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    For those of you that remember my previous posts, I was having issues at work being harassed by coworkers. Well finally they gave me a new job to do which was wonderful, I didnt have to mess with those hateful women. We were taken into a meeting with the big boss the Fri before 4th of July. Basically he told us either to get along or those who didnt would deal with him. That same day I went to my Dr's appointment. Telling him of all the issues and the concern I had about losing my job. We decided it would be best for me to take xanex at 9am and at 1pm to keep me calm while working. I also started meditating. I lived thru the entire month, I only spoke to them if it pertained to work and then I was syrupy sweet. A month later we were again taken into a meeting with him to see how things are going. These girls did everything to get me fired on that day. He finally asked them did any of this occur in the past thirty days and they all had to admit no I was a "good girl". The big boss turned to me and said he knew I was trying very hard and that he appreciated it. He also apologized to me for my coworkers who could not grow up. He also told me he would not blame me if I didnt ask them for any assistance. So we leave the meeting after they lost most of their behinds from being chewed on. I left with the satisfaction that now the management knew what I had been trying to tell them for a long time. We even went as far as moving me out of the "hornets nest" so that things would be easier for me. Everything was great I was showing my bosses that it was a better fit for me doing the new tasks assigned. I was happy and having a good time getting very old claims paid.

    Then one day my sisters boss called me, she knew that before I was looking for a job. They work for the state of Oklahoma so needless to say those are great jobs. She called to tell me her husband needed an administrative assistant and gave me his number to call him about it. He and I talked that evening (I was at home with my child) and our personalities were clicking. He asked me to come into the office the next day on my lunch hour to do an in person interview. I did this and when I left he gave me a folder of paperwork to fill out, an application and then 3 form letters for coworkers to fill out as references. I asked one coworker that I have worked with at another job to fill one out and she did. I also asked one of the girls that was "on my side" during the whole episodes of harassment. She said she would but would not do it at work, I told her to just drop it by my house because she lives around the corner. The interview was on Tuesday the following Monday, I asked her for the letter she said her neice and nephew had gotten in her car and tore up the paper. I said no big deal that I would figure something out. I turned in all the folder on Tuesday (one week after the interview) I never ever wait that long to turn in things like that. Anyway a week ago last Wednesday, I was plugging along at work doing what I was suppose to and my phone rang and it was my supervisor asking me to come into the office managers office.

    I go in and on the desk is the "torn up form letter" needless to say I began to fume. I was told that they had heard that I went on an interview and had asked people in the office to fill out the reference letters. She then said they were told that if I got the job that I would not give them any notice. I told them first of all I didnt get the job and second of all I would give them as much notice as I could depending on when the new employer wanted me to start. They said they were disappointed in me because this was the way I was paying them back for accommodating me. Accommodating me? What telling my coworkers to quit harassing me? Writing me up for making typose? Making me be on more medication than I could afford? Anyway they told me that that day would be my last. They told me at 4:45pm I went and packed up my desk and walked out the door, I didnt even clock out.

    So now here I sit unemployed because I went on an interview. I am in terrible pain because of the heat here. And its awful dang hard to be cheery while you beg some one to give you a job.

    Also I didnt get the job because I turned in my folder too late. He made the decision on the Monday night and I turned mine in on Tuesday. So the "snitch" cost me 2 jobs.

    I am scared to death that I will never find a job. And I cant afford to pay for my meds now, so I wonder how long this flair up is going to last.

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    The ending of your story just makes me furious for you! What a horrible person to do that to you...

    I hope the next chapter brings you only good things! Maybe do medical bilings or insurance forms from home?

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    Dear Mykasmom:

    I read your story and was enraged by the treatment you have received. Last I looked it is not against the rules to go on an interview, especially if you did not take any time off from work to do it. I do not believe that it is valid reason to fire you. I would suggest you check with unemployment, as you were fired...and probably without cause. Also look into filing a harrassment claim against them...they might settle with you to keep it from becoming a drawn out problem. You might call an attorney. Not sure of your details, like how long you worked for the company. Do you have any of the incidents documented on paper, either by management, H/R or yourself?

    It is unfortunate that you had to learn that your "friend" was not really your friend at all. I am sure that she saw it as an opportunity to get bonus points with her supervisors.

    I wish you luck, and hope that something works out for you.

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    I want to thank you all for your support. I know its not right that my employer fired me for going on an interview but in Oklahoma as with many states it is a hire and fire at will state. Which basically means they dont have to have a reason to fire you. I am definitely eligible for unemployment just waiting on all the red tape. Thanks again!!!! Hugs
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    i was thinking for sure a harrassment suit due to retailization for new possible employment...this is insane..

    but i would still check w/every deptmanent...

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    maybe you could've gotten reference letters from past employers then you may have that nice job....

    sorry for that bad law in oklahoma