its like they dont care or something

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  1. abghotie

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    its like my school doesnt care or they want me to give up they think mymom and i are making this up. im sick of this and them not understanding. i dont no wat to do i have to give them all my medical records on tuesday.
    someone help or give me hope.
  2. abghotie

    abghotie New Member

    thank you very much im tired of this in my court you dont no how bad i want to through this in there face they think im making this up and im so sick of mom is going to call the administrator now and complain.
    thank you very much for the help if u have mor then just let me or minkay rose know thank u again.
  3. suzetal

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    They have no right to your medical records.Do not turn them over.

    You have every right to your privacy and as the other poster said the doctors note is all you need.

    Good for mom for going to the superintendent He needs to understand that they have no right to your record.Your doctor says your sick than you are sick.

    If it does not help talking to the superintendent make an appointment to go before the school board they should make a ruling on this.

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  4. abghotie

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    i appreciate all ur help we are working on this and we will not give up god will give us the hope we need to fight this.
  5. suzetal

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    Rights of individuals …
    The Health Information Protection Act describes a number of rights that you have with respect to your personal health information. These rights include:

    The right to consent to use and disclosure. (It should be noted that there are circumstances identified in HIPA where consent of the individual is not required for use or disclosure of an individual’s personal health information.)

    The right to revoke consent to the use or disclosure.
    The right to prevent access to a comprehensive health record.

    The right to be informed by trustees about anticipated uses and disclosures.
    The right to be informed about disclosures without consent.

    The right to refuse to provide the Health Services Number as identification for a non-health service.
    The right to access personal health information about oneself.

    The right to request amendments to records of personal health information about oneself.
    The right to request a review by the Information and Privacy Commissioner about a decision by a trustee.

    The right to appeal to a court the decisions of a trustee.
    The right to designate another person to make decisions about one’s personal health information.
    Duty of trustees to protect …

    The Health Information Protection Act requires a trustee to protect the privacy of personal health information in their custody and to respect the rights of individuals identified in the Act. Trustees must follow all the rules regarding collection, use, disclosure, storage, retention and destruction of records containing personal health information.

    Collection, use and disclosure of your personal health information …
    HIPA identifies several rules that trustees must follow for the collection, use and disclosure of your personal health information. Among others some of these rules include:

    The primary purpose for collecting personal health information must be for the benefit of the individual.
    Trustees should only collect, use or disclose personal health information that they need to know to provide you with a service.

    Trustees must also have practices in place that will protect the safekeeping of personal health information.
    For more information …
    For more information about the collection, use, disclosure and protection of your personal health information under The Health Information Protection Act, please talk to any trustee that has custody of your personal health information .

  6. momof471

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    School systems don't like to have to make any more accomodations for people than they absolutely have to. Thankfully none of my children have this as of yet, but two do have learning disabilities and Tourette's Syndrome and this year has been a nightmare for that. Don't back down and the above posters are right you don't have to give them your medical records! If the principal is giving you a hard time, yes take it to the superintendant.

    This aside, let me say how sorry I am that you are going through this at such a young age, the adults are supposed to want to help children succeed and I'm ashamed that it doesn't work that way most of the time.

    God Bless You!
  7. enjoysue

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    I am guess that when you are saying 'them' you mean the school board? Have you missed so many days of school in a short time?

    I'm sorry I only know of 2 cases where medical records were asked for with only one that was asked by a school and that was bfore the law. My nephew had migraines and I don't recall what they did.

    The second offense was about me but since you are a child I won't talk about that. But just to say it sounds ridiculous to me. I wish you luck and I would contact a lawyer to get his/her opinion.
  8. Adl123

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    Dear Kaylee,

    I'm sorry you are going through this, especially at so young an age.

    I was a teacher for over 40 years,and, I can tell you, that while most people in education are kind and compassionate, even more are burnt out and exhausted, and so they become cynical. Especially at the higher levels (Higher than elementary school). Administrators can become cynical watchdogs, ever wary for the student who will "pull the wool" over their eyes, and they are not going to let it happen.

    This is their problem, and they have no right to inflict it on you. They also have no right to your medical records. They are not doctors and are not deciding what treatment would be appropriate for you, so they wouldn"t even understand them -- believe me.

    Please, just give them a letter from your doctor. They don't understand your type of chronic illness because it is totally out of their experience, just as snow is out of the experience of a little child in the rainforest. They are afraid to be open and give you the benefit of the doubt.They re also probably under presure from the school district, to provide "proof".

    My tax preparer's daughter came down with these illnesses when she was 14. That was over 20 years ago. She went from doctor to doctor, and finally got help and was able to make it through college successfully. Keep your spirits up. Things will work out. I'll keep you in my prayers.