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    hi everyone i have not posted for about a year i think, trying to get my RA under control, just had a right knee synovectomy in may, and the rest of me seems to want to flare up all the freakin time. i think im going to be moved from humira to renekade...anyone have any stories to share about this drug? they tell me they are running out of options, its been 4 years now, im only 33 and im not willing to run out of options yet. any suggestions?
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    You should tell them your options are just getting started. I'm only 26 and have had improvments in the last 1 1/2 years.

    Please <a href="">CLICK HERE</a> to see what I take. And <a href="">CLICK HERE</a> to see my improvements.

    Good luck to you foxy

    Edited to add eat Brazil nuts instead of taking selenium in supplement form. Your poor cartilage needs the silica that Brazil nuts provide.

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