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  1. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    Calling all Lost fans. It's almost time for season 5!!!

    After NINE grueling months of miserable, eternal waiting, there are now only 10 days left till SHOW TIME!

    I thought I would check in and see if any of the old Lost fans were still around. And to see if we have gathered any NEW Lost fans over the long hiatus. I haven't been watching the Sci-Fi channels reshowing of Lost over the last 4 months, but hopefully we will gain some new fans from that. (I just checked TVguide online, and they really did manage to squeeze the whole series in, just in time for the new season.)

    In case you didn't know, they are rerunning Season 4's 3-hour finale, "There's No Place Like Home", THIS Wednesday at 8/7c, on ABC. It's an enhanced version, whatever that means.

    I definitely need to rewatch that one to refresh myself on the details, and to get the old rusty brain gears moving again.

    Then, the following Wednesday, Jan 21st.... it's Season 5 Premier night! At 8/7c, we start off with a recap episode, "Lost: Destiny Calls." Then the first TWO episodes in a row: "Because You Left" and "The Lie."

    So it's a full 3-hour night of Lost - two weeks in a row! I, for one, can hardly wait!

    Anybody else? If we still have some Lost fans here, then we can continue our weekly discussion thread for season 5. Whether you are a total Lost geek, completely confused, or somewhere in between, you are welcome to join in.

    Lost fans check in!

    Lurkers, come forth!

    We've got an island to find!

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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  2. TeaBisqit

    TeaBisqit Member

    I'm dying for Friday's Battlestar Galactica. I can't wait.

    Lost, I used to really be into, but it's kind of dragged so much. I will watch it, though.
  3. Bruin63

    Bruin63 Member

    I have been recording, the show's, the Sci-Fi station, plus, another one, that is ahead of the Monday show's. it's called ga4.

    anyway, I have 16 hrs to watch, before the show comes back on.

    I have been reading TV guides, articles, and it sounds like it will be a good season.

    Hurley gets more starring roles, this time around, cant wait he just cracks me up.

    Not to tick anyone off, but I am not a Fan of either Jack or Kate, they just rub me the wrong way, after watching, all the show's and revewing, the storylines, just me, tho.

    I hope Sawyer, gets more air time too, I heard he will.

    another thing about watching the show's over again, is with Fibrofog I for got a lot of things, and now they make sense.

    Like rereading a good book, lol.

  4. TwinMa

    TwinMa New Member

    I'm very much looking forward to the new season of LOST.

    I've spent the past few months re-watching the previous seasons. I got them from the library. Right now I'm about halfway through season 3. I doubt that I will get season 4 before the new season starts. I'm still number 69 on the wait list! I'm thrilled that they are re-running the season finale. I didn't know that, so THANK YOU for the heads up, 4everkid!

    It's been interesting watching all the episodes on DVD back to back. It gives a new perspective since I already know what's coming. I've caught a lot more and have been refreshed, too. It's funny all the stuff I forgot that even happened! Like Nikki & Paolo! Or Hurley and the VW microbus (on the road to Shambala!).

    More Hurley!! More Sawyer!! Yeah!! I'm also remembering why I thought Locke was such a bonehead. He say's "Sorry" or "I was wrong" quite a bit because he did some stupid thing. He definitely got a bad deal with his dad, but he also makes a lot of bad decisions and he's convinced he is right. Maybe he'll redeem himself. We definitely need to find out how he ended up where he did at the end of season 4.

    Thanks for the info on all the episodes coming up kid. I was just looking on Google last night for the exact time of the new season. I couldn't find anything, so seeing your post this morning was perfect!
  5. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    I am really excited about this season....but then, I am really excited about EVERY episode.

    I have been reading the spoiler sites all summer and fall, when there wasn't really anything to spoil. But I read something very spoilerish the other day, and decided it was time to stay clear of those sites. It's like a Christmas present in a wide open gift bag. You don't want to know....but you are really tempted to peek.

