be back in time to go - so it's Mom & the kids -- we love it ! And I am too ! I am in "Information Overload" this week - too much information - too many tests -- too many stressors and just too much STUFF --
    I will feel the cool crisp clean air - look at the brilliant stars, hear the horses neigh and smell the pastures -- and enjoy good company. The kids and I even volunteered to clean one of the barns for the owner - she's pregnant and my 10 year old said it would be a good thing to give her a break - So bright and early on Saturday morning - we'll be mucking stalls and feeding hungry horses -- and then later that day -- chill out - only in time to have friends over for a casual pasta dinner with good food, fine wine and great conversation - doesn't stop there -- my middle child has a Bible presentation thing at church and I'll be there too -
    And all the other chores too - No pity party for me this weekend - I am hitting this one head on -- OK - reality - it's going to hit me back - I know that - but I am trying some very positive thinking stuff to overcome all the aches, pains, swelling and crappiness I call it -- I bought a new outfit -- ok - a few new outfits tonight - and by the way -the kids picked out stuff too - hubby's away - let's shop !
    So, wish me luck - I will make it through it all - and pay like HECK on Sunday night --
    CHEERS - and to all a great weekend !!!!
  2. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    This post belongs over in are "Open Barn" post, so we can keep track of you and your horsey doings!

    Enjoy your weekend, smell my horses, and i'll pray you don't pay too much for it!
  3. maedaze

    maedaze New Member

    You GO GIRL! Good luck and have a great weekend, enjoy it all and worry about the rest next week - hoping you won't have to pay too bad!

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