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    This is me again :) Starting a new thread.
    Read the other one before you here. I will too!
    And I will put my post at the end of the other one.


  2. Ranigar

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    Hot outside so we aren't even going to attempt to do anything outside.Storms came through yesterday evening and gave everything a big drink of water so saved me from having to go out and water.Sure hope you're right about the grass Mikie.I see some green but it would take a miracle for the rest.Leaven it be for now anyway.

    Don't have to worry about house hunters in this weather who wants to even move when it's so hot out.Carpet cleaners can come Thurs.yea!I don't care who sees the house after that nothing left to feel stressed about.Everything but basement tool shop and garage are clean as a whistle.Really like having DS out on his own.Such a collector and leaves such a mess.Love him to death but this is so nice.

    Huz and I went to bed at 8 last night and today hung some curtains,laundry,drug out the last of DS stuff in the house to garage and admitted to each other we are exhausted and will lay around the rest of the day.Sounds like a plan.

    Dr. appt. tomorrow to get weighed again.No change maybe a couple lbs. lighter but with all this activity that is understandable.I hope he just leaves it be I'm tired of these appts.No nausea anymore and I have built up my strength with all this exercise.Sense of taste comes and goes and I eat when hungry.

    I like you ladies spa days and the raspberry color sounds so nice and summery.
    I will be sure and stick around then Linda if you are leaving town.No plans in the works I can think of.A niece has invited us to her DD skate b-day party Sat. but I think we'll pass.

    Hope everyone is staying safe and cool.
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    laying around the house today. I will too! I love a good party!! Not waking
    up til noon started it off. Wouldn't have been awake when Huz got home
    except we got a wrong phone call.

    Very quiet day today. So it is a great day for resting. Just wait on the Postman
    and see what mail he brings from my DS and DIL.

    I'm an old cowhand from the Rio Grande is going through me head.

    Nail Polish sounds vivacious. Hope you love which ever you tried!

    Off to rest. And with Pam...everyone stay safe and cool.

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    Yep, there are a new post from Mikie. Already has the new color on.
    Not feeling well either since she hit her head.

    So sorry about that Mikie. Hope you feel better soon. I won't comment
    on "who buys $75 jammes". (Looking the other way) haha. It's not how
    much they cost. It is the cost per 'wear". As they say on What not to wear".
    So if mine last 4 years and I wear them a minimum of 300 times. $.3 a
    wear, I think. At most.

    Of course, I would not wear them out of the house and that was the great
    buy on yours. Mine look nothing but like they have been lived in. Which
    they have. :)

    Guess I will do some quality playing UNO time.


  5. spacee

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    too funny to miss.

    Rock, I sure wish Huz had ended up in Iowa. No golf and all those storms
    to be fascinated with! Lot's cheaper :)

    Love your posts!

  6. rockgor

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    I remember that song, Linda. We had a 78 rpm with Bing Crosby back in
    the 1940s. "I'm an old cowhand, from the Rio Grande.
    But my legs ain't bowed, and my cheeks ain't tan."

    The 33 rpm records were a great improvement. Made their appearance
    when I was in the 3rd grade. Not only could you get 6 songs on a side,
    instead of one, but the new vinyl records were unbreakable.

    Now both the long playing records and I are obsolete.

    With regard to your pjs, if you wear them 300 times per year,
    and the train leaving Boston goes 60 mph, and each child has
    twice as many apples as Reginald, the who put the Bomp in the
    Bomp, Bomp, Bomp? (I believe it requires algebra to solve this puzzle.)
    I hated two classes: algebra and shop.

    Did I tell you our bridge club used to play Killer Uno sometimes?
    It's faster and ever so exciting.

    Pam, what does DS collect? For that matter, what do collections
    collect? that's right; dust.

    Once when I was an adjuster I called on some lady at her home.
    While she went to find some papers, I counted the figurines,
    collectibles, and bric a brac in her living room. I don't remember
    the number, but it was somewhere between 100 and 150. Oh yeah,
    numerous velvet painting on the wall. Elvis and bullfighters. (But
    none of Elvis AS a bullfighter.)

    Musta taken her two days to dust.

    Today is shaping up like most days. I hope to get some watering
    done. We will see what happens.

    I found a site that has funny signs. I like this one from the National
    Guard in some town in Tennessee. "We've upped our safety standards,
    so up yours too."

    And a correction in the paper. "Yesterday's recipe for chip dip should have
    read "One tsp. of cilantro" rather than "One tsp. of cement."

    Musta made some crunchy dip. Bye all.


