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  1. Zzzsharn

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    Hi everyone,

    I couldn't be happier! I got my anterior repositioning splint for my TMJ on Thurs, aside from a few headaches and some jaw pain. My pain level has gone from a daily 8 sometimes 9 to a 2 mabye even less.

    I woke up the first morning after sleeping with the splint and it was like someone wiped my contacts clean.. The fog was lifted.. Colors looked brighter, my head felt clearer than it has in years.

    Sat morning.. I sat straight up in bed and put my feet on the floor and.... no pain.. I stood up.. no pain.. I didn't need to cling to the wall.. so, I sat back down on the bed, and started pushing on my arms.. nothing.

    Ran my hands over the tops of my thighs.. no pain

    Squeezed my knees, no pain. I started to cry.. I haven't had a painless day in about 3 years.

    Could it be? Could it really be that my jaw being as bad as it is- was the major source of most of my fibro pain?

    It's day 6.. I feel fantastic!

    On Monday I went to see the ortho and I hugged him -- I was crying thanking him for giving me the chance to get my life back.. for my kids to get their Mom back.. he held my hand and said a prayer... He is a God's send.

    He did tighten the splint and Tues I got a tremendous headache and lots of jaw pain, so I called and went back in this morning. He loosened it and said that I'm just not going to be able to tolerate agressive treatment, we'll have to tighten it slowly.

    I'm still having some neck pain and shoulder pain, my tender points are still tender, but not excruciating like I've become used to.

    My body is waaaay out of shape and I still tire easily, but I did dishes AND ran the vaccum on Sunday and still had energy to fold a load of laundry.. AMazing!!!

    I just wanted to share my progress, and maybe encourage some of you to think about treating your TMJ, maybe you can get some relief also.

    Be well,

  2. SherylD

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    That is such great news!!! I am so happy for you!!

    I was going for treatment for my TMJ...I went for months and got no relief...He sent me to a neurosurgeon and then had an MRI...Nothing came of that...It just cost me a ton of money and I still have pain..

    I have figured out that foods I eat cause the pain to increase or decrease...So I really keep an eye on what I eat...I seem to be able to keep it some what under control with diet..

    When ever my jaw and neck pain is bad...the rest of me is bad...It is just like a puzzle that I feel like it will never get put together..

    I really hope your progress keeps up!! Good luck to you!!


  3. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    the great news!
  4. Zzzsharn

    Zzzsharn New Member

    Thank you for your kind words.

    Can I ask what type of treatment you recieved, and from what kind of Dr.?

    I had many, okay, all of my other drs recommend that I wear a "night guard"- for my TMJ- it wasn't until I had tomograms taken that they could tell my condyles were impacted and that there was arthritic change in the bone..

    I was taking my daughter for an adjustment of her braces and asked in passing if the dr treated TMJ-- I made a consult appt, thinking, yah, yah,, he'll tell me to wear a night guard. But WOW was I amazed at his response..

    I had a very expensive splint made to correct my jaw postion.. apparently I have an overbite that was never corrected even though my teeth have always been straight.

    And after a few months of wearing this splint I may have to have braces.. and then wear another splint probably for the rest of my life.. Which is fine if I can get this much relief.

    I'm praying that this break in the pain isn't just temporary, but it's so hard to remain positive, I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop and I'll wake up back in a flare.. but I'm keeping my fingers crossed, and everything else too!!!


  5. tata1580

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    I am so happy for you!!!
  6. angelheart

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    Hi Sharon, I can't post too long, I am at work. But I wanted to tell you I am glad things are going well! I go for my exray appointment on Tuesday 7/25. I have to have an upper and lower because of a severe overbite (and my teeth are not straight). Will have braces as well. I have talked myself out of it and back into doing it so many times. My biggest worry is how my speech will be affected. I am on the phone alot at work.

    My jaw pain and headaches didn't get bad till I bit into a hamburger wrong on 6/11 this year. But I have never been able to open my mouth wide or eat corn on the cob, apples, etc. Now I am getting terrible headaches too. So I know I MUST do it, just worried all the time how it will all work out. I feel I am too old for all this (39).