    TeaBisqit - I have to agree that season 3 was very slow. But once the writers set the end date and quit stalling, it really picked up, IMO. Did you watch all of season 4? It was pretty intense near the end especially. From what I have heard, they have a LOT to cover in the final 2 seasons, so maybe it will keep you more enthralled now.

    I never watched Battlestar Galactica. But I wish I had. If I had a chance to start at the beginning, I would.

    Long time no chat SharonK! Sounds like you have been doing your homework! I started out rewatching my tapes this summer, but got sidetracked half way through season 3. Multiple viewings are definitely a plus when you are dealing with fibrofog. I always watch every episode at least twice, and it really helps me cement the details to memory.

    You are not alone in your feelings about Jack and Kate. Others have stated the same dislike. Jack has changed a lot too over the series. I like them, but I get what you are saying. Juliet bugs me and I don't know why. I've seen polls before where people vote for who they like and don't like. Hurley always comes out as the most universally liked by all.

    TwinMa, you still can watch "The Constant", "The Other Woman", "Ji Yeon" and "Meet Kevin Johnson" tonight on Sci-Fi. Next week they are showing "Cabin Fever" and the 3 hour finale. (These are most of the episodes from the end of season 4.)

    I just realized that Sci-Fi is skipping "The Shape of Things to Come" and "Something Nice Back Home." I checked the Sci-Fi message board, and it sounds like they have skipped a lot of episodes and jumped around, showing them out of order. People there are mad! I don't blame them. That was a lousy trick to pull for any first time viewers watching. So I guess I was wrong above about them showing the entire series. Shame on you Sci-Fi, for bad planning!

    Locke really has been a screw-up lately. He wasn't at first. But he lost his connection to the island and turned into a power-hungry, control freak. I suspect that's what happened to Ben too. It will be interesting to see what Locke does now in his current situation.

    It is interesting to go back and watch again, knowing the outcome of things...all the odd stuff we wondered about that makes sense now. I remember looking back at that mural in the Swan Hatch after some time had passed and suddenly a lot of it made sense.

    I am especially curious about the new narrative device. We started out with flash backs, then flash forwards. Then with Desmond we had some crazy stuff with him traveling back to the past and then seeing the future, then just being unstuck in time all together. What now? What will be our vantage point? Where is the present anyway? With the way things ended, its bound to be crazy! They say there will still be some flashing forward and back, but that they are going to do something bold and completely different. (This is what I got spoiled reading about. I know what they are doing, and I am SUPER excited about it!)

    I can't wait! I am glad there are still some Lost fans here to chat with each week! It may take all of our brains working together to make sense of things.
  6. Bruin63

    Bruin63 Member

    and it's about "Time", (Pun inteneded lol)

    I have been recording the show's from the Sci Fi station, and I haven't had any problems,
    everything seems to be in order.

    I get that station here at 4pm, but I don't watch it then, I wait till I know I can watch them without being bugged, by my DH or Sis.

    Also the G4 station, has been showing them in order, they were out of sync for a while , but now, both stations are showing the same shows.

    I plan on spending the day in bed today, so I'll be playing the rest of the show's.

    Certain show's I have kept, most I just delet after I watch them.
    I kept the one with Hurley finding that VW Wagon, it brought back some memories for me, as that was the style of the 1st Van I owned.
    Had a blast in it, and I was lmao as I watched it over and over.

    Anyway, good to have some other Losties to chat with.
    I haven't been to active, lately, with all my stupid physical problems,
    Watching Lost, takes my mind off of the Pain, for awhile

  7. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member

    I am really looking forward to next week's episodes!

    There are some things I am puzzled about, though.

    With all the flash backs and forwards, I can't remember the time line very well.
    How much time passed between when the Oceanic Six came back to civilization and when Jack became convinced that he had to go back to the island?

    Was it like months or years in between?

    It looks to me like by the time this new season starts, when the survivors are all at the point of gathering together to go back to the island, that little Aaron is around two years old. Is that about right? What do you guys think?

    Also, how will they find the island if it has moved????