  7. Ranigar

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    That's the weather report for the next few days.Thunder and a little rain too.I swept the porch and came home from the Drs. to find the wind blew more leaves.I sure hate wasting my energy.

    Dr. will see me in two mo. and understands why I lost weight with all the activity so sigh,relief.Oh and I can have xanax refill.Those little bitty breaks make a world of difference to me right now.

    Well Rock from what I saw of DS stuff it was boxes of baseball cards and the rest junk of various sorts but now it's at his house so he can collect away.What are you reading lately?I'm slogging through two Kindle books and don't like either enough to mention they're titles.Boring biographies of drugs and alcohol.I need to start something more uplifting.

    Stopped at the store and got ice cream,bananas,pineapple and strawberry toppings.We have whipped cream and choc. oh and cherries.That's our 4th of July treat for tomorrow if it lasts that long.

  8. Mikie

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    Rock, my love of CW music comes and goes. Seems as though there is good music for a while and then, ugh, nothing. I have not been listening to it for a long time now but I haven't been listening to any music much. I looooove the CW music from the 40's and 50's--Patsy Cline, Hank Williams, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, Gene Autry, Wes Paul and Mary Ford. There was a time when the West was popular in movies and not just the usual Western movies. I'm talkin' more New Mexico chic. Wish I had bought a bunch of silver and turquoise jewelry when it was affordable. When I was a kid in CO, my friends and I went to a stable south of town along the foothills and rode horses. I loooooved it.

    Pam, if there is any green in your grass, it probably isn't hopeless. Let's hope not. This may be a great time to sell the house. People with kids want to be in in time for the start of school. I'm glad you are getting to the point that things are done. That should really help with stress. It's raining here too, just after I hand watered plants outside (problems with our sprinkler system). Tweety is inside with me staying dry. She's curled up on the loveseat with her paw over her eyes to shut out the light. She went to the condo mtg. at the pool with me this morning. She found a whole new set of adorers.

    Linda, you are right that if you amortize the wearing of expensive jammies, you can justify paying a lot for them. That four pair I got for next to nothing really paid off. I hated to lose one pair of them. I wear a lot of black tee shirts so I don't have to wear a bra. Those jammies go with my tees. Also, I could wear them outside on the balcony. Any other color, except dark brown, and I have to cover up with a robe. I'll be looking for other new ones. We spend so much time in our jammies that they become an important part of our wardrobes.

    Leah, I'm glad you, Huz and kitty are OK. That's all that counts, well, that and feeling better. No one but someone who has been there could possibly understand the bone-crushing exhaustion we suffer from. I'm glad the bean crop is doing well too. I'm tired myself. Can't seem to get my energy back since the fall. I'm not exhausted all the time but I get those "lie down or fall down" moments.

    Just got up from a nap, a deep nap. I went to our condo mtg. this morning and then to Wal-Mart. I got a bug zapper which looks like a small plastic tennis racquet. I've been borrowing Ilona's from downstairs. It's amazing how much crap you can buy there for less than $20 (at Wal-Mart, not Ilona's :) I got so tired that I didn't go on to Publix. I'll go tomorrow. I have some good coupons so want to use them. I've been off my feedbag too and it's hard to find things to eat.

    Andy called me yesterday before I had a chance to call and wish him a happy birthday. His other grandparents came into town to surprise him and he was happy about that. His other grandma had her second knee done and isn't fully recovered. I feel bad for her. I'm doing everything I can to avoid having knee replacements. It's a risk in old age if one was a jock or jockette in youth. My hip hurt sooooo bad from that fall that I was worried about breaking it but everything is slowly healing. The trauma just set everything back for me. Whine, whine, whine.

    Wishing everyone a healthy and happy 4th of July.

    Love, Mikie
  9. Ranigar

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    I see some peeking through the brown scorched grass so maybe you're right Mikie.Hope so.I sure don't want to start lawn planting all over again.

    Other DS called last night to apologize for coming down and drinking before helping move his brother out.He doesn't know why he did something so stupid and assured me this isn't usual for him.Well that was nice.

    The house is being shown on Fri. which is perfect since the carpets will be clean and rooms empty upstairs.I can relax and let what will be happen.

    No picnic for the 4th here.I saw a stuffed pork chop at the market and that looked good so that and mashed pot. is for dinner.Had the banana split last night.Eh it was so so.My taste buds are off sweets just aren't the same.I suppose that's a good thing though.

    Mikie sounds like you are going to be sore for a while.that was a nasty fall.
    Frieda I sure hope you get a good day soon.Very disheartening I'm sure.Try and keep your spirits up.

