It's Costo again!!!!

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  1. TaniaF

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    Could someone tell me what causes Costo Chondritis--is it part of arthritis or FM? I get it all along the diaphram bones and in the center of my breastbone down by my stomach. The pain is agonizing--been putting a heating pad on the area and rubbing it at night with arthritis ointment. Does anyone else get it there and along the bottom of the breast???

    My FM seems to move to different areas daily---is this normal? Any suggestions for the Costo?

    Thanks friends,
  2. Mikie

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    Are you sure it's costo? Costo is an inflammation typically caused by bronchial inflammation which kind of settles in between the ribs.

    Any new symptom should be checked out and assumed to be related to our FMS pain. And, yes, FMS pain can move all over the place and costo pain can involve the check, breasts, back, and arms.

    Sometimes just taking anti-inflmmatories like ibuprophen on a regular basis can get rid of some of the inflammation.

    Love, Mikie
  3. TaniaF

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    You hit the nail on the head, so to speak. yes, I have aching along the ribs, breast, chest, and back. I was just on the phone with the ARNP and she said it was probably the FM flaring vs the costo. I hate when it's at the diaphram, as it feels like someone has their fist in there. Yesterday it was my hips and knees, I could hardly walk and this is unsual for me, as my FM is somewhat mild. I'm on the southeast coast of Florida and we've been having rain in the forecast so maybe I'm a walking weather caster. I wish I could take an anti-inflamatory but it would only make my stomach burn, so I guess it's tylenol and the heating pad.
    Thanks so much for your post.
    would love to hear from others--if they suffer from this same malady.
  4. Mikie

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    I looked at my post and it looks as though it were written by a drunk! I leave out words which completely changes the meaning of the sentence. Fortunately for me, we have all learned to kind of decipher each other's mumbo jumbo.

    I live on the other side of FL and it's raining as we speak. We really need it. The weather changes down here don't bother me much in the summer with the afternoon rains. It's in the winter when we get the occasional cold front and the pressure drops that I feel it.

    I believe Tylenol is an anti-inflammatory, but it is hard on the liver. When my costo got so bad I couldn't sleep, I had the sore spot bet. the ribs injected with cortisone and it lasted a year.

    Love, Mikie
  5. klutzo

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    It usually only gets as bad as yours when it's 40 degrees and rainy out, which thankfully only occurs in December or January here (I'm in west central Florida).
    The two things that help me most for costo are Xanax and wearing a sports bra. If you are an A or B cup, the sports bra may not help, but if you are big like me it will help a lot by stopping all that bouncing which pulls on your chest muscles.
    I could not deal with costo without Xanax which relaxes the muscles enough so I can at least breathe. Like you, I cannot tolerate anti-inflammatories, and a heating pad can only be tolerated for so long when it's 90 degrees!
    I hope you feel better soon.
  6. TaniaF

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    Do you think that Costo Chondritis could be viral related?
    I have it chronically--as my FM moves around so does the costo. There is a good article in immune support's archive.

    Klutzo--that's a good idea about the sport shirts--I've been wearing knit tank tops as the bras hit some painful spots.

    I'm just having a terrible time with it---and if it's related to rain--I'm in for a long rainy summer. Hope the hurrican season isn't as bad as they predict.

  7. Sonnet

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    Hi Tania,

    I also suffer from costo daily and it drives me bananas but just try to put up and get on with it. Mine also moves, but trying not to worry about it and concentrating on something else helps me a little. Had a massage the other day which has caused a flare of back pain, but on other ocassions it has helped heaps - what is for sure is that our bodies are certainly not normal!!!!!

    I have had everything done to help me with the costo - my savior is the prednisolone 4mg which helps 100%. Also found rolfing, massage and acupuncture helps on and off - stay out there and find what works for you!

    Good Luck
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  8. TaniaF

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    My posture is bad and I have scoliosis as well as osteoporosis. Do you think one of those posture bras would help the costo? I have had this aching on and off the entire month and Oh, how I wish it would go away for good. It's like a long FM flare--maybe it is???
  9. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Ask your doc about some physical therapy. There are some stretches which will help with your posture and with the pain. Many with FMS tend to walk and sit with the head sticking out forward instead of over the body. PT can help tremendously with this.

    Love, Mikie
  10. tes

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    Hi Tania. It's me Tes. It has been awhile since we last talked. And yes, my rib pain is still here. I was doing really well for three weeks straight, and for about a week now it has hit me pretty bad. The pain is absolutely horrific. It controls me soooo much. My spirits and good moods are totally destroyed when it acts up like this. My pain is also along the diaphram(below the breasts) and the ribs on each side of my stomach(lower ribs). It also hurts alot along my waistline. There, it is more of a twisting, grinding pain. I also have alot of gas. Do you have gas as well? Do you find that you become constipated more frequently. I have done so many tests since this pain started last July. Have you had any kind of testing done? I do find stress plays a big role in this and the weather. We have been having rain, cold, warm weather mixed in together. I think these drastic changes affect this illness. I take amitriptyline at bedtime to sleep. If I don't take this, there is no way in hell I can sleep because the pain is so bad. It waxes and wanes throughtout the day. At times it's unbearable. I just keep rubbing the ribs to feel some relief. I also have bad posture and I am trying to correct this. I am considering starting massage and physical therapy. I can't stand to deal with this anymore. Anyhow, it was nice chatting with you and please post back. Best reagards, Tes.
  11. TaniaF

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    I wanted to talk to you and didn't know how to reach you.

    The pain got better and now has hit me with a vengence. Mine now is along the sternum but mostly at the bottom where it meets the stomach, also along those bones under the breasts. It's been horrible. I do find it feels better when I stand straight, but my posture is kind of hunched over. Do you think one of those posture bras might help? The only test I took recently was an ultrsound of the liver, pancreas and gall bladder. Everything was the same as the previous-all OK. I do have some mini polyps in my gall bladder, but the GI doctor said these cause no problems.

    The funny thing is that my fingers have always had some arthritis but now they have gotten so bad that it hurts to write with a pencil. My FM is moving around and somedays I have pain in the hips and knees and then it moves right back to the ribs again.

    The weather has been very warm in Florida, but we have been getting afternoon rain---then it gets very humid. Could the weather be the culprit or maybe an aftermath from a sinus infection last month.

    I'm thinking of calling the doctor today to get an x-ray done and then maybe an MRI. If we know what we're dealing with then maybe therapy would help. I can't take heavy meds cause it upsets my stomach. So, I only take Tylenol. I'm afraid of vioxx cause of it's bad reports. And yes, I have had a problem with intestinal gas for years. I hear it rumbling and whenever I get an x-ray done--there are white patches and I asked the dr---he said it was GAS. I don't get constipated alot--it varies from every other day to everyday which are looser. I have IBS.

    Oh, my friend, please email me so we can chat about our woes. Hope you feel better as you have young children to take care of. Mine are grown, so that's not the problem although I have dogs and they are like children sometimes.

    Looking forward to hearing from you,
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