    Also, how did Locke get off the island? When did that happen? I'm so confused about that!

    Also, it seemed like we got glimpses that Sun's character may or may not be on the "side" of the rest of the Oceanic Six. Do you think Sun has become a bad character? Is she on Mr. Whidmore's side now, or is she just fooling him into thinking she is?

    I'm looking forward to getting lost in the whole mess again!

    Please, nobody put any spoilers on this thread!

  8. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    Hey gang!
    I am having some major computer problems, so if I come up missing for a while, proceed without me. I will return eventually. I may have to uninstall/reinstall windows. For the moment, I have installed Linux to get online and try to figure out how to fix Windows. Hopefully I will still have internet access. But if not, discuss away, and I will catch up asap.

    Sure glad I rewatched the finale last night. I needed a refresher!

    Sorry you have been feeling lousy Sharonk. I hope you feel better soon. I too am looking forward to Lost to lift my spirits and make me feel better. It's been a lousy year.

    Hi Forebarance!

    A few quick answers based on what we learned in the season 4 finale:

    They left the island in January 2005. The latest of the flash forwards (when we see Jack at the funeral parlor) are late 2007. So almost 3 years have passed. So since Aaron was born in late 2004, he is around 3. The passage of time also justified Walt's huge growth spurt.

    How will they find the island? Good question. We don't know. I guess that will be the newest mystery. It seems like it will be impossible, huh?

    How did Locke get off the island? We don't know that either, yet. It hasn't happened yet. We were seeing the "future." Last season, we were seeing things from island time - January 2005. The stuff in the flash forwards hasn't happened yet.

    In the finale, Jack told Ben at the funeral parlor, that Jeremy Bentham (the man in the coffin) said that things got really bad on the island because the oceanic 6 left. So we should find out this season what went down on the island after they left, that lead to the events we saw in the flash forwards. The first episode is titled "Because You Left".

    When Sun went to her father and told him she had bought a controlling stock in the company, she told him that 2 people were responsible for Jins death, and that he was one of them. I assume that she feels that Widmore was the other one. I suspect she is fooling Widmore. But I could be wrong. You know how it is.

    From the previews, it looks like season 5 will be off to an action packed start!

  9. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member

    Thanks, 4everkid! That answers my questions very well.

    I'm trying to wrap my brain around the idea that after seeing every single day in the lives of the crash survivors, we are now going to have to find out what happened on that island for THREE YEARS! Wow!

    Just think of all the events that could have happened in three years!

    At least we have sort of an idea of what happened to the Oceanic Six in those three years, from the flash forwards.

    What I keep thinking about is: What if the island moved somewhere cold? They don't have warm clothes on the island. The people and animals would suffer. (except for the polar bears)

    And will somebody on the island put a new recording into the radio tower transmitter that lists a new set of numbers, that could help someone find the island's new location? I'm guessing that maybe that is what the original numbers were for. ????

    I am going to be bothered until we find out what the purpose of those numbers was! lol

    Now that I think about it, I suppose that Locke probably got off the island in the same way that Ben used to do it. I suppose Locke now has Ben's "magic box".

    I'm still puzzling over the island's strange ability to sort of blur the lines between live people and dead people. I mean, it seems like dead people can be present just like live people there.


  10. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    Forebearance, you have got my mind racing now!

    Watching the finale rerun and seeing the 6 return home, I was struck by how all the events that took place on the island seemed like they happened over a period of years. But they were only missing for 108 days. It seemed so much longer! So much happened. And as you mentioned, the next two (short) seasons will have to cover 3 years. So the creators of Lost kind of warped time for us viewers.

    I was thinking the same thing about Locke getting off the island the same way Bed did. Maybe turning the wheel and going after the Oceanic6 will be the his only hope to save the island from whatever happens next that he said was Jacks fault for leaving.