  10. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    That little bit of green is a good sign. Often, the top grass will turn brown but the roots are alive. If that is the case, new green grass will start popping up. This crap grass we have, yes, crap, not crab, can die off and they just throw a piece of new sod on top of the dead and it takes and grows. Most amazing thing I've ever seen. I don't like this hard grass but it's the only thing which grows well down here. The golf courses take constant grooming for the greens, moreso than the usual courses. They "paint" the grass on them. Our gardeners were here yesterday and I almost got run over by one of those standing lawn mowers. Those guys are only looking straight in front of them and they move way too fast. I was out darting back and forth between our spigot and our plants. We have a hose and I'm thinking of hooking it up. Still, the watering is about all the exercise I get some days.

    Glad DS realizes his mistake and apologized. Sings of being a good person. Hope the showing goes well. No picnic, nor any other 4th activities, for me either. I am going to the store if I can muster the energy today. Since I'm off my feedbag too, I need to buy something easy to fix. Bealls had a $10 off $25 spent coupon in the paper today. I may mosey down to see whether they have any good jammies on sale. I don't usually find much there in the way of sleepwear. If nothing else, I might use the coupon for some K cup coffee. I also have coupons for Publix so need to go there too. Plan B--if I go to Bealls and don't have the energy to go to Publix, it'll be a Whopper for me today. Not so healthy but I seldom eat fast food.

    Guess I'll get back to reading the newspaper. I need to check the lesser used boards. It's weekends and holidays when people selling something try to sneak in.

    Again, a very happy 4th to everyone. As Rock said, I reallty love my country and the 4th has always been important to me. Wish I had the energy to go to one of the fireworks displays. Is the Boston Pops concert on tonight? I'll have to check.

    Love, Mikie
  11. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Carpets are getting cleaned as I write but now a little twist to keep us on our toes.Realtor called and instead of a showing tomorrow two showings today between 5 and 6.Huz and I ran around like maniacs all morning cleaning out rooms for the carpet cleaning and when they leave we will have to buzz around here putting stuff back and get the heck out.

    We were going to go to DS house to wait it out in his pool tomorrow but he's working today so I guess we'll go eat somewhere and take Lily which should be fun.Not!

    Hot and humid and another storm this morning.Huz has to mow as quick as the grass dries.Humidity should go down some next week they say.DD said it's not bad in Tampa.

  12. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Freida thank-you for your post.Yep crazy town here as usual but the good part is when I find out things last min.adrenalin kicks in and I don't have time to get worked up about anything that needs done.It'll sell and it's early but as time passes more gets accomplished which will leave less to do to move.

    Yes I have clothes issues as well.Can't stand anything around my waist past noon.Elastic no matter how loose feels so uncomfortable.Forget a bra as I've said so many times on here.BIL teased me about my nightgown which was really a loose fitting dress when we stayed with them.He finally called it a mu mu.He better get used to it when we move down there because that's how I dress and I cross my arms to not draw his stares.My other sis told me he doesn't say those things to her because she tells him off so I guess I need to do that.

  13. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    So many hummers flying around that it makes me dizzy to go outside almost. All the nests have produced well, and many many juveniles this year. I have red flowers everywhere that they like to sip from.

    Foxy is still here; I thought a blast from the gun (223) would frighten it away, but it was back the next day. It came and screeched at some yard-workers and freaked them out. And last night it ran across the porch as Richard looked out the window. I'm afraid it is rabid; this county is a hot-spot for rabies.

    Leah, I'm so glad you got to enjoy your flowers. I like the tall old-fashioned snapdragons and Cosmos too. I don't have any this year though. I did spot a nice gallon blooming Ageratum last week during an exhausting trip to town. So it came home with me, and every time I see it I think of you, as you said you had planted some seeds, I think.

    Rock, our "house" is actually a small cabin in the woods. It is a home. In a glade. By a stream. Every once in a while I'll remember that we never got a building permit.... This was built in the "old" days when we were off the grid. Now we are on the grid. All I can see from any window is nature or garden. Unfortunately the isolation does get me a bit down sometimes, since I developed CFS, and no longer drive. But la, life goes on.

    Forth of July : one gunshot in the distance. Last year I thought a war was going on! But very quiet this time round.

    I'm going to make a cup of tea now, and wait for the Verizon man to come and check the funky phone lines that have been driving me nuts with crackling on the line. Last time they were here was about ten yrs. ago when the guy said they had installed antique jelly fuses or some such nonsense. Duh!???

