It's official -- I'm unbalanced...!

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Juloo, Jul 12, 2009.

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    My husband brought home a Wii for my birthday (and our son's as our birthdays are close). Just yesterday we got it up and running with Wii Fit and the balance board. It runs you through a test of your balance and provides exercises designed to help improve it. It grades each result with an award of from one to four stars. One star is "unbalanced".

    I don't even know what two stars are. I'm unbalanced in all the exercises!

    My son did the same exercises, and he's unbalanced as well.

    After the initial tests and result, the Wii text came up, "Do you trip over your own feet when you walk?" Huh. I think sometimes I do!

    The good thing about all of this is that doing the exercises was so fun and silly that we could barely catch a breath from laughing at each other.

    Maybe I'll change my board name to "Unbalanced"!
  2. victoria

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    So does it then give you a program to help balance you?

    At least it makes y'all laugh... laughter is the best medicine for sure!

  3. Juloo

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    There are four different fitness sections...balance, yoga (one might argue this is also about balance), strength, and aerobic fitness.

    Right now only about five yoga poses are 'unlocked' (more become available as one becomes proficient at the beginning poses). While you are doing a pose, you are given a grid with a red circle showing your center of balance -- where it is, and where it should be. The balance section has about five exercises unlocked right now. They range from moving from side-to-side so that your avatar heads soccer balls, to doing similar movements as your avatar does a downhill skiing run and tries to make all the gates.

    My most frustrating balance exercise so far is one with marbles. It starts you off with a single marble on a tray with a hole. You have to shift your weight on the balance board to get the marble in the hole. Then it goes to two marbles, then three, etc., with different shaped trays. It gives you a certain amount of times, and the score is based on which level is completed.

    So I definitely can't say that it is boring!
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    That sounds like fun!!!!!
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    Well, I know what a balance board is and I think wii is some sort of
    computer game, but the fusing of the two is a little confusing.

    Anyway, I looked on the net. Found a picture of something that looks
    like a hospital tray.

    Some decades ago I went to a settlement conference in Judge Murphy's
    chambers. He had a balance board in the corner. Was evidence in some
    old case.

    Before the conference was over he was balancing on the thing. I think he
    was demonstrating that our case could be settled if both sides would
    give and take equally.

    We did the settle the case. The Judge was lucky he wasn't in a Three
    Stooges comedy or he would have gone flying out the tenth story
    window. They just don't make sophisticated film like that anymore.

    Are you keeping a record of your progress?

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  6. Juloo

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    Fortunately, the Wii balance board is NOTHING like those old balance boards on top of a rolling pin or whatever. My son had to do that at physical therapy one time and nearby broke his ankle (as I said...we are an unbalanced family)!

    The Wii board (also called a fitness board as well) is about 1 1/2" high with four stable feet and can use it on carpet or non-carpeted flooring. You use it without shoes or socks for the best traction. It is pretty finely tuned, so just leaning more on one leg than the other will interact with the character or game in front of you. It is wireless, so no cords to trip over.

    Also good, the Wii fitness portion keeps a record of progress automatically!