    I also wonder if Widmore might have done the same thing in the past, and that's why he can't go back. A repercussion of turning the wheel was banishment from the Island. Widmore seems obsessed with finding the island. He even told Ben he wants "HIS island back". Maybe the island won't let him come back. So he pays a gazillion bucks to buy the Black Rock's first mate's journal, thinking he can learn what path it took to end up on the island. Sorry, Charlie! Only the good people get to be Islanders.

    You mentioned the blurred line between living and dead.

    YOu know how in the episode Meet Kevin Johnson (about Michael off island) it was mentioned many times how the island wouldn't let various things happen? It wouldn't let Michael kill himself till it was done with him, or let Jack jump off the bridge. It somehow has power over its former inhabitants.

    And you know how Ben told Jack that they all have to come back... even Locke?

    I wonder if this explains Christian Shephards undeadliness. (new word! Undeadliness) Maybe he lived there in the past, and the island made him come back. Everyone else seemed to be guided to be on flight 815. Why not Christian's corpse? And I wonder if once returned to the island, Locke will be undead like Christian. Will he hang out in the spooky shack with the rest of the dead gang?

    Thinking about the other undead people.... Jacob, Eko's brother Yemi, Charlie, maybe Claire...who else?

    Maybe only "the good people" get to come back to life and work for the island. Perhaps all the people who died and stayed dead, weren't on Jacobs list.

    I am really starting to feel like the island is more than a bit of high land jutting out of the ocean.

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  11. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member

    Ooo, that's a great idea about Widmore having moved the island in the past.

    Imagine an island having power over a person!

    I like your new word. Undeadliness! I could totally see Locke hanging out in the cabin with Jacob, Christian, and Claire. I hope we get to see more of Claire.

    And what if we could see more of Charlie? That would be so cool!

    That's a good idea about what Jacob's list could mean.

    Yeah, ditto about the island. And why did the Dharma Institute choose it to put their stations on? Did they know it was special, or not?
  12. TwinMa

    TwinMa New Member

    As usual, you guys have good discussions going already! Having people ask and answer questions is very good, because even though I just watched the first 3 seasons over again, I’m still not putting all the pieces together. Keep it up everyone! (I did get to get to see some of the Season 4 on SciFi—thanks for the head’s up 4everkid!).

    Here’s a recap of where I figure they all were at the end of season 4. Let me know if I forgot anyone, or got any of it wrong!

    Oceanic Six – rescued:

    Walt – off the island living with his Grandma in New York

    Still on Penny’s boat, alive:
    Frank Lapidus (chopper pilot)

    Ben – moved the island using the frozen donkey wheel, flash forward showed he was alive in Tunisia, then later seen in London talking to Widmore

    On the freighter when it blew up– dead?
    Michael – near the explosives when they blew
    Jin – running on the deck

    On the island when it disappeared:
    Sawyer – sitting on the beach drinking rum w/Juliet
    Juliet – sitting on the beach drinking rum w/Sawyer
    Locke – entering the camp of the Others (supposedly as the new leader)
    Richard Alpert - welcoming Locke to the Other’s camp
    Claire - MIA, last seen at Jacob's cabin?

    Daniel Faraday– on the life boat between the island and the freighter

    Keamy – stabbed to death by Ben
    Naomi - knifed to death by John "I'm not a murderer" Locke
    Charlie – blown up by Patchy, but seen by Hurley at the nuthouse
    Patchy (Mikhail) – blew himself up at the Looking Glass station
    Alex - shot by Keamy in front of Ben
    Karl – shot by persons unknown (probably dead)
    Danielle – shot by persons unknown (maybe not quite dead??)
    Mr. Friendly (Tom) – shot by Sawyer on the beach
    Mr. Eko – killed by the monster (Smokey), but seen only by Hurley at the nuthouse (playing chess)
    Danny Pickett – shot by Juliet so Sawyer & Kate & Karl could escape
    Anthony Cooper (Locke’s dad) – killed by Sawyer at the Black Rock
    Libby – shot by Michael
    Ana Lucia – shot by Michael
    Nikki & Paolo – buried alive after spider bite (oops)
    Goodwin – impaled by Ana Lucia
    Ethan – shot by Charlie for kidnapping Claire
    Dr. Arzt - blown up by dynamite at the Black Rock
    Shannon – shot by Ana Lucia (oops)
    Boone – died from complications from falling in the Nigerian plane
    Federal Agent - shrapnel to the gut from the crash
    Pilot of 815 - killed by the monster, sucked out of the cockpit

