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  1. Kathryn

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    Just talked to a real nice lady at Social Security. I don't know if it helped or not, but I used to work with her husband. She told me that I should be receiving my award letter next week, and my first check sometime in May. For the record, this was my first try, and I did not have an attorney, although I did have one ready to go. Take heart all who are waiting in limbo. YEEEEHA!!!!
  2. Achy-shaky

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    This gives me hope - I think it is easier to get when you are closer to retirement. I see by your bio you are 55 - I just turned 55 and my doctor just declared me permanently disabled so I'm hoping that will do the trick but then I live in Calif. and I hear it's harder here. Any other Californians get it on the first try?

    Blessings & butterfly hugs.
  3. Kay2

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    GOOD FOR YOU!!!! As you know I am waiting to go to court, on May 6th. I am so nervous. I wish I knew what all they ask you?? The BIG J!! I wish I had found this sight before I filed for disability though. Its so hard for me to act sick because I have always had so much energy and get up and go, that I dont know how to act when I go to court. I am not one to show how bad I really feel around others neither. I am so glad you got it with out an attorney. At least you get all your money. Will help with your move:)))) I think Tennessee is a hard state to get it?? Has anyone, in Tn got SSDI??? Would appreciate any info on court and what they ask, from anyone who has already been through it!! Thanks, and again Kathy I am soooo happy for you yeepee!!!
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    have to see their docs or did you have to go before a judge or anything? What diagnosis did you use? I'm REALLY happy for you and I pray that you won't have to worry about the financial aspect of life now and you can take good care of Kathryn!!!!!
    Bless your heart~~this is how it SHOULD work!
  5. kredca4

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    So Happy you got your's so quickly. I too got mine in record time, for Ca. took 11 months, but it got eaten up paying everyone I knew, lol. Plus I was going to school, so I bought a New Camera, not digital tho, but I still have that,.

    Hey! now you can come down and sit around the pool with me and we could go to Disneyland, your Treat of course, ha, ha ha, oops thought I was on the CC board.

    Hurray For You,
    See folks it can be Done.

  6. Kathryn

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    after I get the award letter next week. On my paperwork that my doctor filled out, he wrote FMS, degenerative arthritis, osteoporosis, and something else. I will dig out the papers if someone is seriously interested. I broke my back in September of 1999, while trying to perform in an "Injured Workers Clinic". This may have had some bearing. In addition, the Rheumatology Clinic at Oregon State decided that I also have carpal tunnel and probably CFIDS. I have been tested for carpal tunnel. I do not have it, but who am I to override a diagnosis by a professional? I did not see any SS doctors, although they were talking about sending me to a neurologist for awhile. I am on my way to buy curtain rods and maybe another gallon of paint. I am going to get this house exactly as I want it just in time for the new owners to come in and change everything.
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    I got mine too but only after two years and the help of a lawyer- but they are going back to when I first filed- May 2001, they said they cut the check out on the 8th and starting in May my regular monthly check will be comeing after they take out medcare it's not alot but it sure will help out.
    it was just on the fibromaylgia not my other stuff, so that's one for us FM suffers.

    Peace & Love Jan
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  8. ForeverFlaring

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    Congrats are in order for you!! This is awesoem news!
  9. pam_d

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    I'm so happy for you!!! I think every victory we have here is a victory for all of us in recognizing that this is a true illness. I'm very happy for you, this must be a huge relief for you!!

    Huge congratulatory hugs,