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    I have been so upset since the other night when measure 30 was voted down in Oregon. The result will be drastic cuts in the state budget. 50,000 low income people in Oregon (myself included) will lose their state health insurance probably as soon as May 1st. I have cried and complained and prayed about what I will do with no health coverage.

    Tonight I feel like a great weight has been lifted from my shoulders. You see, I finally decided to place it in God's hands. I can honestly say I feel totally relieved. My Father will provide for ALL of my needs.

    It got me to thinking though. Why do we say we TRUST IN THE LORD, but we still hold onto all our problems instead of giving them to Him and trusting Him to take care of them? I know of so many times I have made myself ill from the stress of worrying about problems that I didn't know how to fix and all seemed hopeless. And I can honestly testify that when as a last resort, in desparation I have given these problems to the Lord he has never forsaken me.

    Why then, do we only give him our problems as a last resort? Wouldn't life be easier if we went to Him first? To truly have faith, and trust Him completely?

    Please pray for me to stop trying to "handle " things by myself, and to go to the Lord first and not as a last resort. My faith is strong, and I do trust in Him completely so why do I keep trying to do it all myself?

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    Its because we are human that we are so prone to go into the worry mode. It is the Holy Spirit, I do believe, that brings us back and enables us to give our problems to the Lord.

    Lois, I also think that trying to handle things ourselves comes from a lot of things. For me, it was not having a real trustworthy person in my life, even as a child. There was nothing stable. So, in so many ways, I tried to take care of myself.

    I do pray that you (we)smile-will run to Him first and realize that He is reliable(trustworthy).

    Also, we have an enemy, a real adversary of our Lord and His children. Praise God, He is mightier than anything that can and will come against us. God Loves His children and like a mother hen spreads her wings over her chicks to protect them, Our Lord covers us in the Palm of His Hand.

    Oh, how I Praise Him. He is worthy of all Honor and Glory!!
    I pray that He will remove these barriers that keep His children from seeking Him first. That the cause of that will be bound and put far from us.

    Its hard to not have insurance. I still do not have coverage for medicine, praying that we will get the coverage from Medicare(disability and other) like other insurance companies do. I believe we will.

    I have heard it said, that God is seldom early and never late.I do not know who said that, but i do know that He is real, His Son is my Saviour, and that He is able to do far more than we can think or or even imagine.

    Love to you and God Bless, blessings
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    Hello Lois,

    I will be praying for you also Lois. Sorry to hear about your insurance and I will pray to Lord to fullfill your needs. You are so right when you said, All we should ever do is just give all our troubles and problems in life over to the Lord. It is like a big weight lifted off of our shoulders. I try to thank the Lord for the blessings he has given me in good and bad times. God bless you Lois.