    Roger Linus - Ben's dad, gassed to death by Ben in the VW Darma microbus

    Christian – still dead, but seen in Jacob’s cabin, on the freighter, and other places

    As far as other people seen on the island after their deaths (the undeads), how about Ben’s mom? Ben saw her a couple of times when he was a kid.

    I can’t wait until this Wednesday!

    BTW, I obviously didn't talk at all about the Flash Forwards. That's too much for my brain to process all at once!

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  13. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    Forebearance - It is hard to believe that Charlie is really dead. He seems to be working for the island off-island. I wonder if when the O6 return, he will pop up in the clubhouse of the dead along with Jacob, Christian and Claire. They are going to need a bigger shack pretty soon!

    Great list TwinMa! That was a lot of work, and some good memory too! You are like a living database!

    One correction though. Alex is dead. Remember when Keamy and the other freighter mercenaries showed up at Otherville? Keamy shot Alex in front of Ben.

    Now with the new season starting, Ben is stuck off island. I think everyone got this when the finale aired, but just in case not, I will mention it again. Remember the scene in "The Shape Of Things to Come" ( a Ben flashforward episode) where he wakes up in the desert in a parka with blood on his arm, and is surrounded by armed desert thugs? Thats where he landed when he moved the island. He shot forward to October 2005/Tunisia. (Makes you wonder if that Polar Bear Charlotte found in Tunisia was a donkey wheel turner too.)

    Shortly after that, Ben makes that visit to Widmore in London, where he says that Widmore changed the rules. He tells him he will find Penny and kill her so Widmore can feel the pain he feels. Widmore tells Ben he wants his island back. They both tell each other you'll never find her/it.

    None of that desert stuff made any sense till the finale when we saw Ben put the parka on, then gash his arm on the broken ladder on the way down to turn the donkey wheel.

    This is probably one reason why they showed the flash forwards backwards, from most recent past to more distant past. The season 4 DVD has a feature where they show all the flashforwards by themselves in order. It begins with the O6 leaving the island and ends with the scene in the funeral home. I haven't seen it, but I heard it made a lot more sense to see them in chronological order.

    Don't forget Vincent! He is still alive on the island.

    I wonder where Hermitlady and PainterZ and Tleaw are. Is Elaine still posting here? They were all still posting on the Lost thread towards the end of season 4. Wonder if they are still around.
  14. TwinMa

    TwinMa New Member

    I forgot about Keamy shooting Alex. Darn. Selective memory, I guess. That was such a cold-blooded brutal death. Keamy is a total killing machine. He reminds me of the fighting Uruk-hai in the Lord of the Rings. Especially the scene where the big nasty Uruk-hai kills Boromir and then is killed by Aragorn. Oops, a little of track there. Back to Lost.

    I thought of a few more people that I left off my original list. Naomi, Arzt, the federal agent, the pilot of 815. I'll see if I can edit my list above. I find it difficult to edit on this new board, but I'll give it a shot. I think they hauled Naomi back on the chopper, didn't they? So she would be dead on the boat, right?

    And Vincent! How could I have forgotten Vincent!

    Ben being in Tunisia! Also forgot that. See how much I missed by not seeing all of season 4 again!

    Seeing the flashforwards by themselves in order sounds awesome! I get really turned around about what happened when.

    Here's an interesting aside. I like reading credits, so I was interested when I saw a second person with the last name of Perrineau. Harold Perrineau is the actor who plays Michael. Brittany Perrineau appeared in the credits. I found out Brittany is Harold's wife. She played the lotto girl (Mary Jo) that drew the winning numbers when Hurley won big. She also slept with Sawyer. Sawyer and Mary Jo were getting busy in a hotel room when Hibbs turned on the light and asked Sawyer for a moment.