    Wishing you all the best,

  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Leah, glad you got outside. Hope all your flowers are doing well. We had a gully washer yesterday and I'm glad cause I don't feel up to watering everything by hand. Yes, it is so hard to find comfortable clothes and jammies. I have found ones which can do double duty. They are comfortable enough to sleep in but look decent enough to go out in.

    Pam, sounds as though things are picking up in terms of interest in the house. Selling a home is such a pain. It's like you have to put your life on hold until it's sold. I keep hoping and praying that it sells at just the right time and right price.

    Barry, I'm suspicious about that fox too. Wish it would leave you alone. I just saw a racoon heading for our dumpster in broad daylight. They are also nocternal animals and I worry about the cats' getting into a ruckus with one of them. Where there is one, there are more. It's bad enough that the gators are on the move because it's mating season. A neighbor spotted a big one in the ditch across the road. Tweety has been known to travel over there. Gators think cats, dogs and small children are snack food. During mating season, their behavior is unpredictable.

    Well, this posted before I had finished. Don't know why. Wanted to tall y'all about my shopping trip to Bealls. I had $10 coupons for $25 spent. I got some K cup coffee and a pair of pants I'll wear for jammies. They have elastic in the waist and are a small animal print in white, beige, brown and black. I told a woman shopping next to me on the rack that I was going to wear them for jammies. She asked if I were married and I told her I was happily single. She said, "Well, I just wondered because I doubt a man would find that very sexy!" You have to picture this woman. She looked as though she came from central casting as a guard in a women's prison B movie. Who's looking for sexy? All I care about is comfort and something I can wear out on the balcony for coffee. I'm trying not to picture that woman in what she thinks would look sexy. AACK!!!

    Still tired and sore from fall. It feels as though it's taking forever to get to feeling well again. I cut my hair and it's really short but looks good. I'm going to let the color grow out a bit so I can see how gray it is. Probably won't be able to stand it for long before I color it again. DD just called to say she tore the meniscus in her knee and will have to have it scoped. She's waiting til Aug. when Andy is in school. I walked out of the OR when I had mine done and it didn't take long to heal. I did get the Synvisc shots to speed up healing.

    Linda, Jole, Rock, and anyone I missed (the brain isn't working well yet either), hope you are all doing well. My best to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
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  15. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    I wrote that as title so I can find it easy to look up.Huz has been wearing a knee support I told him I had because his knee is giving out going up stairs.Hurts him a lot.He didn't seem much interested in seeing an ortho Dr. maybe his GP that he sees for check-up on Mon. will change his mind.

    No calls on the house today. Just because the carpets got cleaned and rooms decluttered and painted I decided ok call and make an offer today I'm ready now!Feel let down a little,how silly.

    This humidity is supposed to let up some next week.I helped huz load the truck with trash DS didn't want and unload at the landfill.I gashed my shin up really good and didn't even know it.My legs and feet are numb to injuries I find.I have been really trying to pull my own weight around here with huz I don't know if he gets that or not.Maybe.

    What a deal with the coupon.Sexy?I'm married and who cares?Comfort trumps that every time as far as I'm concerned.That is a whole lot of animal print in one pr. of pants I must say.Can't quite get an accurate picture in my imagination of how it looks.

    Going to the little local club for dinner again this week.Nothing sounds good to me.They specialize in all foods fried.

  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I'm watching the pearls show on HSN and they are offering the over-the-door jewelry armoire. I decided to just bite the bullet and get it. It goes on the back of the bedroom door and looks like a full-length mirror. It opens and has all kinds of hooks for necklaces and places for rings and earrings. It even has little cubbyholes for cuff bracelets. I got a HSN credit card and got $20 off this first purchase. It's on flex pay too, so it's not so painful all at once. Finally, it's free S&H. I also got the anti-tarnish strips to put in with the jewelry. They can be used in other places for jewelry too.

    I've been trying to organize my condo and the jewelry is a problem. I don't wear some of my jewelry because it's in boxes and I don't see it. Now, I'll be able to open the case and it'll all be in sight. I'm excited about it. It can't hurt to have a full-length mirror to help me get dressed.

    Something new: The Patriot Act requires you provide certain info for identification purposes to thwart money laundering by terrorists when you open a new credit line. Well, with what little money I have, any laundering would be a mighty small load :) I'm wondering whether LifeLock will pick up on this. They supposedly monitor any credit requests using my SSN. Will be interesting to see. Sometimes, I feel as though I'm just throwing away the $10 a month I spend on it. I get monthly reports from them. I'm doing everything I can to protect myself. Just read that using debit cards isn't as safe as using credit cards. If someone commits fraud with one's debit card, it can take the bank two weeks to restore one's funds. Yikes! Credit cards also offer some protection if merchandise isn't as promised or is broken or stolen. It's horrible that we have to be so wary of everything.