    Ok, boss is coming out of office.

    Angel Blessings~ (Kelly)
  7. Zzzsharn

    Zzzsharn New Member

    Hi Kelly,
    I am having a bit of trouble talking and eating.

    I'm speaking very slowly, and when I answer my phone at work, I immediately say, sorry I'm lisping, I got a new applicance.. The doc said after a few days, I should be better, but it's not happening quick enough!!! lol It's mostly S's and t's and those type of sounds.. I find myself searching for words without s's..

    But the relief I'm having is sooooo worth the little lisp and the weight loss is an extra bonus! I joke that I have the same lisp as my 5 yr old...

    I hope you will keep me updated on how your appt goes next week, I'll be anxious to hear about your xrays.

    I'll be 37 in Nov. so I know how you feel.. I'll be wearing braces with my 9 yr old.

    Take care,
  8. Zzzsharn

    Zzzsharn New Member

    Thanks TaTa and Rock..

    It feels good to share good news!

  9. pam_d

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    Gosh, doesn't it feel great to have figured out the answer?

    My hubby recently went through a similar transformation. He'd lived with horrible neuropathic pain & tingling in his feet for almost a decade (he is a diabetic). In pain every day of his life & had to stop running, walking---the very activities that helped a diabetic keep in shape. His doctor recently suggested trying Effexor---an AD, but one that has shown relief of neuropathic pain. My husband wavered, but finally decided to give it a try. The pain is literally GONE. He's walking, hiking and planning to start running again. He can't believe he wasted so many years not knowing this could work!

    Sounds like your experience is similar, in that you are getting amazing relief! I hope it continues and that this is the key to solving the bulk of your pain.


  10. sisland

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    Almost like getting a big check in the mail! lol or winning a lotto! Less pain is wonderful for you ! i'm so glad it's working!.................................................on the rare ocassion i happen to have a good day on the pain scale (maybe a 4) I always think wow am i cured??? LOL! but of course no!................................hugs sydney
  11. SherylD

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    Hi Again..

    I went through the whole thing about 15 years ago...I wore a hard acrylic splint that I wore 24/7...That did help me back then...but then the dentist never made the one that I should have worn at night...

    So he got my teeth in the postition they need to be and ground on my teeth and then that was it...Of course of the years everything went back to the way it was...Needless to say...I never paid him..

    Now after all these years I was having terrible pain...headaches...neck pain, which I do have arthritis...but it was so bad...

    Now I asked my dentist I have now about it and he sent me to another dentist that was suppose to be good with TMJ...I went there from Oct. last yeat til about a couple months ago...I had a hard splint that I wore at night on the top...That was causing more pain...So then he made me a rubber one that I wear at night on the bottom...I still wear that one but I have not been back to him at all lately..

    I started reading about food additives and MSG and sulfites...I really started watching my diet and I use to do hair for a living...well I have quit working too...I also try to treat for yeast...These changes have helped me alot..

    I can eat something and in just 10 min my jaw pain is so bad...

    My jaw is just like the rest of my body...It is all muscle problems...They just tense right up..And nothing helps..some of the changes I have made helps...but I think it all takes time...

    I still pay all this money every month for this little piece of rubber...It was over $1200.00...not real thrilled about it..

    That is why I am glad to hear you are feeling better with it!

  12. jole

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    I too have terrible pain and TMJ. Have been told to find a good dentist and have it taken care of, but my dentist won't do it. He said it rarely works and is very expensive.

    I don't have dental insurance, which is why I don't think he will refer me on to anyone else, but I would certainly consider an appliance - not surgery.

    Who did you go to, it sounds as though it was an orthodontist? Do you have insurance to cover? If not, is it terribly expensive? Sorry for the questions, but I would love to get rid of the jaw pain.

    I am so happy this is working for you, and congratulations on taking the risk!

    Friends - Jole
  13. FibroTart

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    It is so good to hear the positive stories of how people are feeling better and starting to get their lives back!!

    Congratulations Sweetie!!

    I hope it continues to be a Godsend for you--keep us informed!!

    Will pray for you.....!

