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    Everything I have to get through the next several days. Little son plays on 2 competition baseball teams, which involves tons of travelling. Weve had 2 practices this wk and again thurs and fri. Then games both days this wknd to a town an hour and a half away. Theyre guaranteed 3 games but if they win they keep playing. Dont get me wrong--I love the games and even practice-but I dont know how Im Going to pull this off. DH does the hauling of chairs, coolers, canopy etc...but this is beyond hard. Little son handles all the practice and games w flying colors...Im the problem as usual. Trying to not stress ahead of time. Dont think Im succeeding. Any advice anyone? Id appreciate any suggestions........Rebecca
  2. Misfit101

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    Sitting out a game would be my answer if it were possible. Since we will be so far from home its not an option. Most of my life has been dealing with my back issues. Its since the frequency and severity of the fm and cfs have drastically increased the last year that I have sought to know and understand them. Im still new to this particular "game". I read a lot about pacing yourself but what happens when you cant? Or is there a way? Oh Im confused. Thanks for replying, jam....
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    Seems your son may be on one of the sports traveling teams/leagues.
    I have a nephew that is and his family travels also with the games being quite a distance.

    Pacing yourself can help, although i get to a collapse point to where i have to lay down.

    If staying at hotel/motel can you rest there and then return to the game.
    If not, what about laying down in the vehicle. Take a pillow & blanket to be comfy in your vehicle when you need too.

    Just a thought.
    I hope you can find a way to rest this weekend when you need too.
    I understand these games can be all day events.

  4. Misfit101

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    That is exactly what hes on. Two of them. Your nephew plays so you know what Im up against. Ive been wracking my brain this last wk. And thank you for your suggestions...Ive got to figure out how to make this work. My car is uncomfortable to lie down in and DHs truck isnt an extended cab. Tight squeeze. This game isnt far enough away to warrant a motel room tho the next one will be. If we had the money Id probably get one this time. I guess Im just going to have to suck it up and do the best I can with what Ive got. And next year maybe just one team. If I can push that one past my son. Thank you for responding. I see crashes in my future. Maybe some day these will be a thing of the past and we can all have normal lives.
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    DH is going to put a blow up mattress in the back of the truck. Blow it up when I need to lie down. Were going to take both vehicles so we wont be so cramped. Wish gas wasnt so high. Weve got to take a ton of stuff so maybe this is the best solution. Wish me luck!
  6. spacee

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    It is what I do when we go on car trips.

    I take a twin size comforter, very soft but not too much light goes through and put it behind the front passenger seat.

    Sit in that seat.

    Pull the comforter over the seat, over my head. To give me some dark space.

    Recline the seat as far as it will go.

    Bring extra pillows for padding where needed and to put under my head.

    And, what I don't leave home without, earplugs.

    Still, I know this is very hard on you. Extremely hard.



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