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    i am so lad i have found this fab web sight, chat room and mesage bord, i am 29 and only recently got told i had fibromyalga, i some time feel like giving in; lukly i have a very understand partner that makes me rest and does things for me. i live in notting and the onlysupport group is run by city hospital onece a month on a saturday; i work 4 half day and by the weekend i have had enough of travling; the support group is very negative and need something positive. i am fineing this very uplifing because i am shering myselfe with others that have the same condition. my bigist problem is gettting up, once i am up and had a bath i am fine; i work in the mornings wich suts me as by lunch time i feel very tired. look forward to any rplys and i hope i can help someone too
    keep smiling and stay positive kind regards
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    This is a great place with lots of friendly people and loads of info. Welcome, Donya:))
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    Welcome, Freddy, to our board/online support group!

    I'm so glad that you found us! You have come to the right place. We talk about your problems and concerns, as well as about anything and everything!!!!!!!!!!

    I hope you will be participating with us often.

    I have the same problem as you -- getting up! One I get up and get a hot shower, I used to be fine; however, it is getting worse for me due to a lot of other problems that I have.

    I can't work anymore ... I am retired and on disability.

    You sound really upbeat--which is exactly how you have to be to have this and still work everyday!

    So nice to meet you,
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    The big thing I think for all of us, is you are not alone.. There are others here who understand what you are going through.. Welcome aboard and we will look forward to getting to know you!
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    There are so many nice people and because of the great number of people you'll always find interesting posts on the board.

    There is really something for everyone on here.

    Take care and hope you have a nice weekend. I am assuming you are from the UK? :)