    Take care!!
  14. Zzzsharn

    Zzzsharn New Member

    My boss's husband has similar problems like your husband had.. I'm going to let her know your husband has had good results with Effexor. She'll be thrilled to hear it.

    I actually take Effexor and it has done a great job treating my depression, which I had waaaay before fibro reared it's beastly head.

    Thanks for the input!

    It's so good to hear positive outcomes.

    Take care
  15. Zzzsharn

    Zzzsharn New Member

    Sydney, I know what you mean, there are days when I was thinking I was on the road to recovery if I could wash my hair in the shower without having to sit down before rinsing.

    I'm so excited, but still apprehensive, I keep waiting for the pain to return. It just makes me wonder how many of us are suffering because of ONE thing, not knowing that something realtivly simple could cause great improvement.

    I'd have thought you were nuts if you told me by correcting my bite, I'd relieve my hips or knees. It's just beyond amazing to me.

    Sheryl, good grief you've been thru the gammet..

    I hope you find continued relief thru diet.. You're right about it all taking so much time to get results with anything. It's hard to keep on keeping on sometimes.

    Jole, Yes, I do see an orthodontist. He specializes in TMJ treatment. I heard him say he's a memeber of American Orthodontist Association.

    I've seen a couple dentists as well, and they all suggested the same type of night guard, but the problem isn't corrected with a night guard.. it only offers temporary relief.

    I have dental coverage and ortho - but neither cover TMJ treatment.. I've paid all out of pocket. THe xrays were 180. and the splint is 3300. If I have to get braces, they think that the ortho ins will cover it.

    From what I understand not many ins co will cover tmj treatment.

    Let me know what state you are in and i'll ask my dr if he can recommend a memeber of his association, if you'd like.

    Be well,
  16. Zzzsharn

    Zzzsharn New Member


    I have to tell you, it feels GREAT to share good news..

    Thanks for being happy for me.

    The people on this board are amazingly supportive, we are lucky to have each other.

  17. Zzzsharn

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    My jaw was so sore and popping and clicking for years.. probably 15 yrs.. I'm 36.

    I'd mentioned to my dentist at every visit and even talked to my regular md, rheumy and pain specialist about it.

    I've been on effexor, elavil, baclofen, and darvacet for 2 years, only getting fair results.

    My daughter recently got braces and I was in the waiting room reading the pamphlets and they had one on tmj.. I asked the receptionist if they had much success treating tmj patients. She answered with a resounding YES.

    So, I scheduled a consultation. Which lead to xrays.. tomograms.. and that is how we found the impacted conyldes and that my bones were slivers thin...

    I got the splint to stablize my jaw and have had so much relief I'm beside myself with excitment.

    For me it was just luck... I'd have never guess most of wide spread pain was from a bad jaw..

    I had the typical symptoms, clicking, jaw locking, painful chewing. popping, and the most recent was ear pain.. that's what finally made me go.. okay i need to do something about this.

    I'm not sure about dentures, I'm thinking that even with dentures your jaw could be out of alignment.. kinda like the cap on a bottle, if you don't screw it on right, it will leak, even though the cap looks fine. Make sense?

    I hope this answered your question!

  18. Zzzsharn

    Zzzsharn New Member


    I just read your profile- Your doggie is precious!!!!

    Man.. you've had it rough!

    wishing you relief

  19. angelheart

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    Hi Sharon~

    Had my exrays and molds made for my mouth appliance this morning. The name of what I am getting is called a Twin Block. I am still really, really nervous, but excited too. I get the appliance on Thursday, August 10th. I plan on taking that day off from work, work on Friday 8/11 (probably won't due much phone answering that day) then have the weekend to adjust some more. Have a vacation from 8/20 thru 8/23 so that will be good too.

    I feel somewhat embarrassed because I cried at the appointment this morning. The purpose of getting this appliance is two fold for me, TMJ pain and correcting a large overbite. It is something I have wanted to do for a long time. So I am emotional about it I guess.

    In a little bit here today I am off to my regular dentist for a routine cleaning appt. All about my teeth today!

    Sharon, how is your appliance working? Still feeling better?

    I'll keep you posted on my progress.

  20. angelheart

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