    Can't wait to get the armoire and put my jewelry away. Hope I'm up to it by the time it arrives. Geez, my brain is so tired, I can hardly type.

    Love, Mikie
  17. spacee

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    Kinda tired after eating the crunchy dip recipe by Rock ;). And reading
    the posts. Ok, not kinda tired.

    Just tired as in worn out. We got back last nite but brain is still kaputt.
    And at least one brain melt down, maybe two.

    Welcome to my new life.

    Oh, Pam, I have shortened the time I go to the hairdresser's also. After
    waiting 35 min and seeing that it was going to be another 10 min at least.
    I cancelled and asked her (nicely) to cancel my next appt too. My brain
    can only take so much.

    Not sure what I will do.

    Been thinking of the fox too. Some things stick in one's brain.

    Love to all and hope to be better soon.

  18. spacee

    spacee Member

    I have been looking at DS's old iPhone which he gave to me since he has
    last year's version.

    As a back up to this window into my life. We were all in Jacksonville watching
    tv, of course. One son was reading his kindle, watching tv and using his iPhone.
    The other, just iPhone and tv watching.

    With this group of son's, I have to mention things 3-4 times before the question
    registers in their brains. So, I say to 2DS and wife "your contract is up
    in Sept, may I have your old iPhone. Wait 15 mins and repeat 3-4 times.
    It is then than 3rdDS opens his eyes as if from a deep slumber and says
    "Oh, i have an old iPhone i my car's glove compartment". (why do we still
    call it glove compartment?".

    Oh good. So, I practice the repeating of the questions "may I have your old
    Iphone" every 15 minutes until, again, awakening as if from sleep, he goes
    and gets the damn phone.

    These are the kind of ppl I have to "work' with to get a visit to go well. Huz
    is exactly like the cause they all have ADD.

    Ok, today the phone is taken to At&T to have my 'sim' card placed or at least
    transferred into this iPhone. The man behind the counter says "it is done".

    Only, it isn't. Cause after we are home and the battery charges for about 5 hours
    the phone says "no sim card". I think the man behind the counter has ADD too.
    But I am woefully ill while trying to talk to him and all was not 'double checked' in my routine way of dealing with ADD.

    So, tomorrow, I will call At&T and discuss what needs to take place for the
    phone to work.

  19. spacee

    spacee Member

    It has all of 3rdDS's apps. One is called 'Sleep cycle'. It shows you how
    to place the phone at the top, left side of the bed. Then you go to sleep.
    The phone will sense when you are sleeping lightly and begin to gently
    wake you up. This process can take about 30 mins, since you can touch
    the phone and let it know you are not ready to wake up. Or you can just
    throw it against the wall.

    Then, the number of hours that you slept (i kid you not) can be automatically
    emailed to you or someone. OR posted on Facebook. I mean who doesn't
    want the number of hours they slept posted on FB?

    I guess I can think of a few here :)

    This process is stretching my cognitive in a way that I am hoping is not harmful.
    And it is stretching my knowledge of my son in a way that I hope is not harmful
    too. I have always been the kind to "respect the privacy of others". I do not
    read other pp.'s emails as Huz does.

    PPl are different.

    Love you again,

  20. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    That whole interaction made me exhausted just reading it.So much work just to ask a question.ADD runs in my family too_Oldest DS and two of GS.Just being in the room with them long sends me seeking a quiet corner in another room.

    Now if we could just learn to do our own hair like Mikie we'll be all set Linda.By the way could you give me that Drs. name in Brandon.My DD would like to look her up.Poor thing is in a constant flare trying to work and manage her family.Pred helped for two days and back to pain and exhaustion.Her GP doesn't know much about Fibro.If she has a good visit then I can try when I move.Meant to ask before but I forget.

    Barry that fox coming back like that is scary for sure.I asked about your house and loved your description.Right in the thick of nature but yes very isolating too.

    I read that about debit cards Mikie.I'll have to wait til the house is built before I get much new.Not wanting to pack more stuff puts a crimp in your shopping.

    Hope your feeling good Rock and Freida.So glad to hear you got out a little.Jole still hot your way?Cooling off here tomorrow.Ran to the store and that took all our energy so big plans to get this and that done are pfft gone.