Its been years of healing ( what has helped me)

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    Hello , to all my fellow sufferers. I have CFIDS and FM and have been sick since 1992 and feel as if I have missed
    most of my life. My healing experience has been a journey. I feel as if one thing followed another as it was suppose to. I don't tolerate meds or supplements well so I have had to go slowly. I was completely bedfast for 3 years then I started acupuncute. I know a lot of you may have tried it and thought it wasn't working. It takes months or years depending on how sick you are. I saw small improvemenets. Just bits of hope. My doctor says that acupuncture is no quick fix because it is teaching the body to heal itself.
    Over the past year I have seen great strids in my energy level and much less pain. It was slow going for so long then my body began to heal and now I see new improvments every week. I still have days which I feel awful but that is the nature of this beaset. I also take Co Q -10 100mg. which has improved my energy and Ginkgo Biloba which has helped clear some of the brain fog. I take Vit. E, Calcium , magnesium with Zinc which helps with pain and to build the immuse system. I have a lot of sinus infections.
    I was also surprised that after years that my doctor checked my iron satruation level and it was too low. He offered no solution so I am taking Blood Builders from the health food store and my Iron satruation level came from 8 to 24 in 6 months. The normal is 14 to 55. You may want to check this out as I have now read many CFIDS and FM
    patients have low Iron Saturation levels. Just hang in and
    know I remember each of you every day as we battle together.

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