It's been 2 weeks since the gallbladder surgery

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    And today I have been getting some muscle cramping like leg cramps and it was hurting to take a deep breath and I have a temp of 99 { Normal body temp is 97.6} so I called the doctor as this was just a few minutes ago and this was what I was told. " Don't worry about the temp it is normal for most people to run a body temp that is higher than their normal one is. And as for the cramps in my side and that they are really painfull and they make breatheing hurt,, the doctor said that all this is NORMAL and the cramps are from the scopes being moved around my stomache and now that I am moving more they are responding with more pain . But there is NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT. Use a ice pack as often as I can during the day and take Advil to ease the muscle cramps as it workes better than narcotic pain meds that I still am on and I should expect this " TYPE OF PAIN ON THE SCALE OF 8 AND ABOVE TO CONTINUE FOR THE NEXT MONTH OR MORE AND IT IS ALL HOW MY BODY RESPONDS TO THIS SURGERY AND HAVING FIBRO, CMP, AND SPINAL STENOSIS AND DEGENERATIVE DISC DIESASE THEY ARE MOST LIKLY CAUSEING MY BODY THE FIBRO AND THE REST TO FLARE."

    So I can expect to have this pain for over a month as my gallbladder was infected and really bad and full of the infection it was harder on my body than normal. But I should rest as much as i can , but I can go out side and walk up the street from driveway to driveway to get useed to moving around, And NO more scrubbing the stove and don't even think about vaccuming the carpet Get some one else to do it for you. And eat better . I have NO appitite at all so I am eating yourgurt and banana's, krackin bran ceral for the fiber, I am eating grapes and I have some chicken breasts to make sandwiches with or just eat the meat for the protien. I have had alot of chicken noodle soup and chicken broth with rice and i eat up to 6 times a day but small meals.

    The doctor and I had a long chaat and he said that women of my age group have a harder time getting better as we think that we are the super mom's and have to do everything, jobs, take care of kids or grandkids, clean the house do laundry and we tend to really over do it and make things worse on our bodies. and I am 49 really old.

    He said that if my breahthing get hard to breath go to the ER but so far it just hurt like sHE$% when i take a deep breathe. But I also have ashtma and i have my inhaler to use too and I feel like I am getting enough 02. I was misinformed by this surgery having been told that you will be able to be back to work in 3-5 days and be bac to my normal self in 2 weeks and I am no where near where I was before I had the surgery. So I am to eat better and rest more and use ice on my side and belly to help ease the swelling inside of my body and use advil too. And to espect that the pain I am having no will last up to 2-3 months but the body temp should settle down sooner Ffun right ? NO way.

    But I did feel better when the doctor told me that i was "NORMAL" wiht running a higher body temp but it is not up high enough to go to the ER and I have NO signs of any infections in my insistions. And I will be having this pain stay with me for a longer time than I thought. But like I said to use ice on it and it should feel better . but NO house work at all and I shoud just reat as much as i can as my abnromal body has gone through a trauma and it is showing it. So I am Normal in one thing. But I don't like having the pain in the side for over a month but I will deal with it. and do as I am told and it I get worse I will either see my doctor or go to the ER. My surgen has told me that my gall bladder was realy bad and was full of infection and it really needed to come out and it had been this was chronic for quite a while so it is slower for me to heal instead of the gallbladder just statred to have the galstones. Mine had them for a long time so it will tkae me longer to heal from the surgery and anesthisa. I thought that the meds that I was given in the OR were long gone by now but there hang arond for awhile to. HOw much fun is that.

    I don't and won't ever believe a doctor who tells me that this surgery will only take you 3-5 day to recover from becaues it is not true.

    Well me and my achey brackey body are going to go to bed now and try to sleep. Sorry for the repeiting of everything. I am off to bed now thanks for your llleting me whine and vent .
    HUGS Rosemarie
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    Sorry you are having problems but it looks like you are on the road to getting better! Whine and vent all you want thats why we are here! Lynn
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    well it sounds like your not having fun for sure. i remeber when i had mine out i was about 29 years old i had the darn stones in there since i was 19 years old. yuck!

    i got slice from my navel to my sternum i look like a road map, more sacres than most men have.

    anyways i don't know how the heck someone said you could go back to work after 2-5 days or two weeks, i could hardly leave the house everything i ate went right through me. i had to call the dentist i worked for and tell him that when i come back i may need to leave the room because of needing to go to the pot and i could not wait. maybe tht was the start of my ibs and fibro. but my mil said the same thing happened to her aswell.

    but the pain part was better than the part before the surgery for me. i was very ill, i have a hereditary blood disease called spherocytosis, red blood cells not chaped right. i had to get my spleen removed at the same time of the gall bladder. it was truly a relief for me , between the pain and the severve anemai it was a blessing for me. i now you will get better and yo still have that darn antesia in your system, give it couple of more weeks and i bet you will be telling us your jumping up and down on your bed like a little kid. i used to get in trouble for doing that when i was a

    well take care of yourself

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    I had mine removed when I was 25, I am 49 now.

    Because of my age the surgeon did a sideways incision, he said it will be less noticeable than the standard one. So I have about a 5 inch scar just below my right ribcage.

    I know afterwards it hurt like mad. It felt raw inside and I remember having to go Christmas shopping and ready to scream blue murder if anyone so much as touched my side!

    That was about 10 days after the op.. it takes about 6 weeks to start the main healing forward six months - I was helping my mum redecorate and we folded up a carpet and just lifted it and holy cow.. I was in agony!

    My whole side hurt, I couldn't take in air without pain. I literally had to try to use my left lung only to breathe with! My mum bandaged me up and I waited a few days but it didn't go away, finally I went to the doctor ( I was abroad at the time thats why I delayed seeing a doc) and he looked at my scar and he said "Dear, you have not healed from surgery" I said of course I have that was six months ago!! He said no, your scar is red when you are fully healed inside the scar will go white.. until then DO NOT lift heavy items, do not over do things at all!

    Apparently I had torn the ligaments in my side (ones that had been cut during surgery I assume) and strapping was the best thing and only thing that could be done. I was in agony weeks before that healed but I learnt my lesson.

    So healing takes months and months, listen to your doc and rest up as much as possible otherwise you will do what I did and have it all over again at a later time :(

    take care

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