    I also hope some of our lost Losties make it back to our island. Where are you Hermitlady, PanterZ, Tleaw, s-elaine, mollystwin? C'mon lurkers! Chime in! We'd love to hear from you!
  15. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member

    I like the idea of the clubhouse of the dead, 4everkid!

    Thank you for the list, TwinMa! That was great!

    Aw, Vincent! I hope he's all right.

    You answered a question I was thinking about. I was wondering if there was any way that Jin could have survived the explosion on the ship. I forgot about Daniel Faraday being somewhere in the ocean between the ship and the island. What if he circled back and picked up some survivors from the ship explosion?

    And then the question would be: Could the little inflatable boat have made it back to the island before it disappeared? I kind of doubt that they would have had enough time to make it back there.

    And if the little boat with Daniel and any possible ship survivors had been rescued by another passing ship, then we would have probably seen Jin come home by now, wouldn't we?

    4everkid, I would bet that the polar bear in Tunisia was the subject of an experiment, like the teleporting bunnies.

    I'd like to see that scene of Ben in Widmore's bedroom again!

    Wow, that would be cool to be able to see all the flash forwards in order. Are they on the last disk of season 4? I will try to rent it.

    I wonder where in time this new season will pick up.

    Thinking about the island dwellers -- gosh, some more of them could have become pregnant in three years. I wonder if Juliet and Sawyer hooked up. I hope they used Dharma condoms, if so! (Although how good would those be???) lol

    And wait a minute.... I always sort of assumed that Mr. Widmore might be the one behind sending fresh supplies to the island. If he didn't know where the island was, then who was arranging for all those supply drops? Ben? And does Ben still know where to send the supplies since the island moved?

    Oh, the mind boggles.
  16. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    TwinMa, I could ramble just as long over Lord Of The Rings! I read that when I was a preteen, and at least a dozen times since! Huge fan here!

    Forebearance - It was stated on the show that when the island vanished, the Hydra Island was gone too. The freighter was only 5 miles off shore, and Daniel and the raft-o-redshirts was somewhere in between. I am hoping that Jin jumped, swam hard, and either got picked up by the raft or transported with the island. Daniel HAS to be alive. He is too important - he's the only one who understands what's going on.

    As for the polar bear - I wouldn't want to be the one who had to stuff him in the little transport chamber!

    The FF's are on disc 6 of the set. The episodes are on 1-4, and disc 5 & 6 are bonus features.

    If this season is like the others, it will open with a scene that makes us wonder if we are on the wrong channel. But hopefully after that, they will pick up where they left off - wherever and whenever that is.

    I haven't thought about the supply drops for a while. Maybe they were sent way back in the past to the orig Dharma people. But the whole time mess made them arrive decades late - yet still fresh.

    TwinMa - if you were watching the sci-fi reruns, "The Shape of Things to Come" where Alex was shot and Ben was off island in his FF's, was one of the episodes they skipped.

    After a 9 month hiatus, I am glad they are doing a recap episode to start off the new season. They always do, but this time, I welcome it.

    Yes, I hope more of our own Lost gang makes it back to our little haven of all things Lost. Llama/Jill was missing all last season. Maybe she will return. Unfortunately we lost the twins, Mollystwin and Twinofdar. One was banned and the other left with her. I miss them. Rafiki gave up on Lost about mid-season right before things got really good. I hope she changed her mind and will rejoin us. Other less regular posters included kjm, Lindy139, msbsgblue, Cindi, Bigmama2 and jmcdelaney.

    Yeah... that's right. I know who you Lost fans and lurkers are! So if you are out there reading and lurking, get in here! We're expecting you.

    Come Wednesday, I will start up a fresh new thread for the big premier. After working feverishly all weekend, I got my computer fixed in time for some heavy Lost talk. I am so excited! TWO more days!!!!!

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