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    I have always put Jesus Christ first in my life and faith in every obstacle I faced the past 3 years. I have been dealing alot lately with forgiveness of my x husband. No matter how much i pray for forgiveness of this man something happens that triggers such resentment and feelings of unworthliness. This is a man who tormented me for 24 years as an alcoholic and treating me and my sons so horrible. since i was raised Catholic divorce ws out of the question until i got sick. Since my x had alot of money of which he hoarded my parents and all my friends always told me to stay with him. It was against my religion. I finally prayed and prayed and figured out for myself a loving God would never want me to be this unhappy and unsafe living with this man who continually threatened me if i decided to leave him. When i finally did he stalked, threatened , stole, broke into my new apartment and manipulated both my sons almost to a point of suicide. There is also a question of him possibly poisoning me since i was loaded with all these chemicals in my body. He owned a lawn business and had acccess to all the illegal chemicals that he obtained without the license legally he needed. This is always on the back of my mind and i continually try to pray for forgiveness for him I just can't seem to overcome this and forgive him. I know i am going on and on but i feel this weight on my heart and do not understand why God does not lift this burden off me. Last nite i went to a confirmation and asked the Bishop to bless me. I am desperate. So please pray for me if anyone will remeber to. I would be so grateful and God bless all of you and I will pray for you all. Thank you Kasha
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    I want you to know that you are in my prayers, both for your request for you to be able to forgive your husband, as well as for God to ease the burden of this on your heart and mind. You are not alone, and so many of us struggle with this from time to time. I am so sorry for the hurtful things in your past that you have with this man. You mentioned your sons, and I may be assuming wrong, but if they are children you share with this man, maybe this could be a place for you to start to begin to heal. I know that my son is my pride and joy, he is such a blessing to me. Perhaps this could be a place for you to focus on to begin this process that you are struggling so desperately with. Remember, God loves you and will remain by your side so long as you let him in. Take care, and keep us posted. You're in my prayers.

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    Dearest Kasha ,

    Hello dear one . YES , YES , YES , I will pray for you and your situation ! I agree with you , that the Lord would not want you to stay in an abusive , dangerous relationship ! You have made the right decision sweety , and God will give you the strength to carry on ! Also , if you believe that your ex may have poisioned you , please contact the athorities , and go get a blood and tissue sample taken ! Poisions will show up in them . Bless your heart ! I know alittle of what you are going through , as my ex-husband tried to kill me several times , and was severely abusive to me & my son for 17 yrs ! I have NEVER talked about that here on the boards before ! I am happily re-married now , and have been for 12 yrs. , however , I STILL find myself "re-living" the experiences of thoes times in my heart and mind . My ex still makes his presence known through our 2 children , and his attitude towards them . Even though they are grown now , he still trys to play "mind games" with them . Sweety , I pray that you will be able to overcome the horrible things you have been through ! Sending you a very big basket of tender , loving (((HUGS))) aplenty ! God bless you .

    With much love & total RESPECT . Nonie
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    Dear Kasha,
    Please know that I am praying for you.
    By your faith in the Lord Jesus and your faith in Him, you are headed in the right direction. I believe you are doing the right thing as God would not want you to stay in that abusive situation. Kasha, God has heard your prayers and wants to lift that burden from you. Sometimes it takes longer on our part to work through some issues that have not been resolved. God wants to give you the peace you need and He will. Trust Him in it and give it over to Him completely.
    If you need counseling, I would suggest a Christian counselor, and God can work through that to bring healing.

    A personal question, do you have a restraining order against this abusive man? I would hope so for you and the children.

    Kasha, thank you for bringing this prayer need of yours to the Worship Board so we can pray for you. God loves you and cares for you and so do we. Because He has forgiven us, we can forgive others. He forgives and forgets, but in our humanness, I think we forgive but our problem comes more in the not forgetting. God through His power can help you.

    Love & Hugs,
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    I had the same problem with my ex. I started praying for him, and everytime I prayed for him I also asked God to remove the memories of our marriage as far away from me as he removes the memory of my sins from himself. It worked!!! Truly over a short period of time I have lost all memory of our time together and unless I make myself remember it, it stays gone. I'll be praying for the same thing for you.